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Serve which drom training course do. I need a drone training course mate, so which one of us is right. [, Applause, ], everyone matt was just hoping to be. Welcome to today’s, video um yeah, it’s, just it’s, one of those right.

We get asked the question all the time people saying do. I need a drone training cause. If I do which one do. I need to do and and then a lot of people saying you don’t need a drone in training course.

So hopefully, you’re, going to address a few of those issues in today’s, video don’t you just before we dive into the content in the video itself. Please just hit that like button smash it first I mean that you feel like doing subscribe to the channel.

If you haven’t done so already press the bell bun next to subscribe, icon stay up to date with all of the information that we ‘ Ve got going all the time to help you that’s right. So the video and the kind of question itself, like I say it,’s, one that we get asked all the time, and you know it seems as though people are in one of two minds and it’s either.

People are like right. We want to do a course, because we want to know more – or there are an element of people saying don’t bother doing a course. It’s, a waste of time. You don’t need it. So let’s address those big questions.

First of all, at the moment in the UK tamo during the video, you have to have a permission from the CIA to be able to fly a drone for commercial gains. If you want to make money from final drive, you have to have a permission that permission at the moment is called a permission for commercial operation at PFC, oh and the only way to get that is to do at the moment a course which leads to that.

At the moment, that is really the GVC course okay, so that is where we are at the moment for what the next five or six months, probably that’s. You know if the regulations don’t the implementation of the new regulations.

Doesn’t shift, then things do change quite significantly. All of a sudden when the new regulations come and you don’t need a permission from the CA to be able to fly a drone for commercial gain. That being said, what you then need is a permission via qualification and a potentially a certain type of aircraft to be able to get closer than 150 metres to built barriers and 50 metres of persons not into your control, uninvolved people as it will be, then so At the moment, you need a permission in the future.

You potentially don’t. However, what you will need is insurance and to get insurance at the moment and by the looks things in the future, you will need a qualification of some sort. Now there will be two types of qualification after the 1st of November 20, 20 or whenever we do eventually change over to the new regulations.

Those will be the a2 certificate of competency. Now the A to C of C is, I would suggest primarily if people who want to file all er drones and people who are hobbyists that want to know more and be able to do a bit more with their drones.

After a to CFC. That’s, the way to look at it. You want to find small drones on the mavet mini and maverick to pro, whatever the kind of c0 c1 c2 drones are that come out in the future and again we ‘

Ve got more videos on those. If you want to know more about it, let me know down below, and I will do more videos on those to kind of get you up to speed and break this down more and that’s, who the a2 CFC is aimed at.

If there is the potential that you are going to want to fly bigger drones, if there’s, the potential that you’re going to want to do this as a professional really as a business, then you’re, going To be into the GV, see that’s, the kind of the top end professional qualification about 500 pounds.

It seems most people are doing that for now when the a2 CFC is about 250 pounds, and so that gives you an idea of the levels like say a to see if see small drones and hobbyists that want to take it to the next level.

Gbc, the professional course for people who want to build a business around drones. What we’re, also seeing on the commercial side, is that a lot of people who are doing the GBC are also then doing the a2 CFC, because it gives them the best of both worlds and again there’s.

A lot of companies out there who have great deals if you want to do both of those courses, but hopefully that kind of squares it away for everybody like say the A to C f/c, a hobbyist base course for smaller drones and people who want to do Those small stuff GBC for the professional people who want to do bigger drones, fly bigger drones and actually have access to the Bolton’s as well, so eventually be able to fly beyond visual on a site, extend a visual on a site and fly Over crowds and in congested areas in the future things to kind of notes on that, the a2 CFC doesn’t kick in.

You cannot use the rights and exercise the privileges and rights of an a2 CFC until the new regulations go live. You know we’ve, put hundreds of people through the course already. We’ve trained hundreds of people.

They are. They’re ready to go when the a to CFC framework gets activated by the COA, but you cannot exercise that until it goes live at the moment. As I say on the first of November 2020, the GBC, though you can do now – and you can use now to get a permission from the CAA and that will automatically be upgraded by the CIA to an operational authorization with those standard permissions.

They achieve easy permissions on in the future, even though you’ll apply for a permission for commercial operation with that right now, so there we go hopefully click on on which course you should use and whether you should do a course at any questions.

Please drop them down below. Please don’t forget to give the video a like if you did thumbs down. If you didn’t subscribe, if you haven’t, and I’ll see you in the next one I’ve been Matt. Williams, fly safe, blue skies, [, Music, ]

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