U207 Intrude Drone Test Flight

by Jose


good morning 101 here what I got for you today is a review of the U 207 looking at this little it appears to be very well built and it has a ring around it a protective ring for protecting its propellers in flight it’s a beginners it’s actually mainly intended for indoor flight although you can’t fly it outdoors on windless days like today it does it’s not really a high performing quadcopter this quadcopter is meant for learning how to hover and learning the basics of forward transitional or translational flight for that purpose it is a very good beginners quadcopter it’s low-priced I believe it’s in the low 20s or by twenty dollars or so it seems to be well built I mentioned that already but this plastic here is kind of tough and it looks like it’s go to shock absorbing plastic so I can’t see this breaking very easily removing this plastic for more acrobatic flight I haven’t tried it yet I’m not sure if it’s possible it may be possible it looks like there’s three little screws holding it on and then there’s a circuit board type of quadcopter I might try that in future flights here removing the plastic to see how that improves flight performance I’m sure will greatly improve flight performance but again this is meant for beginners let’s give it a try and just give you my first impressions of how it flies plugging in a little comes with a low 150 milli ampere hour battery placing it on the ground turning on its transmitter and I am going right to high you hear that – beeps one beep is – beep is high expert let’s go for flight or binding it this is it this is its y’all rate at hi seems to be good there’s it’s funnels at high it’s actually a nice little flyer especially for indoors pretty looking little quadcopter – how about it flips nice flipper oh no well made a little quite cut there but again okay because of the weight of the protective ring it can enter vortex ring state like you seen there but for a beginners quadcopter it’s nice see get some speed up on that’s this max speed we’re going into a little bit of a breather that’s full forward pitch it’s not spectacular but it’s not meant to be again this is for a to learn to fly on let’s see what kind of range we can get let’s take it up high since I got a large open field here my goodness alright goodness we’re about a hundred meters I’m coming back Don I’m not going to take this until I lose it but the range on this transmitter is pretty damn good and the reason being it’s not not what do you called triple-a batteries this uses double A batteries it uses two double-a batteries so there’s some power there we’ve got a little bit of a breeze coming from my backyard it’s having a hard time going into that breeze again this is mainly an indoor flyer and as an indoor flyer it is a good indoor flyer outdoors it has problems with a breeze right now we’re talking about three knots so this can’t go faster than three dots come on you can do it you can do it there it is fighting the breeze very pretty quite doctor oh if you press that flip button and you hold the pitch or hold a direction on it a pitcher or a rural direction it remembers that okay now it’s not as pretty it’s a little dirty now little dusty now okay it’s earned its wings air it’s paid its dues okay that winds dying down a bit so it’s able to move but yeah that’s a heck of a range for a quadcopter that has problems and when but I beg you if I take that if I remove those screws and take off that canopy take that beginners training wheel canopy off of this thing that this becomes a better much better flier I will do that in future videos because that range was damn oppressive let’s take it up again look at that 350 meters hundred maybe 100 there’s a hawk up there it’s still climbing I’m coming back I want to lose it so very good range spectacular range so I’m going to take this canopy off for future flights this is just the first look at this little thing actually kind of like it if I bet yeah like it a lot more without that canopy more flips before we put it away the you 207 air got it nice and dusty you 2:07 great little beginners quadcopter by going into our flyer though but a very good indoor flyer I would say very good to learn the basics of hovering and the basics of early translational flight back you know forward turning and such so nice little quadcopter and it looks like it’s able to take a beating – so quadcopter 101 hope you enjoyed the flight of the u 207 quadcopter 101 signing member


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