Yuneec Breeze 4K Drone with Camera and Drone Training

it takes a lot more flavourful the way he made it today than the way I prepare it now I'm going to be running outdoors but you're going to be coming with me because we've got listen the unique breeze 4k camera drone next they just cut the price yesterday for me another hundred dollars I almost had a heart attack because it was eight it was five 29.95 we're throwing in in-flight training which is a $50 value so it's a five hundred and fifty dollar value for $2.99 ninety-five and when I tell you I was on our helipad at flying it video coming up stay tuned [Music] box makes it easier than ever to celebrate the fourth of July stock up on all your party supplies and get them delivered directly to your door by box they have all your favorite brands like Pepsi Mountain Dew Doritos and more at special discount pricing first time customers get 15% off and free shipping on your first order plus get an extra 20% off select products search box right now at .com hi I'm Suzy Orman after all these years of working with people in their money the one thing I've learned about it is this that every single one of you has what it takes to be the master of your own financial destiny I'm gonna show you how to be more so you can have [Music] we are 40 and the fun has just begun happy for years happy 40th HSN Wow look is the big four oh yeah and not a day over fabulous so come party with us this is our biggest party ever we're celebrating 40 days of fun with Yuka prices every day mega deals it brands then supersize name and more reasons to shop HSN happy birthday yes all the birthday fun yet to come you're looking good for 40 there's so many things to love about HSN but one thing that makes shopping here fun is flex pay get it home now without the stress of paying all at once wipe a full purchase price today when you can pay overtime buy what you want now pay it off later with your credit or debit card flex pay it's that easy exclusively at HSN you [Music] you know as a child into adulthood I think that one of my favorite things of dreaming about was flying well I'm not Superman so I thought the next best thing would be to bring you a drone for host pick and you know I brought you drones before and they were really more toy drones where they were under $100 this one is a serious professional it's called the selfie drone it is designed to do several things one thing is to put you into the action so and it features a 4k camera which is really the best of high-definition they use those for like when they make movies I'm going to tell you right now that from our company unique there are 400 of these for the whole day no one else chose a drone for host pick it is really going to take you to a new level of filming areally from a drone we were on top of the helipad at HSN yesterday and we were we were showing like how easy it is to fly you can use something that is called journey mode where you take it on a flight path somewhere you press return it comes right back to you so that if you want to memorize that flight path you can the other one is called orbit mode if you want to circle around your head and do a panoramic group shot of friends and family or videos you can do that if you want to take and pilot it and go straight up into the sky it has orbit mode that takes it like a rocket right above your head so please welcome Joe Harrison who is our very special guest from unique with our 4k drone and I mean it's powerful hi Joe so great to be here thanks for picking us for host pick are you kidding me I know I love flying oh you love drones a Baretta this is one of the coolest drones that's out there first off it's a great great size on it is the perfect size to be able to fly it indoors people fly it outdoors and virtually zero learning curve you're flying it from your cell phone and you're seeing exactly what you are flying so there's bill knife right there camera and 4k right through our drone you can take pictures if you want you can actually go live to Facebook watches I tap on this I tap on Facebook live I go in hit live now I'm live right now on Facebook you can watch the show live directly through that it's so cool to be able to do it all right there through the stream earth right through through the screen now I'm going to go and land mine because I also want to show you there are multiple modes that are on here too because then I can fly it just like I was flying in pilot mode when you go up you can down but there's also a selfie mode bill I know you want to become part of the action you can take a selfie mode on there it is just a tap of a button all these do this is what I love too if you're worried that you won't be able to operate this this is the simplest drone to operate I don't want to say crash proof because yesterday we had an incident where there was a 25 mile an hour gust that hit the drone it knocked it down and we were with our trainer his name is Francisco and he flew in from California to train me how to fly this he's got an aviation license and Joe was on a cruise ship coming back anyway when we were on the roof it crashed the propeller came loose he put it back in and it took off so I mean their crash resisted let me say that the cool thing here we're going to take a selfie of this bill now that we're lining up as long as the drones you're never part of the action so let me go and get the height matched up a little bit and it sees the purpose sees us right there in screen a bill don't go anywhere so now when I snap over to picture I hit my camera mode now bill and I are right there in the shot bill gives big cheesy grin boom I just took a picture of us bill it makes it that easy to be able to take your own photos your own videos with it now you are part of the action don't assume that this is just a drone for taking photos because this can do so much more this is so has all that great entertainment that you want this has a 12 minute battery which is extremely long for a drone but we're not just giving you one battery we're giving you two batteries so almost a half an hour worth of flight time included with it and when you're flying it you're not just flying it up and down the driveway you can fly it a football field away because this can fly up to a hundred meters away and the great thing is you have that 4k camera that's built into it a lot of times with drones you have to have tail light with it is a lot of times that was me landing on my hand watch me take off for my hand good hit the take I would never do this up certainly not on television if I thought I was gonna be like a disaster watch this ready here we go lift off that easy I'm sorry Joe okay it's one of the easiest drones to fly there are extra sensors that are built inside first off it's a GPS sensor that's in here this is going to connect to multiple GPS satellites that are opening around our earth right now I think mine's connected to 20 different satellites so what that does for you it keeps it super steady like right now I can go ahead and let go the drone and it's going to stay there the entire time you can see it's connected to 20 different satellites at once so it keeps it nice and steady so I don't have to worry about it flying away and as soon as I move it somewhere else it was just stopped boom it keeps it right there now the other great thing about having this is that it also has an optical sensor because a lot of times our drones do crash it on the way down this actually has an optical sensor that can see where the ground is so now it's going to do that soft landing every single time also on your phone and by the way this is a free app that you download there's a return button so if you're like where's the drone I don't know how to bring it back you tap that one button it comes back to exactly where it took off so now bill you never lose your droning okay this is the thing that I want to tell you about this drone because I mean when I picked this it was like six and a half months ago and Megan who is the buyer for the in who selected this one for me she worked high and low it were rigidly came in it was going to be $399 plus we're including a free flight training program for you that brings it to 549 okay so it was going to be 549 I thought it was going to be 399 for host pick they let loose just yesterday with this email to me going to be $2.99 bill for your host pick and we're going to do free shipping now here's the thing if purchased separately if you went to unique online to order this you would not get the two batteries you would not get the flight training and you certainly not get it for the price that we're offering you're getting this 549 dot 94 cent package all home for under $60 plus tax for your first flex payment and then just $60 a month thereafter use I'm going to say this to you if you are one of those people who want to fly a drone but you want all the perks and benefits of being able to do orbit mode where you can spin around in a circle now we can go to Facebook and I can show you when we were on our helipad yesterday and I'm going to actually ask Aaron to do remote right there yeah if you go to my facebook page you will see that we were flying off the roof of our corporate headquarters and we went out over the freeway and from the freeway we came back into the roof that's an eight story building here we go here you see it this is unbelievable now here it is on the computer we'll just bring it up in a minute you can do a look at this is the HSN corporate headquarters and then with our trainer and I were up there and we said let's land it on the helipad we have our own helipad look is this unbelievable that you can do this yourself you can take it straight up you can go into orbit mode you can go into what is called journey mode all these modes are going to make flying your drone simpler you're exactly right and also there's something that makes it even easier something called Follow Me mode oh so now I brought up follow me mode on mine and you can see Bill is highlighted so bill once you slowly walk over there to your right side and my drone without me touching anything you see it's following bill it's actually turning flying by itself it's following bill wherever that action is so now you're never losing season my drone right there I'm not touching it the drone is following you not only won't turn automatically it will actually chase you bill that's the cool thing about this drone is it really makes it easy you can see that it still has them right there in the shot I didn't touch a thing it's all automatic because so many times with a drone you want to capture some footage but then you're like I'm not sure what I'm what I'm capturing did I get the right shot am I in the shot now it actually follows you wherever you go with that Follow Me mode there's so many thing to make this so unique and that is the great thing about the drone it was nice about this but if you're making a movie the last thing you want to do if you don't have a camera operator and you want to shoot from the sky I mean this is this is your camera operator the drones your camera operator exactly right taking this on vacation I brought my drone when we went to Alaska amazing footage that you're able to capture I bring it when we have a family event when people are coming together when you're planning a wedding because keep in mind this isn't toy video they bill this is 4k video now how many of those little action camera would take a minute explain 4k for the three people who don't know what it is because it's the highest of high definition when you look at the video right here this is 4k video because they start off you have VCR quality which is 200 lines of resolution then they came out with DVDs it made it a little bit better then they came out blue rays which are that 1080p that you always hear people talk about 1080p high-definition well 4k is four times the quality its points four times the pixels that really gives you that amazing sunset you can see as I was flying it up you still have pan and tilt features on the on the camera this is that journey mode that my daughter and I were right there on the on the boardwalk and I push it in Journey mode it can fly a hundred and thirty feet up in the air captures all that footage and then Villa comes right back to us too so make sure I'm not going to lose it and then I think the next video that we see it's the stuff that bill was up on the HSN building yesterday look at the quality of the video it truly is some of the best that's out there everything from the HSN logo look at this deputies will still shoot this is me flying from the roof of our corporate headquarters and showing you how these aerial shots now this is called panorama so you can do it like what's called orbital panoramic mood look you're hands-free this is in front of our corporate headquarters with the whole team that was up there with us and you can see that you can take this on journey mode going away from where you are and then bringing it directly back to land in your position these are all the different modes you got automated flight modes those automatic flat flight modes are going to really take the stress out of fly video resolution 4k the highest of high definition then you've got a 13 megapixel still image capability that is high-res solution follow me mode will let the drone follow you indoor positioning system which is IPS let you fly indoor safely because you know what the way a drone works when you are using Wi-Fi it works in conjunction with the GPS but when you are indoors it is going to block the GPS that IPS system is built into the drone so that it reads the ground level the floor level and that way you're not crashing into the lamp and so forth you can hover right there in your living room all those those modes are building into this drone it is from unique and remember this package would sell for five hundred and fifty dollars you're going to get it home I love it for two 99.95 and free shipping if you want to fly it fly it fly it all week fly it for up to a month if you're not thrilled with this drone you can put it back in the box and send it back for a full refund and the great thing about this drone it really has everything that you want whether you're trying to cap those pert of professional videos you can see everything you're shooting because a lot of times with a drone you hit the record button you don't know what the video is until you finally get it back now you're seeing in real time it's also has built-in stabilizers so you can see how steady it's holding right there I'm not flying it if I want to go to the left I go to the left or go to the right or go forward or go backwards I can even rotate it 360 degrees if I want to and you can see it's capturing all that footage now you also see right in the middle there's that black dot that's your camera I can also just the camera angle that's life these are all such high-end quality of features that normally don't have they also saw it just jumped up because it has an optical sensor that's on the bottom that's up it can tell where the altitude is it will make sure it's not going to crash into the ground this is what Bill is talking about why this is indoor/outdoor it's a lot of drones where it's either you're always flying it outside or you're flying it inside this one as well as rare drones you can do both because you can set the parameters of your house if you have 10-foot high ceilings in your house you can set it so it does not fly higher than 9 feet so won't crash in the ceiling that way is whether you're flying inside or outside you got it and when you are flying it outside we're talking a hundred meters away a football field away bill most drones you're lucky to fly them down the driveway now you have complete control of it you can see that I'm doing Lou Caputo by the way just bought one the all the drones right now are just flying through there and you're controlling it right now through your phone you download the free app you're ready to go you know Joe I want to point this out because this is going to really show you that it's a quality drone when you receive your drone at home all of the legs on the drone they just unlock and they rotate out okay you also have if you want to know and you can use them or not these are called blade guards or propeller guards they come with you get a great storage container for your drone and you're receiving two lithium polymer batteries now lithium polymer battery unlike lithium or metal nickel metal hydride they really hold a charge you're talking twelve minutes of flight time and all you do is you insert the battery once it is charged and you're active and you're ready to fly you're going to love this drone and you're going to have fun with it take it to the beach if you send it out on a mission all right you can videotape where you're going right back to your phone you're not going to you know have to worry about anything because it is Wi-Fi charges okay it's just whatever you pay for Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi to connect to the drone then all of that video and all of those photographs go to the drone look right here on the side I want to show you you see where it's got like blue that Bluetooth insignia you just plug this right into your computer and download your images right to your computer download your video which I did and we've been showing you video that I recorded just yesterday with our trainer uploaded it to my Dropbox and put it right there on television for you via social media via Facebook so Joe you can do that right from the drone right you're exactly right built onto these so the app is free you download to your Android phone download to your iPhone and then when you're flying like a trail right now flying live there is a little icon that's right up there let me go ahead get the drone scooted over a little bit so we can be both beyond the shots okay so when I tap this one button right there now whether this is foe

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