Volantex Ranger BIG Airplane Drone Flight Test Review


good morning quadcopter 101 here and I got a neat for you today this huge you see here is the Valen Tex Ranger now the Valon Texas Ranger as you can see here is a remote-controlled pusher glider very large and includes a brushless motor this version is the ready-to-fly version it comes with this transmitter here it is intended primarily for extra believe it or not fpv flag a long-range fpv flying you pop up in the top here you can put your fpv gear inside here it even has a little port here if you want to put your poke your camera through additionally I mentioned it has a brushless motor I intend to convert this to an fpv flier and it’s essentially making this a long-range fpv this transmitter supposedly goes out to 800 meters I’m not going to test that today to see if that’s true but if so you know that this would be an excellent long-range fpv to fly around with to have fun with if you have large areas to fly like out here in the desert like I do those of you who live in the city now maybe this is not the for you but what’s really cool about this is the price total price was shipping for those living in the US now is around 8 I use around 100 dollars and that includes this transmitter the base price is $70 for the ready-to-fly version and believe the using priority mail salty pie rim priority mail for shipment in the US that adds another $30 for the shipping cost so total prices run a little over $100 for those of you who live in the rest of the world you got to pay the standard shipping fee and that’s around 70 bucks which doubles the price of this quadcopter you know about $140 unfortunately for the rest of the world but again for those in the US this is this is actually a good deal possibly we’re going to fly today and particularly want to fly it with a camera on here I got my run cam camera attached via velcro depending how well that comes out then I’m going to follow this up with a my fpv milah whatever 200 milliwatts re fpv transmitter inside of the case we got an airplane going over here over 10,000 feet up i hear them but i’m going to continue on here but yes this is intended what i plan to do with this in the future is fpv flying primarily as a long-range fpv bird this should be a lot of fun now why would you want to use a tear plane over a quadcopter for fpv flying quad copters are not efficient they really suck the hattery power you get very short flight time with quad copters and helicopters for that matter because they’re frothing in air firing four motors at once trying just trying to lift themselves into the air an airplane much more efficient it has a wing that that could actually glad if you need to only need one motor to get yourself into the air it’s just a much more efficient means to fly allowing longer flight time and also greater well greater range if you have a good transmitter but much longer flight time and carrying heavier payloads this thing can I don’t know what the batteries could carry by duck its board of these quad copters okay so let’s go for a flight of the Volant ex-ranger this will be its first flight one thing this is the stock battery that comes with this I did not like this battery and look kind of old to tell you the truth but it’s at 1,800 milli ampere our 11.1 vote 25 C I just simply replaced it with my I don’t trust that battery to tell the truth I replaced it with mine one of my quadcopter batteries in particular this battery came out of my flying 3d x8 which is also this is 2200 milli ampere our 11.1 volt 25 C so and it’s lighter than this thing this is an old I guess those of you out there familiar with light pose what is this battery I never seen one like that I wanted to go with a lighter battery and I still also balanced this here’s the center of gravity and it seems to be pretty well balanced so we should be good to go let’s go for flight at the Volant ex-ranger hope you enjoyed this light ok this will be the first flight of the Volant X I’m turning on its transmitter here and opening up the battery compartment and connecting my flying 3d x8 battery and also turning on this camera here my runcam runcam camera is recording putting the cowling back on and I’m going to set the timer for seven minute flight because I want to do additional flights of other quad copters out here you probably saw them sitting there so starting the timer now this will be the first flight of the flying three or the Volant ex-ranger good luck right now I can tell you needs quite a bit of trim going on better trim here we go more rudder trim that I trim the sucker to the left not the entrant and need some downward trim okay we should be good there I’ll trimmed up took a bit of trimming but it’s flying folks nice and smooth now I’m just flying mainly with I need some trim of the trim of the ailerons too I can’t tell you which way that’s oriented better get some altitude on this thing so when picking up there now I’m this is taking a lot of my concentration here tried to trip this thing up for his first flight here trying to trim up those all the knee eller ons and the elevators and the rudder where’s significant trimming on this for this first flight so what do I want to say about this thing I haven’t been taught that I’m sorry folks I’ve but God’s traded up flying it but this required quite a bit of building to put this together you know it’s such a airplane it doesn’t come in one piece all ready to go quite a bit of construction was required it’s fine it’s nice and smooth right now but it took a lot of trimming there so again if you’re a beginner you might wanna have a intermediate pilot or someone else trim it up for you before you start flying this for the first time otherwise you’re going to have a lot of concentration like I had to do a lot of toe curling there in the in the beginning portion in the flight the first time you fly this to adjust its trim settings but right now it’s flying nice and smooth again you know I plan and do more flights with this I got a fly this on more or less wooden less days here until I get a good feel for this thing it is intended to be a trainer but it’s a big trainer so it might intimidate you there I get better be careful here because it’s such a bigger airplane and I might be actually you don’t high higher than I should be you can now advantage of this thing is you can see it for quite some distance unless you can fly it for quite some distance just by visual line of sight alone and that’s what I’m hoping to do with this thing in the beginning here is do some long distance line-of-sight flights and then again transition it to an SPD flyer now I’m going to cut back at a throttle a bit you know how it glides again like I said you know airplanes are more or less the most efficient fliers as compared to pluck up so in effect you can get much longer flights okay I’m losing range okay how’s it losing signal there so I’m going to start bringing this in here I guess I was close to the end of the signal Ranger but I want to land this thing now so there goes that long distance range it’s advertised that I don’t believe that’s true because I I lost control over there for a second but here I come down I’m bringing it in I better turn it around don’t like the word plans as a little ad there we go I can’t land this thing exactly where I wanted folks it’s just so big okay overall thoughts I got to turn off that camera if you want a large airplane that can carry payloads let me turn off this battery – this might be for you a large cheap means to do such the transmitter that comes with this I don’t think it’s 800 meters is probably about 150 150 meters there because I I had a bit of a glitch here where I lost control there about 150 hundred sixty meters just past the edge of the field here which is about 160 meters so you might want to consider a better transmitter there are other versions of this that come without the transmitter so that you can use your own transmitter and bind you know bind and fly versions of this overall it’s impressive sized at point for the price you know the a600 from wlw our xka 600 I’m sorry is about the same price as this system here that’s a much smaller airplane it has that airplane also has gyros that automatically corrected but doesn’t have the lifting power and capability of this big bird so oh no this was the Volant ex-ranger first flight of it let me hold it up so you can see it hope you join just flight of this monster I did it was really interesting a toe curler for me quadcopter 101 Satya


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