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by Jose
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[, Music ], we’re gonna back up it’s a beautiful day, and we’ve, been able to spend most of the day flying drones and really getting a handle on how they how they move. The awesome course proof anybody that wants to learn how to fly a drone, beginner or expert or anything.

You can learn something from this course. Structures are beyond helpful, probably some of the best people I’ve met around here. I really love the area. A beautiful place to you know, fly your drones around great people to work with and share.

This awesome experience with Jim Cloutier and I’ve, been flying and building drones for about 10, maybe almost 12 years now, not only explaining how they fly and teaching people how they fly, but also getting into the discussions about what’s.

Going to happen with this , five 10, 15 years down the line, I mean it’s, it’s, going to be embedded into our everyday life at the UNH drone Academy, and I signed up because I want to be able to Shoot video from the air of snowboarding, whitewater, rafting, kayaking and other adventure activities, UNH drone Academy, it’s, really incredible.

We get to fly all different kinds of drones. We have the Mavic Maverick, chromatic spark and the Phantom, and today’s. Only our first day and the instructors are really incredible. They can pretty much answer any of our questions in when we get in a jam with any of the equipment.

They can get us right out of it. They’re, very knowledgeable. The UNH drone Academy course is really geared toward everyone of all skill levels. We’ve, had we’ve broken up students today, so that we had students that were beginner level that had never touched a drone students who have actually they purchased their own drone a few years ago wanted to learn how to fly Safely, they wanted to learn how to fly it legally.

This class has taught me so much so far, even the second day in about what I should know where I can and can’t fly and how to properly maneuver [ Music, ] [ Applause ], you

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