What you need to start a drone business

by Jose
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Hi guys, my name is Jorge burn and welcome to the show. Today I’m, going to be talking about the four key elements for starting a jérôme business. Now you go getting your PFC. Oh you’ve got getting the right equipment.

You’ve, got getting the right, drone, insurance and, of course, creating the perfect business plan. Now. The first element is your P SEO course. Now the P SEO is your permission for commercial operations, and this is held by the CAA, which is the Civil Aviation Authority.

Now this is a legal requirement in the UK to do any sort of commercial work, and you need to have this if you want to work mostly for money now to get you PFC. Of course, what you’ve got to think about is what you want to do.

Do you want to do with, and of course, the four-day training course – and I know who I’d, rather do the course with number 2 drone equipment now this is going to depend on exactly what you want to do in terms of in the Industry, whether it’s, a multi, rotor or a fixed-wing, you can have to say what drone is going to be best suited for your application.

Now, as well as the drone you’ve got to think about the gimbal than the camera, or the sense that you’re going to use. Is it going to be thermal, you can do monitoring? Are you going to use a multispectral camera to measure crop health? You’ve got to think about this when you’re looking to purchase, and obviously investors start as well as that you ‘

Ve also got to think the drone and the safety equipment that you cannot be looking at now. Safety cream is really important because, obviously you’ve, been working in an environment where they’ll, be the public sector there’ll, be yourself.

You’ve got to keep everybody safe at the end of the day. Now. The third key element is your drone insurance now joined Insurance is really important as well and rule of thumb. There’s, two basic types that you can get, you can get pay-as-you-go and you can get paid monthly.

And if you’re, going to be a drone pilot, maybe say once or twice a month you’re, going to do a couple of weekend. Gigs, I’d, probably say get the drone paid and pay-as-you-go sort of sell, because at the end of the day it’s, going to be really cost-effective for you now.

The final, but probably the most important part on your drone is business is a business plan. This is going to be looking at who you’re gonna target. What are you going to custom going to be? What service you’re? Going to provide, how are you going to make money and, at the end of the day, that your business plans a really good tracker of where you’ve, been where you’re at now, and how you did it? What changes you could have made where to go in the future, and obviously you can take that and you can put that into a presentation for other companies and move forward like that now.

I hope I’ve been used, for, I hope I’ve. They’ve, been insightful, we insist a commercial drone business. My name is being George bird remember to like and share all of our content. We’ll, be back next week and we’ll, see you soon thanks very much.


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