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Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcomes in today’s. expert secrets. Video in today, we’re, diving back into the past and it’s time to talk about Gatwick everyone. It’s, Matt Williams. Mr.

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M PW comm. We’re, getting loads of emails at the moment, particularly when content like this comes out. So we are getting back to people as quick as we can please don’t get upset if we take sirs, two or three days to get back to who we are going through them as quickly as we can on top of still running the Business that we run day in and day out so today we’re, going to talk about the Gatwick incident just very very briefly, and for those who didn’t see last year, I was on the kind of media circuit when the Gatwick thing happened.

I was contacted within a couple of hours of a first being sighted at Gatwick by the BBC to say you know what’s going on. Can you give us a statement like well? I can ‘ T really give you a statement.

I’m, not there. It’s, the middle of the night, but leave it with me and I’ll keep looking. It was still going on a few hours later and I said look this is now. This is a conceited effort by someone to disrupt the transport infrastructure for some reason it’s, the equivalent in my head of kind of Greenpeace, as there were trade chaining themselves across the you know, runways and things to stop runway expansions to stop aircraft.

Taking off it was that kind of thing was what I thought originally and then, when it kept going on and on and on, we did a bit more digging and it became apparent that Gatwick was or had been sold, and the handover was happening that day and The and when you check out the share prices, the share price has dropped a long way.

Now I’m, no conspiracist and it may see if you ‘ Ve watched the channel over the last week, or so there’s. Been a couple of these videos that have been a bit ranty and make me look like probably only its, but what’s in foil hats on or something? But I promise I’m.

Not this is kind of genuinely trying to get a balanced view of this, given you know both sides of a story without having the other side, but actually from the drone industry side. From our perspective, I personally, and I still think, like how were 140,000 people displaced, how were all of the different forces military Special Forces, how we’re all of those people there.

How were you know the world’s? Press descended on Gatwick, but how have we still not seen a proper and I’m gonna say proper in I suppose the loosely sense, the word: how are we not seen an official or proper video or picture of a drone? The drone flying over Gatwick during the reported incidents – you know these things were going on and to be frank about it, when we can look, you know you open the red top’s on a Sunday morning and you can see any number of celebrities Fallen out of a taxi on a Saturday night from a club, how could we not with all the world’s, press there and all these people displaced with camera, phones and good? You know good camera equipment nowadays.

How do we not see a picture or a video of the drone at Gatwick? How are we now not hurt anything else as an industry or even as a public body? And I know there are people who’ve put forward and Freedom of Information requests.

I think some people have been told certain things from what we’ve gleaned within the industry. We’ve, put Freedom of Information requests in we’ve always been given back really is that we can’t discuss the details and we can’t give you the exact details of it now.

I know certain details have been told to certain people. We’ve, been privy to some of those forums by the in particular, but they they haven’t been made public, they’re, not making them public, and the question is why, if this was a drone – and it Caused this much much disruption.

Why are we not being told about that? Was it a mechanism for increase in the regulations? Was it a mechanism for kind of, I suppose, trying to halt the proliferation of the drone systems in the country? I don’t know I don’t have the answers, but these are just things that we need to think about, and I tried to raise him in the media at the time and was cut off very quickly by the BBC.

As I was when I mentioned that the the Gatwick handover and sale was being done and that share prices were down 50 percent or whatever it was so someone’s. Gon na get a bargain because the airfields closed and it’s.

Been shown that there is a vulnerability in the airfield to to an attack from an attack from someone or something which is very clever. If you buy not airfield that 50 % off I don’t know I don’t know what the deal was behind that, but that’s.

Certainly one line of thinking. The other thing was, there was a whole brexit thing going on at the time. Was it a distraction technique and with my ex-military kind of counterterrorism hats on? I was also wondering – and this is one thing I said at the time to my wife – I said well – I’m – wondering whether there was an incident on the airfield which they don ‘

T want to disclose to people which closed the airfield for a while and they had to fix. We’ve, seen that in the past, in the military side of things overseas, not in the UK, where something has happened and it has been fed as something else to make it less sensationalist and to not allow the exposure to the people who potentially Done that, because that’s, what they’re after the other thing is, you know, was it something like a cyber attack that essentially shut down air traffic control? We’ve, seen that another place that we’ve, seen that another air traffic control units where this has happened, they’ve, been shut down for a period of time until the systems have been checked, fixed rebooted and got Back up and running again I don’t know.

This is a question I guess to put to the the CEO at Gatwick to put to the CIA, to put to the chief constables and the relevant forces to say: look it’s about time. Now we’re a year on and if I had a pound for every time, even today, people said to me: Oh will you find your drone at Gatwick? Mate was that you I wouldn’t be having to do these videos.

I wouldn’t be having to run a drone training company. I’d, be retired. On my yacht, in the Cayman Islands, it is still one of the biggest most prevalent most talked-about incidents involving a drone to date, and I think it still is causing a lot of damage, and everyone says, or generally people say that any PR is good PR.

But that’s in this case, I think it was pretty bad for the industry, and you know here’s, the other one actually thinking about it. Just just spitballing now was this one of those where someone in the government was moving over into an anti drone company or a drone defense company, and they wanted to deploy those systems and get them out in the public and get some money for them.

I don’t know, but again this would be very interesting to have some feedback from the various people if gatwick. If the are happy to engage with us, come on the channel talk about it, then that would be great.

I doubt that they will, but it’d, be great on the invoice. Is there if anyone has any connections or you know anymore? Please drop that information in like say. I know that there are people out there who know certain elements.

We are aware of a lot of those elements and we know we can’t share some of those bits that the police have told us about, but I think as a community again. This is another piece for the community. Where now we all need to push to find out what happened, because it was us that were impacted.

Obviously, lots of people were impacted. I’m, not trying to think of this from a kind of selfish or personal point of view. Lots of people are impacted, but the industry is the one that’s had the long, lasting impact, the long, lasting negative effects of this, and I think it’s, something that needs to be addressed and shouldn’t just Be allowed to be swept under the carpet because if we allow that to happen with everything we’re, never gonna move forward.

We’re, never going to understand. We’re, never going to be able to ultimately make things safer and we’re, not gonna be able to understand why registrations come in and why you know increased regulations coming in give us the information give us the facts.

Give us the truth and then we can accept the increase in regulations and move forwards, so yeah a little bit of a different one. Again, we will keep interjecting these. If everyone’s happy, it seems, though people are, will keep interjecting these thoughts about the industry, thoughts about the community and what’s going on around, as and as influencers in and amongst the kind of factual and helpful informative videos.

If that’s, ok with everyone, if it isn’t, please let us know get in touch. If you don’t like these videos, I will stop doing them and I’m going to keep waving my arms around, because I get very excited, but yeah drop an email Matt’s, ma TT at mr.

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All the time that is the best way for us to get information and news out to you as and when it happens, and if there’s anything else you’d like to know please get in touch. I’ve, been Matt. Williams, fly safe and blue skies.

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