WLToys Q242G 5 8Ghz FPV Micro Drone Test Flight Review


Good morning, quite copter, 101, here what I got for you today is another neat review. This is the wltoys Q 2 for 2 G, also known as a DQ 2 for 2. If you look at it and if you see this screen here, you can probably surmise that this is wltoys. Answer to the hubsan h, 107 d model: there f pub, Sion’s, model wltoys is a strong competitor, and if somebody comes out with a cool product there you go, toys is usually right in there to compete again. This is a little pipe fpv micro .

As you can see here, here is its camera. It’S a gigahertz fpv flyer, so here’s your 5.8 gigahertz fpv transmitter and antenna, but other than that you know it’s it’s a little micro . It feels very strong other points on it is that it also can record onto a micro SD card.

At the same time, all your fpv flying the micro sd card and card reader are supplied with this . I’Ve been seeing a lot of other quad copters coming out going the cheap route and not supplying the card reader and got needed card to go with the . This one is supplied with it. One thing that I don’t like about it is: you know this: they have this battery here. It’S supposed to make hooking up the battery much simpler, you just push it in and you it starts the .

But by doing such this is a proprietary, it’s a 400 megahertz, I believe, or 400 milli, ampere hour battery three point: seven volt battery, but again its proprietary, which means you’re going to have to buy wltoys replacement batteries. There won’t be third-party batteries that you could use with this quadcopter and that’s unfortunate. I wish they did not do that, but that’s the way it is. Let’S look at its transmitter. This transmitter includes a built in screen.

One thing I do like about this transmitter: it doesn’t use double A’s or triple-a batteries. It uses a lipo battery saij, 3.7, four or three point: seven volt lipo battery this one’s 500 milliamp per hour with a red, jst connector and this battery bay can fit just about any three point: seven volt battery lipo battery with a jst connector. So if you happen to have three point, seven volt lipo with jst connectors, you can likely use it with this transmitter and that power is both the transmitter and it also powers the fpv screen all-in-one. So that’s that’s a cool feature of this particular transmitter.

Other things on this transmitter, you know this is your pitch or your throttle, your yaw, your pitch, your roll and the trim buttons for each of those. So these these trim buttons, none of them are special. In other words, if you have to remember what they do and for changing, your rights is pressing up on the left to the left on this left shoulder button. If you want to do a flip, you have to activate it by pressing to the right on this upper left shoulder button. If you want to turn on the video recorder on your quadcopter, you press left on this upper right shoulder button.

If you want to take a photo, you press to the right on this upper right shoulder button. Other than that you know it’s. A basic controller feels a little awkward in my hands. I got a mid but we’ll see as I fly it here and it has this fpv screen. Let me activate it and see if it comes in it’s kind of hard to see with the sunshade.

I am going to use my own home-built sunshade over this. So you can actually see what it’s what it’s viewing here, but out in the sunlight. It is kind of hard to see. So let’s go for flight of the wltoys q24 2g 5.8 gigahertz fpv flier i’ll try to fly it around this field as as much as I can in fpv now.

This does not have altitude hold, but I got a feeling there will be a q2 for 2g plus model out sometime in 2016. Quadcopter 101 predicts okay, let’s go for a flight. Okay. To start this quadcopter. All I need to do is push the battery in all the way and it is lit up and started, and I will put the quadcopter on a flat level surface and to bind it with this quadcopter.

I believe all I need to do is turn on the transmitter, and I do see a nice view on my screen here and I am recording it with my sunshade here. By the way the sunshade fits just about all these 4 3 inch screens highly recommend making one of these. If you happen to have fpv flyers, okay, we are bound. I am turning on the video camera to record and i have a red light. So i know i’m recording.

Let’S go for a flight of the q2 for 2g. Well, it is kind of stable, i’m going that pv in right now, turning back to where my self must stay and stay in the shade here now. The predictor range of this thing, I believe, is 30 to 40 meters, which is not very far folks and I seem to have a encounter to drop out there. Let’S see if I can still yeah there, we go so that’s their kind of right about that. Yeah about 40 30 meters, I’m going to go also go to a higher rate to folks increasing the rate you know with this short-range.

This is more of a indoor flyer fpv flyer than outdoors, because that range is pretty darn sharp. In my opinion, okay, I’ve increased the range hopefully to give it, and I probably need to rebind it. Let’S do that: okay rebind it. I should have turned off that transmitter without stopping recording. So I’m turning the recording back on again and since the range is so short of this, I am probably going to be keeping it much closer here got a little bit of a breeze over here.

The range is very short folks. This is an indoor flyer. Unfortunately, it appears to be mainly indoors, so I will keep it very close from now on. Let me stop that recording and try it again. Okay, do we still get buying?

Okay, we’ve got a obviously. I need to also calibrate the gyros moving down to the left and that doesn’t seem to do anything down to the right. I got a stuck propeller. Okay. I need to calibrate this.

Let’S count it off and turn it back on again see if that calibrate sit on a flat level surface and recording again, and that did it. So if your gyros go off calibration, all you need to do is take off from low flat level, surface rebind the quadcopter and take it up from the flat level level surface. Okay, I’m going to record this the remainder of the flight and since I’m flying outdoors, I am NOT going to be going up TV right now, because I can so easily fly out of range, and I did. But while we’re doing this, let’s check out the flipping, which is the flip button. That’S nice flips, very smooth, good flipper, going to a higher rate.

Nice flyer, very smooth flyer: how about the UH funnels we tried funneling, that’s the funnels and high rate. Is there a higher rate? Let’S find that that’s the flip button yeah there is. This is expert rate very maneuverable. Let him in over have a little quick cutter.

Let’S try to do barrel turner on get some speed. Okay, so, overall, let’s go back to beginners right. This is supposed to be that Phoebe flyer and I’m probably making you all very seasick, just still recording it’s still recording. Okay. Let’S try to fly fpv again this time, remembering to keep it close, I’m trying to keep an eye on it dude.

I don’t want it to go too far away, but yeah other than that the range indoor it’s an indoor range flyer. Obviously, okay, see how far I am out there, I’m only about ten meters away. Let’S take it up see if we can do some video aerial, video, okay, the batteries are getting weak lights are flashing, stopping the video videos off we’ll fly it into a drops very stable, though very stable. Okay. I got some wind here but see if I can show you how stable this is.

There goes the wind pulling it. This is an excellent flyer now, if only they can increase the range of it. I hope maybe my transmitter is bad, but range only seems to be up to about thirty meters on this folks, but maybe I think that is the advertised range too, though, so again, if it is 30 meters, this is an indoor fpv flyer. It’S meant for indoor fpv so and then again this is the winter months. So maybe you do like a stable, wind or fpv fire.

You can do that with this little quad, very stable, very stable little flyer so and you would be able to see the screen without this sunshade indoors and that’s the flight time you get with it. So that’s it so my thoughts for an outdoor flyer. I wouldn’t really recommend this as an outdoor fpv flyer and indoor fpv fire yeah. This would be excellent indoors during the winter months. For those of you that are back east.

There are not here in sunny California, okay, so it it is a good indoor flyer. I’M good fpv nice video on it, but you know it’s a little bit dim for outdoor of the video very maneuverable, especially in higher rates. That’S good flips! Overall, it’s a good quadcopter um, the only con and IC on it again or two cons that I see on is the proprietary battery and the limited range act about when I was getting about 30 meters, so okay, so this is the again the q2 for 2g Hope you enjoyed this flight. This is quad copter 101 signing out


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