Weird Things Caught On Camera By Drone!

Hi! are very popular nowadays, they are
now cheaper and better and that’s why more people are interested in aerial photography
and video. These days
anybody can make professional quality footages, which is why you can now find so many interesting,
funny and sometimes really strange videos online, right? Well let’s have a look at em! 1.Loving parents bought a to capture
the precious moments of their daughter learning to play golf. The girl is very good at it actually, she
took that out right away! 2.

This next video was shot in a zoo in China. Tigers saw the and wanted to find out
what a hell is that. The pack followed it for a while and when
the buzzing sound started to annoy them, one of the tigers knocked the drone down. And thenthe tigers gathered round to look
atwhere the noise came from. 3. People react differently when they see flying
objects following them around. This gentleman though he was followed by a
spy and to shook the tail he took out his imaginary weapon and send some imaginary bullets
right into the drone. Or so he thought. He couldn’t blow it the first time so he
switched position and kept on shooting. Then he realized his bullets were imaginary
and he just went away before more started following him.

4. These guys must be loving the thrill of danger,
otherwise they wouldn’t risk their lives running away from an armed drone half naked. Hopefully, nobody was shot or died from cold. 5.Now, when operating a drone you must be
extra careful because often there are many birds around and when they see a drone, they
usually try to attack it, thinking it’s their prey. As you can see, a lot of animals don’t approve
of .

6. I don’t know what this video is supposed
to mean but as soon as the drown flew away from the lady it got stuck in the trees and
fell down. I’m sure that dame wasn’t that scary. 7.Wedding. Oneofthemostmemorablemomentsinlife. It must feel like a real downer when on your
wedding day, at the alter you and your better half get hit by a copter.

Certainly is a day to remember. 8. Imagine how hard it is to concentrate on a
hit when there’s a buzzing drone behind you. No wonder she hit it so hard. 9. Lazy people can be very inventive sometimes. Take this lazy guy for example. He is so lazy, he doesn’t even want to walk
his dog. The dog had to go, there was no way around
it. So he strapped the poor thing to the drone. It may seem funny but there’s nothing funny
about that poor dog hanging up there in the sky. But don’t worry, it’s just a silly joke
and it turned out alright, nobody died, nobody got hurt.

10. You can’t really see the drone on this one
but it’s up there alright, carrying a package. And on the footage here we see a convict waiting
for that package. Of course security cams got it all. Although, turns out the man who caught the
package wasn’t accused of anything and the pilot of thedrone was never found. 11. This video shows us that surfers can be in
great danger without even realizing it! Like this time around. They ride the waves and that’s okay but
they have no clue they have sharks swarming around them underwater. 12. Oh no, here it comes. Kablam! Those drones are practically everywhere now.

Can’t walk a mile without bumping into one. Poorguy! Ihopehe’salright. Anyway, he was wearing a helmet so he should
be fine. 13. Here is another similar example. I guess this time around the drone did not
survive the clash. This video makes you feel like the car is
going straight at you. Good thing it’s only a footage. 14. Some people just don’t care about others. Have a look at this. Somebody was flying their drone near a runway
and while one of the passenger was filming the takeoff… Boom! Some idiot asshole smashed his drone right
in the wing. Imagine the terror people felt when all of
this happened right before their eyes. 15. It’s a good thing those farmers figured
out what to do before the fire spread across the entire field.

Hopefully, the damage wasn't too devastating
and they managed to survive on what was left. 16.Most modern drones return to the start
point on low batteries. Earlier versions however didn’t have that
feature, which is why this guy here had to go into cold water to save the falling gadget. And he caught it at the very last moment. And this happened many-many times. 17.Who’s business it is where you do your
sun bathing. Some people like to go to solarium; others
prefer natural sunlight. Like this lady at the top of the building.She
certainly didn’t expect a drone appear in the middle of her relaxing session. Yeah, she almost knocked it down with a broom
at some point but the man behind it happened to be a competent and experienced pilot.

18. This video was shot in 2016. Right about that time when then news spread
all across America about people dressed as clowns attacking random strangers. So in this video you can see a clown. Now, what’s he doing in the middle of a
corn field? Who knows.He was just standing there and then
suddenly rushed towards the trees where he couldn’t be approached by the drone. That looks very creepy. 19. Ever seen a Halloween drone?Here’s one. I bet the kids enjoyed watching that spooky
thing flying around the neighborhood. 20. What a wonderful, peaceful view! The trees, the hills, the houses, it all looks
very beautiful. And what’s this? A lady in a swimming pool in a red swimsuit. Well, she seems to be the only person there.

21. Apparently, some people never saw drones. This woman for example encounters it for the
very first time and she looks terrified. The person filming this could have at list
calm her down. What an idiot! 22. This is a wind turbine, it converts wind into
energy and somehow there is a man up there, resting, getting color. Seriously, it looks kind of crazy. I mean would you ever expect to see a human
up on one of those things? 23. These videos were shot in Iceland. It is a very beautiful rendering of live volcano. While it might be beautiful, it is also extremely
dangerous. Do you even imagine how hot it must be over
there? And it feels like the magma can splash and
burn everything around at any moment. 24. Everybody loves fireworks. Now fireworks up close look several times
more smashing! It’sriskey but somebody was willing to sacrifice
their drone to capture this amazing footage.

Looks absolutely wonderful! 25. Drones are typically not very large. But the one designed by CaseyNeistat is huge. Yeah, that’s a big ass drone, isn’t it? Over 10 million people saw this video. That is a very powerful piece of work, I mean
it’s strong enough to lift a human. How cool is that! So, have you guys ever managed to capture
some fun videos on camera? Tell me about it in the comments! And if you like this video, press the like
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videos you’ll find in the des¬¬¬cription! Thanks for watching, see you later!

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