What it was like taking the Commercial Drone Exam Part 107

by Jose
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We are what a glorious day. Part 107 is here and it officially. We can say that this is the beginning of a whole new era. Are you ready to fly? Take flight with me and welcome to another awesome episode of ask drone you.

My name is Paul and I’m Rob and it is a beautiful day for many reasons that we’re gonna talk about. We’re. Very excited for Paul and many of the other folks out there. As always, we thank you for joining us.

We know that you have a lot of choices of how to spend your time and your spinning with us that’s awesome. We do really appreciate it and I just want to say to everyone who attended a California class wow what a blast, what an experience it was so much fun.

We’re gonna talk a lot more about that tomorrow. In the follow up to this episode, because I’ve got a bunch of I ‘ Ve got a bunch of audio clips for you guys to hear about what people thought of that class.

So you can kind of know. Is this something? I should do I’ve already had the question by hundreds of people literally. Are we going to do another one, and the answer is absolutely and I’m going this time of day, I kind of said you were watching.

You guys have all that fun did you know I’m, so glad it went well. I’m, so excited for the people that were there, the people that were streaming every single one of them has said this of those that have told us anything they’ve said it was tremendously helpful, great job Paul I’m so proud of you thanks man, proud of the team, it was actually a great event dude that could have gone over without you.

You know that this was definitely a team yeah, because what Rob was doing was solving all the problems for people on the livestream, taking care of people and customer service. Questions like just helping every single person make sure that everything was working properly for them and it’s.

A team – and you know I mean we anyway – there was a lot of fun and the most important part of all of it is that it seems to have actually helped people pass. It’s awesome if they spent the time and paid attention yeah, because I will say I woke up this morning in four of the students who are that class passed so four out of four.

You know: 100 % had passed right. It wasn’t until I actually went to our local testing center and met the two guys who took the test before me and both of them failed, and one of them was a drone. You member, but he didn’t go to the class.

He just read the study guide and he didn’t download the study guide that had the questions in it right. Oh so! Well, no, I you know – and I said to him I said dude come. You need to really pay attention in the airspace section.

This is so critical. This is why going that class is so critical, because you learned it from Ted Wilson, who has years of experience, teaching that he’s phenomenal. He used to teach it for United Airlines people didn ‘

T know that I didn ‘ T know that yeah, that’s. What he’s, hilarious too isn’t. He I mean he just makes people laugh the whole time you’re like taking in weather, and you’re, cracking up yeah, that’s, pretty sweet, not that’s.

A rare talent right there. That’s. Why? I hired him Yeah right! Well, it’s. Gon na be interesting because we hired in whatever whatever we have. What I’m going to say, is it’s gonna be really interesting to see, ultimately, what the percentages are of people who pass, particularly on their first go-around, because we’re talking to people that we know really Dug in and spend a lot of time studying and getting ready, and so of course they’re passing, but in general these kinds of tests, what are they generally 50 60 % at the best at most, so we’ll, see it’ll, be interesting to see what those numbers are.

We will see what those going through this stuff and being a part of the class they’re passing. If you are listening to the podcast and not watching check out YouTube, and you can see the thickness of our study guide, this is our actual study guide.

Tabbed it’s, beautiful it’s 250, something pages with all of the questions, and you know what’s funny Rob, I would say, of the test: 60 % of the questions that I actually took this morning in the Real test are in this really, yes, really because we want to be full disclosure, honest, obviously, that’s.

Awesome, because some folks have said there weren’t very many. Well, remember it’s different for every single person. They’re, pulling dressed questions, so some get more airspace than others. Some get more operations than others like, for example, there were no meet to our questions in here.

Remember the whole, like, oh, I feel Matar dude now yeah, there were no meet our questions in there, which actually was really worrying to me, because I have. I have difficulty with those. There were a lot of questions on whether was one question, though, that the FA does legitimately need to fix here it is photographic memory, all right, all right, Rob, um and test you, so you can get this one right, all right.

It’s. 40 minutes before Sun Rise. How long does a remote pilot in command have to wait to assume operations? Well, I think this is one of the few things that I do know know you have it’s 30 minutes before and after right, yeah it’d, be ten minutes.

Yes, that’s, correct high five! All right! We got that right well on the test. I answered that same thing, ten minutes and it says I got it wrong that the correct answer was 20 minutes so FA. You got ta fix that one, because we do get civil twilight and it’s.

30 minutes, just so, you know well either fix it or clarify it. If there’s a reason, they believe what it’s right. You know, okay, so one of our members missed passing by one question. If he had no question yeah, they’re, saying that’s.

What happened Bridgette? That was the night yeah. So if that was one question – and I doubt it was that question, but what if it was that one question you know, I’m, getting all like New York with my hands.

What is this askgaryvee? No seriously, though, that’s, a that would be a real bummer, and I have heard of several people that had that question. So maybe it was on more test than we realize yeah. Well, I just saw in the community that someone else had actually said that same thing before I even had the chance to say it, but I will say we did make history today.

Rob drone. You mm-hmm through me, yours, truly his truly uh myself and I we. I passed the exam and I was the first person in the state of New Mexico which we all expect. Frankly yeah. I was expecting myself to pass right now.

I’m, like trying to I’m like be happy like dude. You just worked for six weeks to write this thing and then also pass the test and teach it to a hundred other people, at the same time of which 80 percent of them have passed.

So you know what Rob at the end of the day. Am I happy about being the first in New Mexico? Yes, but what makes me happier what makes me happier is the fact that a large majority of our students who took that class are passing as well yeah absolutely so today, if you operate a drone without a 107, there could be some very, very serious, very serious Consequences, how exciting is it that we finally have hit that day where there’s, so much of that is cleared up the old 333 crap I’m.

Sorry to mention that 333 thing is in the past. I mean, I know it’s, not completely gone don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, but there is something that makes it clear and that’s, a beautiful thing it you know it feels like when You, when you’re playing a video game and you’ve, been playing on hard mode to train the whole time and then all of a sudden, you just turn it on to normal mode, and you’re like ah This is much easier now that’s kind of what she uh yeah.

That is exactly right it you know it was an amazing test, a lot harder than what I thought. So a few people have said that. Why do you say that what they are the very very specific, ok and questions they asked? For example, um? One of the questions can get you in trouble.

If you don’t know the difference in a symbol between lit towers, two grouped towers that are unlit on a sexual manner; okay, so it’s. Okay, those sectional maps, I mean they’re, just discombobulated mmm it’s like taking doing you know the paint art where you just throw the paint against the wall.

That’s. How they look to me yeah, pretty intense. They are intense, but I will say I had 12 questions that were focused on airspace because I counted them but of the 12. Six of them were referred to the sectional map, but you never needed to refer to the sectional map.

If you knew the answer like you, didn’t actually have to go to the map. Okay, it would have been the same, no matter what, but you know one of the few of the questions. They really focus and wanted you to know the differences in airspace so where you could operate where you couldn’t operate, and they also wanted to make very sure you knew when you had to get ATC clearance and when you don ‘

T have to get ATC clearance right, you know, and this isn’t the end of the road either. Just because I passed a written exam now I actually have to go online through. I Accra, which I already have my i accros setup and then fill out the application and put the I better, not lose that form.

I know right word is okay: it’s, not lost there’s. A number on that form that correlates to my ability to actually get the little. My little pilot’s license that’ll, go in my wallet and actually I’m gonna replace wings.

Oh dude, oh yeah! There would be different if you like wings, let it be like rotors yeah be rotors, not wings would be like if yeah so anyways. We had to do some little rotor pins. Well, I what I want to do actually here’s.

My idea, I’m, throwing this out there. In fact, I may just have to executive order and do this. Yes, mister Obama, it’s, not that bad. I promise or mr. Bush there everybody happy yeah, literally they both brought.

So many of them anyway, what? If we did an elite group of pilots? We’ve, been talking about this for a long time. We’re drone use. Certification, no longer means you’re, just good enough to get insurance.

We’re drone. Use certification means you ‘ Ve already got your part 107 certificate, but you came to the obstacle course, which is right over there mmm-hmm, like literally less than 150 yards, that way, yep we go out to the field and they have to fly the obstacle course in a given time and they Have to film five cinematic moves, two of which would be through obstacles sounds good.

Obviously they’d, have to do all the the pre check and they have to know their drone inside and now I mean there’d, be a degree that it would be like a check ride. It would be like the check ride. Of drones, but here’s, the point right.

If they become drone you certified or we call it drone you elite, which is what I want to call it um. These are the guys we know for a fact. If we get a call from the Discovery Channel, which we do all the time that we can say, you know what I trust this guy to do – the job right, the service and prices range depending on what on what you want.

But here’s. One thing you can trust that this guy is gonna, get the buttery smooth footage that you want right and that’s. What it’s gonna come down to, maybe you should say buttery smooth certified, but Tim probably would like that kind of has a nice ring to it.

I guess so let’s back up a little. I mean I’m curious. Tell me like what were there any surprises in the test? Yes, I got one wrong. I remembered the question: what is space between two storms called and the three options were trough wave in front and I said trough: I got it wrong.

What is the answer? I don’t know it’s a front of the storm, but the front of the storm normally means the area in literally in front of the storm that has lots of wind shear from the down drafts and everything.

So I was like well, I don’t, know whose it a front. Is it a wave? And then I started just thinking of wake surfing and wakeboarding, and I was like oh no. I have a totally that’s, funny, okay, so that’s one, but I will say that I was taking the 107 exam next to someone else.

So there was another guy in the room who could have been first in the state and the only way we know that I was first and say: is this there’s only two testing centers in state. One of them is closed.

Today. They only give tests on Tuesdays. So so did you finish before the guy next to you? Yes, sorry, then your first, I know you went. I was really struggling next to me, though, and he hadn’t studied anything he was just like.

I you know I wanted to get a gauge of how this was what it was like and his dad was there with him and as it was going to take it after him. But you know you get two hours to take the test and I finished it in 23 minutes and I think that that guy may be waiting in lobby for a while for her son to come down like he was.

He was visually emotional well and ultimately, it doesn’t matter. If you take one hour and 59 minutes or if you do it in 23 minutes, if you get the darn thing pass, so hopefully he passes it. We want people to pass.

Yes, you know what it’s funny, you know Todd um is it Todd, is mckee Todd McKee. You know he works in New York. Yes, he’s, a drone, you member, he got a higher score than I did. We’re, not even gonna touch that other than to congratulate you yeah seriously.

No, I’m happy for him yeah it was. There was a weird coincidence: Rob what’s up the score and my date of birth were the exact same here: 88 mm-hm Kylie, I don’t want to talk about that. That’s, a sore subject for me, but I thought that was really Quin.

Cedeno was like. Does it mean more than what I think it does he’s? Not. I will also say that there was somebody in the community who said they got a 95. What good for them! I don’t remember what the community is blown up today.

So I can’t, remember all of the affinity and who said 100 posts in the last three days. It’s, so much fun to see everybody having fun and being excited about the industry being excited about their future and that’s.

What’s going on in the community right now? It’s. It’s, really really cool people helping each other hey. I can’t find this. Where do I do this? Oh it’s right here I mean it’s. Just awesome well and I think those events to really help engage and interact each other because, like I said before, early in the podcast, this was more than just a class.

This was truly an experience. I mean everyone who came out of it was like you know what I’ve made friends for life. I’ve. Had such a good time. I never thought training could be so much fun which, by the way we wanted to do more of these.

Yes, we’re, going to do another one, the end of next month in September in Texas, so I did. I heard that being talked about and I’m wondering why not Colorado. Just out of curiosity, I don’t know why we’re talking about this on the podcast on the podcast, but Tim was against it.

Oh, so I want to do Colorado as well. I think that actually, we should be doing a long, a long distance class once a month and a local class once a month right, because there’s, another guy who did four classes in the time.

In one week in the same area that we did ours, so we had the highest amount of competition where we just were, and we in a sold-out class. So it was like yeah. Well, there’s, a lot of demand and the cool thing is there’s.

Gon na be more and more people trying to get get into this because it’s. Fun I mean yeah man make money having fun. There was a guy who had actually gone to another school before going to ours about 107 and he was like Paul.

I got ta come clean, like you know, I used to work for this other drone school and I’m, not gonna say which one it was it’s one. I haven’t talked about before and he’s like I went there. They have a very cool obstacle course.

They’re based out of California, he goes, but the guy was just rambling, rambling, rambling. I never really learned anything out of it. He’s, like literally because coming to your class, he goes and the way you teach in the way with Ted teaches you guys make it fun.

You give like emotional triggers. You give stories to help. People. Remember things important its retain of all right. He goes. I can’t. Tell you how valuable this class was and he’s like he goes. I think you should raise your price, though, because their class was fifteen hundred and years was 397 and I learned 10 times as much information from you as for them Wow, 1500 mm-hmm.

I don ‘ T understand that, like I honestly, the thing is we we want to make it accessible to people. We want to be fair. We want to create a win-win. I yeah I don’t, not that we don ‘ T want to make money, I mean it’s a business, but at the same time we want to cool.

We want to create a win-win which, by the way, if you don’t, have the money to travel somewhere and take a class guess what we are, the only school where you can attend via a live stream via an online portal.

So you can get this interaction. Like you’re in the class. You can hear everyone asking questions. You can be a part of the class and what did one guy say? I put a dent in my cam butt dent in my coucher so yeah.

I’ve, never sat in my couch, so it was so weird that, having you know almost 20 people in a room which felt like a really intimate setting. But overall there were like 80 people there yeah, and it was just it was just a wild feeling, but I’ve, never had so much fun in the training.

I’m, just glad that most of our members have used. This study guide they’ve, used a question Bank by the way. One of the questions from I’ve gotten from the podcast is. Can I access the quizzes and tests from the drone you community on my phone and the answer is yes, so you can take questions anywhere? You are and get ready for this test and it is passable.

It’s, going to take some very deep understanding of the material that is in this book and it’s. Gon na take understanding of the questions. I was actually shocked how many questions are in here that were on the test: hmm, okay, so the test was 60 questions mm-hmm and what were the areas I mean? Were they as expected weather and in terms of the allocation of questions? Where the surprise is there? No most of the questions I had were about operations.

I only had 12 airspace questions and I know other people had more airspace questions than I did. I know that for a fact which I was kind of surprised about, but you need to know airspace yeah. I’m, just gonna say whether it’s on the test or not.

That’s, a very, very vital information from drone pilots to know yeah. If you do not know how to read a sectional, if you do not know about airspace, you are not going to pass and I really do think it comes down to that because if you miss it, the majority of the airspace questions you’re Gon na have to mm-hmm okay trying to think what else it’s.

We’re excited for you. We’re excited for everybody out there that’s passing yes, I am excited for everyone out there who’s passing, but don’t forget Rob this isn’t. The last part we’ve, taken our tests.

We we need to now fill out that application through AI Accra. So if you’ve taken the test, you pass a test. Don’t forget there are things you also need to bring to the testing center. Like, for example, you cannot have a phone in the testing center.

You can’t, bring anything with a memory into the testing center. So you also need to have a current address on your driver’s license. If you don’t, you have to have some other way to prove your current address.

That’s, really important. Then again, once you pass through an exam, you’ve got to fill out the application with the exam number and you can’t, fill out the application until a day after you take the written exam itself, huh.

Okay! So once you do that, I get you into the system. Basically, once you do that you can print out a temporary certificate and then they’ll mail, your actual certificate in the mail, very cool and then the biggest deal like we’ve, been saying all along.

Congratulations! If you passed. Yes, he’s, studying if you have a job guys absolutely and I don’t mean to rain on your parade. But now is when the real work starts. This is very true and we’ve been saying this.

The whole time so yeah so again we don’t. Maybe we’ll, let you enjoy the victory for a little while, but after that you got to get back to work and start getting better. The biggest problem out of all this is that some people won’t, get their actual 107 license for a week, and people are getting asked to do jobs.

You know tomorrow, yeah yeah. For me, it’s, not a big deal. I’ve got all of my. The rest of this month is accounted for. October is accounted for, so I’m, not really worried about it, but there are other people who are pushing that limit and I will say we still need to post the new enforcement material that was sent to us thanks to a member.

Someone was questioning this on Facebook. They’re like oh well, isn’t, it 2130 Beauvoir. No, they’ve, updated that material, so enforcement ‘ S are about to change and I think they’re about to get more serious.

You know John Rupert. I was saying on a on a podcast a while ago and I kind of blew them off. But after seeing this new document that the FAA has been sending out to Fisto inspectors, I think people have a little bit more to be worried about.

Even if you have your license things to be worried about because they’re gonna be checking people whether they have licenses or not so well. That’s, a good point just because you passed your test, like you said that doesn’t mean you’re done with that aspect of your of your flying.

Correct you’ve got to know what you can and cannot do and when you can and cannot, do it, etc, etc, and it is so true you’re gonna get yourself in trouble. I just searched. I don’t know what the enforcement’s are, but are there fines? Do we know that $ 100 per violation that’ll hurt so and you can lose your license or ability to get one yeah, not good.

Better know what you’re doing and honestly guys we’ve, been waiting, so so damn long for this and the rules are quite clear, cut and dry operate under the rules seriously. If you’re, one of the guys I don’t need a 107.

You know I don’t. I don’t. Recommend people call the FAA on each other because we learned it all about that. With the three three three guys you know, but don’t be afraid to go up and ask someone like oh hey.

Well, we’re 107 and have you operating under the guidelines, because you’re setting an example for everyone around you and we just want to make sure that it’s. A positive example absolutely and you don’t – have to call the FAA on each other, but what you can do and I don’t – think we’d.

Blame you. One bit is when you’re competing with somebody in particular, and you’re. Talking to a client, absolutely call out whether they know that the person you’re competing against, has a 107 or not well, and also two.

If you’re operating in areas where there is in controlled or restricted airspace, the the the fines can get quite high, quite fast mm-hmm. So well maybe you also have the competitive advantage, because if you can find particular airspace, another person can’t.

Well, then, hey yeah, you should win yeah, absolutely every time and every time, every time cool anything else. I think that’s. Gon na do it for today guys, if you’re ready to take this test, or should I say if you’re ready to pass this test, you got to become a drone.

You member you get the study guide for free. You can watch the class material or just do what the smart people do come to. One of our classes. You can attend via livestream or you can just attend and come meet the guys cuz.

I got ta say that was a great group of people. It really was so I heard it was a lot of fun anyway, guys that’s, gonna do it for us today. My name is Paul. I’m Rob. This is ask drone. You

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