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by Jose


What’s going on everyone Jack here from half-grown? Now a question I get all the time is: what’s? The best drone and really I can’t answer that right. The question should be: what’s? The best room for me – and that depends on two things, one: what is your purpose for the drone and two? What is your budget right? I’ve, got two very different drones in my hands.

This is the rise, tell us about $ 99, and this might be the best drone for you, but that kind of depends on those two things now. In my right hand, I have the Mavic to zoom, and I think this is a better drone.

First, certain set of people. This thing’s like 1,200 bucks. So obviously there’s, a great range in drones, and if you want to pry and figure out what is the best one for me? Well, I ‘ Ve got some advice, stay tuned now I’m, going to assume that your purpose for flying is to get good pictures in the video and to have some fun right.

If you’re an fpv, I’ll, make a video later and what I think it might be. The best fpv drone for you. But for now we’re, focusing on drones that take good quality pictures and video and the place that I almost always tell people to start is this.

This is the rise. Tell it’s about a hundred bucks. You fly with your smartphone, it takes fantastic pictures and the video footage from this is actually stabilized. It’s stabilized electronically. Now this rise tella was built in a collaboration between rise, DJI and Intel, and it has some really good smarts going on inside of this drone.

Now it doesn’t fly super far because you’re controlling to view your smartphone, but the intelligent flight modes that it has are impressive. Now there’s, no GPS on this, but you can see there’s, some sensors on the bottom.

It helps make it super stable. This is an excellent drone to start with right for beginners people. Don’t want to break the bank. This is a good place to start. You can even code this drone and have it fly things after you’ve programmed programs on the computer.

I’ve done it with scratch. There are handful of different other ways: you can do this there’s, an educational version of this drone, so the rise teller was a really good place to start, if you just kind of want to dip your toe into the waters.

Now, if you’re looking for something under $ 100, there aren’t a whole lot of really good options out there and really we’re talking about toys at that point, but there’s, one that I might recommend, and that’s, the SEMA x8 right now, x8 HG is probably the best version.

Now keep in mind. It’s, just kind of you flying and if you can fly that thing you can fly some of these other drones. So I’m going to talk about so I’m gonna kind of bump up the prices. I’m in a hundred hour increments and talk about what is the best drone at that price point.

So we’re talking about drones for value, and I’ll stock, a little bit more about what is the best room for you, based on your purpose for that drone? Okay. So now, as we go up in price, we get a little bit more features.

This is the SG 906 beast Pro that’s right. It’s. A mouthful there’s, a couple of versions of this drone. You definitely want the pro version. I would say this is probably the best drone for about $ 200.

So if that’s, your price range – this is your best bet and the reason is, it has a real 3 axis gimbal that’s. Gon na stabilize your footage. Now this isn’t going to give you professional quality, pictures or video, but it does a much better job of pretty much everything else in the $ 200 range because of this gimbal.

Now the GPS is nice. It has some intelligent flight modes, but the biggest drawback to flying. This is the app right it’s kind of clunky. I’m, not a super fan of it. It just kind of limits the enjoy ability of this drone.

But if you’re, just looking for something that’s, fun stable has some smart GPS features and a decent camera. The SG 906 is the way to go for about 200 bucks. Now there are some other nice ones out there.

I love a handful of those mjx bugs drones and those clones, but the thing about it is they don’t have image stabilization, and that to me is what makes this one stand apart now, between 200 and 400 dollars, there really isn’t much that I really recommend all right there’s, a couple of older drones.

If you can get your hands on them: the bebop 2, the Xiaomi Feenie a3, the unique breeze that zero tech Dobby and even the old DJI spark. Those are really good drones, but they’re hard to come by and they’re, not really making those things anymore.

So if you can get a refurbished or a used one for about 200-300 dollars, those are good drones to look at, but really when it comes down to it. The next drone, I would recommend, is 400 bucks and that’s.

This the DJI Mavic mini and this drone is 399 bucks, and this is the drone I would recommend you start with if you really want to get good quality pictures and video. This is probably the starting point for that.

Now I’m, not saying professional video, although you could take this to something like a real estate shoot if you’re really needed to umm the camera quality is just so much better than everything that comes before this gimbal is fantastic.

It does a nice job of stabilizing the footage and just that the quality coming out of the DJI is head and shoulders above most of the competition right. I love this drone. It’s, something that I recommend they look at, how small it is.

It fits in your pocket, it’s under 250 grams and that’s, a really big deal. Why is that? If it’s 250 grams or over, then it’s, subject to a lot of striction x’and you have to register it with the FAA.

You don’t have to do it with this drone because it’s. 249 grams has some really nice flight modes, but not quite as many as some of the other DJI drones that I’ll mention. But this is a great place to start.

If you really want to get some good pictures or video say your hiker, a biker you want to take some family photos, get some landscapes. This is a decent place to start so between the 400 and 700 hour mark there, aren’t really a whole lot of options out there that I’d, really recommend, but there is one that I really like because it’s so unique, and that’s.

This. This is the parrot anafi and you can find this between six and seven hundred dollars. Generally, sometimes you’re gonna prefer this one for about 500 bucks, and this stone is very similar to the Mavic mini in a lot regards one.

It’s, super light, but it doesn’t quite make that 250 grand mark. But this is what I really like about this this camera right. You have the ability to look straight up, and this is really one of the only drones that I know of you can do that with some of them have a decent look up angle, but this one is great.

So if you need to do some inspecting it’s, a good place to start right because you can get under something and then look up at it. Of course you can get over it and look down at it as well. I’m, also a big fan of the 21 megapixel camera and the ability to zoom and do the Dali zoomin it’s made by the French manufacturer parrot.

So most trone’s are made in China. This one actually comes from France, it’s a GPS base and it has a bunch of intelligent flight modes. Now the thing about this that I think it definitely has a leg up on the Mavic mini – is tracking things right.

You can get this one to follow. You you can head do a whole lot of other tracking features with this that just aren’t available on the mini. Now the mini has some of that, but there’s just a whole lot.

More here with the parrot anafi okay, so this is the drone you want if your budget is $ 800 up to a thousand bucks and there’s really no question: this is the Mavic air 2, and this is DJ’s. Newest drone – and it does some really fantastic things.

This has the longest flight time of any Mavic ever made at 33 minutes it’s. The only Mavic that can shoot 4k at 60 frames a second and it has fantastic HDR video. You can take 48 megapixel pictures with this thing.

I love this drone right and it starts at 799 bucks. I’d, actually recommend to fly more package now that actually we’ll, put it at 988 dollars right now, so thousand bucks. Basically, but you get a couple of extra batteries and some other goodies that will help you make this a pretty fantastic flyer.

Now, why would you want this? Why do you want to spend $ 800 versus $ 400 for the mini? It just does a whole lot. More, it has really good flight modes; it has better tracking it’s more stable in the wind.

It just does a whole lot of things for most people that this is probably the best drone you can get for the money. If you can afford 800 bucks, it’s, not cheap, but it’s darn near professional quality, and it does some really fantastic stuff.

This is the first one that I ‘ Ve talked about that even has obstacle avoidance both in the front and the back. So this thing is really pretty awesome and I’m a big fan of this drum. This is kind of my go-to drone right now, when I fly I fly with this, but again this may not be the right drone for you.

If you are professional and you need the absolute best in picture and video quality there’s, really actually a couple of other options that might be better for you than this. So from the eight hundred two thousand dollar price point, there really isn’t much there that I recommend the autel Evo is nice, or at least it was until that Mavic air 2 came out.

It’s, a better value, but if you can spend a little bit more, the $ 1,200 Matic zoom is a more capable drone than the Mavic air right. The big thing that you get with this is the capability to zoom in on your subject, and that is a fantastic thing, and only thematic zoom will do that.

So, if you’re a real estate photographer, this is actually the drone. I’d recommend because of that zoom feature, you can kind of stay a little bit further away from your target and then still zoom in and get an optical zoom that’s better than a digital zoom.

A lot of these will do digital, but that kind of makes the image grainy and washes it out. This is fantastic. It has great flight modes, it’s, super stable. It has a flight time of over 30 minutes there’s.

A lot to love about the Mavic 2 zoom, but it doesn’t, have the camera available cannot DJ that belongs to the Matic too pro or perhaps even the Phantom 4 Pro now. These are prosumer drones. If you’re looking for something that you need the absolute best, you’re looking at the inspire series and that just gets ridiculous in terms of cost the maverick 2 Pro which takes really good pictures in low light situations.

I’d, actually recommend that if that’s, what you need and your professional, the Mavic 2 pro or if you don’t mind the boxy or larger shape of the Phantom 4, the phantom 4 pro or phantom 4 Advanced they have the same camera up.

The phantom camera, I would say, is actually a smidge better than the pro camera, but the pro has this nice foldable shape. Hopefully this was informative and helps you make a decision of what the best drone for you might be right.

If you’re looking to buy one hey, I’ve got links down below, they are affiliate links, but that’s. You know how we are able to keep creating content on this channel. You buy from those links it doesn’t cost you, I think, but it helps support this channel.

Hopefully that was helpful. Make sure you check us out on half chrome comm if you haven’t and go ahead and click that subscribe button for us? Hey, good luck and have a fly!

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