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Remember, remember the fifth and remember the day that the CIA and the depart for transport totally shafted the industry in the UK. Okay, so we are gonna dive in there and we’re gonna do a kind of brief overview and walkthrough of the and model aircraft.

Registration and education schema grammar areas. It has been down a couple of times today, so if you for some reason, go to it and it isn’t working, doe kind of fret go back to it. At some point I’m sure the loading on the has been fairly heavy because I only went live today, but I suppose this is also the point between and why I guess we were originally given that kind of a six to eight weeks To get everything done before the 30th of November, when we all need to be registered and obviously that’s been cut short now because of the delay in this coming out.

But it’s up and running, so it’s now register drones, dot CA a doctor at UK that you need to go to go on there and run through it and as much as I have bitched and moaned about this over Kind of the last seven or eight months since the whole concept was announced.

Actually do you know what just get in and get it done? It’s out the way. Then it lasts you for the whole of the you know the year, the operator ID sort of things the flier ID lasts for three years. Everyone within our company who operates our drones.

We have all held or have done the theory and practical and have the aim to be recommendation form or we’ve held a pcso, and although we are therefore exempt potentially from having to do the flyer ID element, everyone within our company will be Doing that, just so that they’ve got it, it’s covered off any confusion, potentially from kind of the public services and the forces etc.

Who are just gonna come up and go krauser, your flyer ID? Potentially they don’t understand it properly. Either we’ve then got it and it’s done and it’s dusted. The registration numbers are on the drones that we’re gonna fly and and just go and get it done.

So. First of all, there are two main ways to register yourself as a kind of or model aircraft operator in the UK. Now and you can register yourself to fly and that’s primarily, if you going to be doing kind of a guess, recreational flying or hobbyist flying or if you are gonna, go and operate on.

Someone else’s permissions, and then you might want to do that so that you ‘ Ve got a flier ID and you can present to them. As I say you, don ‘ T necessarily need that. I understand that under the X exemptions that we’ve been granted as a community.

However, I would still recommend personally getting it done. 20 questions. It takes about five minutes, it’s free, and you know what you might learn something because things may have changed since you did your PFC, oh five years ago or whatever it was.

So just bear that in mind dive on in and get it done. The other way is to register as an organization that’s. What we’ll be doing. I think that’s, probably what most people will be doing, particularly commercial operators.

They’ll register as a company or their trade, and ours name kind of company, and then they’ll move forwards and do the rest of it from there. So actually do you know what looking at the the actual scheme itself? It is, and it has been fair fairly well done.

If I’m honest, we’re gonna dive in and kind of register as an organization here and walk through that process. We are going to skip doing the questions just because the questions do change every time there are 20 of them in order to be able to get your flyer ID, but it’s coming from a question Bank of from what we can gather and Haven’t spoke to the CA of over a hundred questions, so they will be different for you every time I’m sure at some point.

Someone will go through it enough times and make all the questions and put all the answers out there. You know if you want to rely on that to get through it, then that’s up to you. But actually the learning is all here on the and it’s fairly straightforward, and if I’m brutally honest it’s, stuff that you should know in order to be able to operate your own safety anyway.

So you know let’s, stop whinging about it! Let’s, embrace it! Let’s, get on with it. Don’t kind of don’t come under the assumption, though, that we’re, not going to keep fighting the way that this has been implemented.

That’s, definitely gonna happen, but anyway, that’s for another. For another video, I guess and if you’ve been following along. So what we’re gonna do is register as an organization. Now, registration, as it says, cost 9 pounds per year there’s, lots of information in here about labeling your aircraft, how you need to do that, etc, so check that out as well.

But more importantly, I say is going through and working out what you need to do now here we’re, going to go through and get our operator ID, and then it’s coming back and getting the flier IDs for people.

So, starting on this popping things in like our email addresses, then you have to check the unique code that they’ve, sent through to make sure that you are who you say you are, and you then type that into the portal to allow you To continue so when that comes through, that is a six digit code so pop that in and then you’re into working out and kind of working through all the questions as we go so for us, it’s.

Aerial motion pictures. We will give it our business address and then we ‘ Ll click continue, so it gives you the opportunity to say who the Accounts Manager is gonna be in this case it will be myself and again, there are instructions for all of this.

If you don’t quite understand what kind of given name means very much family means. It says down. The bottom, in my case, fairly straightforward, Matthew Williams, is their MPW date at Birth goes in next, because, obviously, you are doing kind of a full registration.

They want to know exactly who you are where they can find you. What does your home address comes up next? I’ll, get will skip through this bit and get Lauren to through the art of video, wizardry and Magic to delete this for me from here, and then you’re into confirming that you understand your responsibilities.

So, in return for an operator ID, your organization agrees to meet the following responsibilities and you have to select them to confirm. So they know that you understand what you are kind of signed up for.

I guess the organization will meet all the legal requirements for being responsible for drone or model aircraft. So in our case and in most people’s, cases that’s, Articles 94 and 95 of the air navigation order.

The organization will display its operator ID on any drone or model aircraft. It’s responsible for and again that’s in accordance with the instructions which you can find on the fairly straightforward.

For us, we’re gonna use a sticky demo label maker. To do that, we have always had internal registrations. All our aircrafts always been kind of registered if you like, within our own organization, so we’ll.

Just use that one thing on that, I would say if you are going to put a sticker on your drone with the registration number, which is how it suggests it rather than putting it on with a permanent marker, make sure you ‘

Ve got spares with you because you don’t, carry spare stickers with you if one comes off during flight. So if it comes off in the box and you’ve lost in its blown away, you then can’t find legally without having it again so make sure you ‘

Ve got spares with you, so you can pop one on if it does come off for any reason, then the next one, the organization will make sure that it only allows people with a valid flier ID to find a drones all model aircraft, its responsible for or I guess being able to operate under the exemption from the CAA.

If you have the relevant documents for that, so your inquiry recommendation and/or UPF CA. Then we’re on to check-in that we are the person that we say we are and that we’ve, put everything in the proper.

So we’ve got organization details we’ve got the council-manager details. We’ve got the application details in this way. Excel just come in 9 pounds to get that and it’ll, be nine pounds for a year and important to note here that they’re, saying they’re, not gonna provide any refunds for operator id’s, but they’ll kind of look at it as if there’s, any exceptional circumstances, which I doubt there ever would be.

You then have to consent to them, holding your data and how they’re, going to use it if they need to. If they need to show it with the , for example, and then we can continue and pay on the guru kay website, fairly straight forwards again, will blur this part out and get that done, and that is it.

So now we have done the payment. We’ve gone to go tot yuko website. We’ve done that it’s, taking the nine pounds we’re. Now, back on to the CIA’s website and boom there we go. We ‘ Ve got our operator ID it’s, going to be emailed to us as well.

This now needs to go on all of the drones that we own will probably pop it on our maverick mini as well. I guess just so that we can put accessories onto it if we ever want to, like I say we’ve pushed back against it for as long as we can do, you know what just dive in and brace it get.

It done. Keep yourself legal, keep yourself safe. It’s. Gon na save any problems down the road. Obviously you know for those who aren’t aware the operator ID lasts for 12 months and it cost 9 pounds every 12 months.

So I will have to re-register if we’re still in the UK operating as a drone operator again next year we’ll, get reminders beforehand to get that done a bit like, I guess, tax in your car. You know you just got to got to get it done on the kind of confirmation screen where they show you, your operator ID the CA, do give you how you need to put it on the drone or the fact that you need to put it on the Drone and they say, if you know, if you’re flying for commercial reasons, you still need a PFC.

Oh, you will need a valid flier ID if you’re, not under an exemption, and it also tells people not to operate beyond the normal regulation. So that’s. How you get a fire, sorry operator, you see how you’re confusing.

This all. Is that’s? How you get an operator ID fairly straightforward, probably took without the chat in no more than kind of three or four minutes, and that includes the whole payment process as well.

The next thing I guess to do to go back and get a flyer ID, so we’ll return to the homepage, and now we want to register to get a flier ID, that’s, the organization side done and actually what they Say if the organization’s, if it’s like universities, and things like that, if you want to click on, if you want to do an operator ID and get your flier ID at the same time, not necessarily relevant for me at The moment because I’ve got my exemptions in place.

If you want to do it all in one go, then you can click the top button and you can register yourself and as an operator, and you can then get your flier ID as well. Now this is quite interesting because what it lets you do, then, is prepare for the test.

So, actually and again, we’ve, been through this. We actually went through the beta version of this when the CAA showed it to us a few months ago, and it was quite good and actually now it is very good.

You know it walks you, through all of the different things that you need to know. You can review this over and over again and actually it’s been interesting today because watching the forums people have said.

Oh, it’s, really confusing the user feet and they’re using meters. It’s like no actually like. If you didn’t understand that anyway, then, actually, you know what I guess the demurrer arrows has done its job because it’s educated you in some way.

You know in aviation. In the UK, and particularly use feet for defining height or an altitude above the surface and for distance, we use meters, you know – and that came out on the forum today and you know what I’m – all for that, like helping each other learning A bit as we go it’s, all part of aviation and being a safe and responsible operator, and so you can’t go through I’d, say the learning is quite good.

Actually take your time go through. You. Take notes if you want and you can just keep clicking through and then you can also take the test over and over and over and over again and and again I was a bit auntie this at first, but actually, how else are they going to kind of Mandate for this, how what the mechanism can they use for teaching people you know, and if you don’t understand the one of the kind of well five of the 20 questions.

You need 16 out of 20 to be able to pass. If you don’t understand enough, you can go back. Do the learning again take the test again? So yes, I guess: how is it testing competency? How is it testing currency, but do you know what it’s, forcing people through a mechanism and without physically putting people in a classroom and examining them face to face? How else are they going to do it, so you know, take it as it is.

The learning is actually quite good in there now and I’m sure. There are things as I’ve said already. There are people that are people are picking up in the forums and talking about in the groups, but actually you know what it’s there and people are learning from it so run through it all, and then you’re into effectively.

Once you’re happy with it, and you’ve gone through it all again and again and again you can then go and complete the examination. So when we’re ready to take the examination you can get yourself registered, there are kind of a bunch of entry requirements that you should be aware of.

If you’re under 13, it needs to be done with a parent or guardian presence. If you’re over 18, then, if you’re over 13, you can crack on with it. If you’re over 18, that’s, what you have to be to have your operator ID as well, but you can operate as a pilot and under a flier ID and get a flier idea any age.

Technically. A lot of stuff is explained, so I won’t, go through it. If you’ve got any questions, drop them down at thoughts in the comments and questions section below and we’ll get those answered, and now we’re into going through the actual kind of test and examination itself.

Very similar to the operator ID you sign up as kind of registering for the flier ID service. They’ll, then send you a code through via email, and you need to get that unique six digit code and type it in, and then we are cracking on into it.

Now it talks about kind of getting a an operator ID. We’ve already done this, and we deliberately did that separately because we register in as an organisation, and I want to show people how to do that.

If you kind of are operating commercially on just a company that’s already got an operator ID. Otherwise, you know, if you want to do it in one hit, then do it. This way say that you’re responsible, get your operator ID using that same process.

I showed you earlier and then you drop out and you go through the fire ID section. So in this I’m going to say no someone else will be responsible for it. Then we can get our flyer ID. It says you know, leave 20 minutes to do the test.

There’s. 20. Multiple choice. Questions pass mark of 16, so you can get up to four wrong and still pass get five wrong. You’ve got to come back again. It tells you to go through the drone and model aircraft code, and actually you can have it open at the same time.

So there’s, no harm in that it’s all about learning it’s all about education and moving forwards together, you can go through the test. Many times you like, and this element is free and it lasts for three years.

It also tells you what to do. If you’ve got any current fly information, so you know kind of. If you are members of certain associations, you will at some point in the know, you haven’t. Yet if you’re watching this live and been sent information as to how to get around the requirements to do different pieces of this.

But for now we’re gonna crack on, as I say, for us, we are gonna, do it as if we are kind of just getting everything the operator ID and the flyer ID you then, inter answering your 20 questions, so again I Won’t labor that point we’re just going to go through and I’ll show you what happens at the end and some of the questions.

There are potentially kind of ambiguous a couple of typos in there as well, which I’m sure they’ll tidy up. We can give the feedback to see as we go, but I mean an idiot like me: you can get 20 out of 20 on the first go, so there’s.

No reason why you shouldn’t be able to either just take your time go and get it. You know once you’re done. Click continue to get your flier ID. Give your personal details, as we did before earlier on in the video and absolutely maxed out type in my own name and day of birth yeah, as we did in the video and then you get your flier ID, and you’re good to go And that’s me now legal to operate operator ID valid for a year that’s.

Nine pounds at a time goes on all our drones and I ‘ Ve now got my flier ID. I’ll print that out take it with me everywhere I go when I’m flying and I ‘ Ve got it. If people in question me it’s there, it’s easier than explaining.

I’m operating under an exemption for a PFC, oh and we don’t have a PFC, Oh anymore, so it’s even more complicated than that, because I’ll, be using my nqe recommendation. Doesn’t matter got the flyer ID got my operator ID boom.

I can carry on operating within the drone code within the rules and regulations in the air navigation order yeah, and I hope that was useful. A bit of a long go on today, and we’re, trying to up the production value of all this as well.

So hopefully, that’s made it a bit more interested in just a screen share. If you’ve got any questions, kind of comments and thoughts, please drop them down below and other than that. You know what to do.

Give us a like if you did, give us a double thumbs down. If you didn’t subscribe, if you haven’t there’s, a bail button next to subscribe, bye Khan started 8 with all the things we ‘ Ve got coming all the time, and if and when things change for this, we will do our very best to let you know.

That being said, I’ve, been Matt. Williams, fly safe, blue skies;

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