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Hello, everyone, my name, is danica and i’m stephan – and this is , on today’s episode. We’Re gon na talk to you about how to fly one of these guys legally in Canada and get one of these hey. What’S up, everybody today is June 1st to Canada and Janica. I recently wrote our exam for the certificate of registration, a small remotely piloted aircraft system, the basic operators license for drones. If you want to get one of these, you need to fill out a 35 question test online that’ll test.

All your skill insanity number one there’s two options of writing the test. You can write your basic or you can write your advanced and it has a lot of information on this test that pertains mostly to pilots operating small aircraft yeah. It’S true, it even has questions talking about radio protocols as you’re entering an airport. So it’s it’s really interesting to know why the Ministry of Transportation put those questions in exactly online forums. There’S tons of people talking about how much I hate this test, how much is a cash grab?

So what did you think about those? Well, I mean it’s funny because you write this test off the bat number one they charge you a fee. If I think it’s like twelve or fifteen dollars to write the test, was it five bucks? No, it must have been more than that [ Music ]! No like it’s like five or ten bucks or something.

However, looking at some of these reddit forums news, these Facebook groups have written this test like five or six times that adds up yeah 30. Bucks is 30 bucks, but 30 blocks is 30 bucks. When you’re writing a test to essentially drive you insane, especially a one, a test to prove that you’re competent with your drone. First of all, you’ve paid a lot of money for this drone, so you don’t want to just crash it into a tree anyway, exactly and then second, a lot of us have been flying these safely and competently for years now, exactly and some of the questions I Mean the idea of I won’t go into specifics because you’re not supposed to give away questions, but, let’s be honest, lift and drag like that – doesn’t really apply to a quadcopter. It acquires to obviously a fixed-wing aircraft, but that is not a maverick to pro related question.

Yeah, you know the thing is: is I’m torn right because I did go through that whole process of getting my pilot’s license? I lift and drag does apply to the quadcopter, but does one need to know about that to be able to operate this safely? I think that’s what the crux of the argument is. A lot of hate comes like. Why do I need to know all of this random stuff yeah to fly the drone safely in a park?

You know, and yes, even what do you have to say about that? I mean the idea now that as part of operation of 30 metres away from people and public spaces of flying, it’s awkward to find out what exactly is 30 metres, because in most public places – and this can be in the country as well as downtown. There are people everywhere, so the idea of operating a drone within that particular radius can be difficult and hard to gauge, as these don’t have a tracker for I’m thirty metres away from somebody yeah. What if someone starts walking towards you, do you have to start running away from them? Well, that’s a good question yeah.

It is. Those kind of questions do exist on the tests, as well as information based on like how far in proximity from an airport or a heliport, those particular things. But a lot of questions are specifically geared towards the fundamentals of of flying a fixed wing of a plane, which I still yeah like. Do you guess we can’t talk about the actual answers? I can’t talk about the answers to the questions because that’s yeah.

That would be really , but the idea of kind of what we can give for like a heads up and how to study. One thing I would recommend – and this is against it way of doing things, but have a second window open up to at least you can look up information as you write the test, because how else are you gon na know? I mean the the handout they give. You is hundreds of pages long to study, and you can you don’t have enough time to go through the appendices and then the index chart to find the question that pertains to the area of what the answer could be. So the fastest way of doing it have that second type popped up.

You enter in the the question you’re gon na find a site that usually has that information, or has that information that you can use for the test good on you for being able to find that, because I found it really tough to find the answers really. Yeah. Really tough! So when I passed, I’m not ashamed to say I just passed. My percentage point was summer in the 70s.

I just passed as well. I think it was in the low 70s [ Music ] exactly yes, so I mean – and I was happy because that’s what a 90 minute test right and I used all 90 minutes – I can tell you that much. There was no like I’m helping for coffee. I’M coming back, oh no! No!

No! I used the full amount of time to write this test. I had 20 minutes of spare, but I what do you minutes to spare? I really didn’t care if I got the wrong answer, I was like yeah. That sounds right.

That sounds right. You use the full time for a test I found Janica. Maybe it was a bit different with this or somebody else if you’re watching. Obviously, if you care take the full amount of time, yes take the time, don’t rush go back and double-check your answers at the end and afterwards I believe once you complete the test and you’re basically fist pumping and you’re like yes, I did it then there’s another Window that pops up for the Transport Canada says, and now you have to pay five dollars or ten dollars to register your drone after you get the test. Really I didn’t do that.

Oh well, you should yeah you should you have to then take the serial number of your unit, plus the unit type plus. I believe your address information particulars that then is sent to Transport Canada. That then registers your drone within their database, obviously – and that makes sense, but it’s like first the cost of the test. That is the cost of registration. So you know at the end, that’s you know, that’s a fair bit yeah, you know and just to play.

Devil’S advocate here, you know, there’s two arguments, one, that the test was way too hard, yeah and two that it was a cash grab yeah. But just imagine if this legislation was put out and everyone went to write this test and it was really easy yeah. It would definitely seem like a cash grab, then, if it was really easy and be like why we even writing this test. Well, and one more thing too, is that after I wrote this test and as you wrote this test to transfer Canada just released information about, I believe two weeks ago, or maybe three weeks ago, that said that they now authorized the mapa to pro to fly. For the Mavic pro or the Medicare, or the Phantom for series, or whatever to be able to fly under this particular license legally in Canada, so theoretically you could have written the test.

A DJI out could have had a that could have failed that particular registration process for Canada. So then, are they gon na reimburse the money in case that they didn’t authorize? These birds to fly was when these were not approved. Was it illegal to fly them in Canada? Who knows, I guess yeah?

So, thanks again, you two for joining us today, as you talked about the feedback on the certificate of registration to receive your basic operations certificate in Canada to operate at Rome yeah. This is a video on our thoughts and a few tips and tricks, so you could pass the first time as well. Exactly if you like what you see in this channel, please hit that beautiful, subscribe button below hit the like button. Give us a comment. Give us some feedback and how we can deliver the videos to you on content that you want to see and how about all the people that pass the first time come below exactly I’ll catch you next time, [ Music, ] what’d!

You get for number two number. Two, this is come on. That is not a drone question that that is straight-up pilot’s license, I’m flying a Cessna, I’m not flying one of these, but yet it asks me that’s when I need to operate this and I’m sticking. Oh my god. I’Ve only finished 30 questions and I’ve got like two minutes left.

You know what I’m not releasing his volition: [, Music, ]

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