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Hey guys mark North Star arrow again in this video, I’m, going to talk a little bit about the regulations as of sep tember 28 2015 for the UASs or drones can talk a little bit about what’s been going on.

There’s, a few few new things, not a ton of new stuff, but there is some proposed rulemaking that is new, so we’re gonna discuss a little bit of that and and the video i just posted you guys – will See i did get my 333 exception took me about 9220 days.

They’re, saying right now, 60, to 90 days they ‘ Ve really stepped up. They’ve, granted 1658 exemptions. As of the 22nd of sep tember. From my make 150 or so in February, when I shot the first video, so lots of things going on there in the description, I will link the proposed rulemaking.

I will also link the the phase civil or operation basically guide for the UAS, which will show you how to file a 333, how to go through the whole exemption process and also give you all the information you need to do it.

So I think one of the big things in one of the reasons why this whole process has been speeding up. Is you guys? You know you guys are the ones that are shown interest on the FAA had put out a notice of proposed rulemaking on the comment period ended in april, and there were over 4,500 comments from the general public on the proposed rulemaking for the UAS is so the Faa is really seeing that hey.

This is a big deal. You know the public wants to be able to do this for commercial use. So let’s, try to streamline a little bit. So when i did my 333 exemption, i got granted up to 400 feet for operations and most of the other stuff was pretty much on par with the proposed rules, with a couple exceptions, but most of us pretty much on par with the proposed rules.

As you know, the 333 you can ask for whatever you want, they’ll, grant you what they want, because they’re. There aren’t any set fast rules right now, so you pretty much. You know there’s kind of a guideline you have to use, but outside of that, you’re, pretty much whatever stranded on the 333 so, like I said, I’m, going to put a link to this.

The overview of the proposed rulemaking, but I’m just gonna – go through a couple things here. Just so you guys have a basic understanding. I know before we talk about. You know the pilot certificate of the medical and all that stuff.

They are streamlining that a little bit and pardon me for looking over all the time i get this pulled up from Euler screen here, so visual observer. They’re talking about making it you know not required in my exemption.

It is required. So my 333 – I couldn’t, get it exempted I tried to, but I couldn’t, so I have to have a visual observer operations. They’re, requesting operations of maximum out two to five hundred feet and up to a hundred knots or I’m sorry hundred miles an hour.

Eighty seven knots, the big thing is the operator so right now we’re dealing with the whole pilot certificate medical thing, so the new proposed rulemaking, which I’m, going to get questions on when this is supposed to go through.

I have no idea they haven’t anything with you. Yet this is proposed comments in in April, so it’s, moving at the speed of government, so the proposed rulemaking operators are required to pass an FA. Not mileage tests be vetted by the TSA, so you basically fill out your TSA paperwork like as, if you were a pilot, and they just check to make sure that you pass all that stuff and they’re talking about making an unmanned operator certificate.

So, just like the pilot certificate, it will never expire. However, you will need to pass a recurrent knowledge test. Every 24 months be at least 17 years of age and keep in mind. This is for commercial use.

If you just want to go on fly a drone, you can fly, it do whatever you want to, but it is. This is, if you want to make money using the drone, all right, um so FAA can you know, have a request inspections.

You still have the sea salt report, racket, accident aircraft requirements that they are worldly certificate is not required. However, you must maintain the and are the UAS and safe operating condition.

Aircraft markings are required, keep in mind. This is all proposed. So who knows? What’s actually going to happen, but they’ve carved it down to about a page and a half of what the proposed regulations are your day, a lot operations not within three miles of an airport, all good stuff, still an issue With you know, UAS suav are on UAS is drones operating close to airports with you know, causing issues with aircraft.

I think so far they’ve been 650 close call reports. I saw a document earlier on that you know just kind of troubling think it’s, getting a little better and you know they’re cracking down on a little bit.

More people are being a little little bit safer. You know using some common sense, but yeah the proposed regulations are fantastic. I mean basically a page and a half really simple stuff. My exemption was about 35 pages of all the you know, kind of regulations.

What I can and can’t do, but you know if we can get the the proposed regulations. You know i’m, pretty pretty happy with that. I mean you know they. They cut out a lot of the stuff that we were. You know talking about as far as the medical and have to be a pilot and all that stuff and they really kind of streamlined it.

So let’s just keep our fingers crossed this actually go through and it’s actually going to work, but it seems like because of all the input from you guys. You know 4,500 comments. You know it’s. It’s, a big deal, I mean they’re, really, you know pulling together and realizing that they need to do something.

So I’m hopeful that you know, hopefully by the end of the year here that will have you know some regulations in place. They’ll, make the operation much simpler, like I said, almost 1700 exemptions granted so far.

Those are growing. More every day, so you know lots of stuff going on. I see a lot of it in the real estate field, a lot of people doing photography. I did all the paperwork myself online just check the description i’ll.

Give you a link to you all the faa , like I said they’re, saying two to three months right now, but it seems like they’ve, streamline the approval process quite a bit from what I did it, but yeah I Mean it’s becoming pretty straightforward.

You know the first video in February we’re kind of on the cutting edge of what was going on with 150 exemptions and kind of making it up as we go, and I still did all the paperwork myself, you guys can’T to it’s, a really simple process, and there’s.

A lot of companies out there that are spinning are charging a lot of money to file the paperwork. It’s, really not that hard. Now I’ve heard the movie picture. Cinematography stuff, for you know, motion picture stuff is much more difficult, but as far as you know, taking pictures and video for real estate, you know things like that.

It’s, not an issue from what i’ve seen. So i want to say thanks again guys for all the comments, all the the sharing lights. You know it’s been a great help. Hopefully got some awareness out there and you know made a made a small impact on the whole situation.

So anyway, it’s. You know, like i said much improved over six months ago and hopefully by the end of year, will see some. You know good set of regulations in place and we can start moving forward and you know growing this grow in this field, so anyway guys.

I appreciate it make sure you share a page share the video go to our Facebook page. If you’d, like to follow us on facebook, facebook.com slash North Star arrow, I post on there constantly videos just pictures.

I flow all over the country and all over the world. Really someone always put some videos and different things on there. You have any questions post down the comments I’ll, be happy to answer or the least point you in the right direction and thanks a lot guys.

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