Tip #2: Drone Flight Modes – What happens if you let go of the sticks?

I have a wonderful electronic invention
I want you to see. In this video we're going to talk about
flight modes and why from a safety point of view they're important to understand. nowadays have loads of different
flight modes, these can help the pilot control a . Using these you can
capture some awesome videos and photos but from a safety point of view it's
really worth understanding the basic or regular flight modes to build your
ability and confidence when your .

Whilst some of the automatic
flight modes are great if these are lost, you might lose your GPS, or your
may not even have them, you need to know how to react and control your drone
in that situation. Now regular flight modes require input from the pilot to
actually control the drone. They're not automatic, you press a button it will fly
away. The first of the regular flight modes we're going to look at is GPS or
positioning mode. Now this stabilizes the aircraft in position and
altitude, if you let go of the sticks as you're along, the aircraft is
going to stop and hover, it's also going to counteract against the wind. This mode
is really good if you want to shoot videos or photos and actually fly your
drone yourself it's also the mode that we would advise you learn in. So the next
of the flight modes is attitude or Atti mode, this is going to keep the drone
at the same height but not its position.

If you're along and let
go the sticks it's going to continue in its same direction. In this mode the
drone will be affected by the wind. So if you let go of the sticks the wind will
drift it away. This mode is really good if you want to get some smooth tracking
flights. Now one really important point to note
is that if your drone has GPS mode and you lose GPS mode your drone will
automatically switch into Atti mode, so we really recommend that you practice
flying in atti, as if this happens and it happens quite a lot you need to know
how to react and control your drone.

The hardest regular flight mode to fly in is
manual mode, this mode gives the pilot total control of the drone without any
assistance, not many have the option to actually fly in manual mode
anymore and it takes a huge amount of skill and practice to fly in competently.
If you've ever watched drone racing videos on YouTube or the telly this is
generally the mode they'll fly in or something very similar to manual mode. If
you do want to fly in this mode and your drone has the ability the key to this
mode is just practice, practice, practice. So now looking at some of the regular
flight modes on DJI most of them now have sport mode. This mode is
essentially the same as flying in GPS mode however it turns off any safety systems
or sensors. It allows you to fly a lot faster than normal GPS mode. On the
opposite side to sport mode is beginner mode this does use GPS so you're still
flying with GPS mode on but it also turns on all of your safety systems and
sensors now it does also limit you to a 30 meter bubble from its home point at

This is really good to learn to fly in without the worry of it going
too high or too far away. Understanding these modes and practicing in them makes
sure that you have the ability to control your drone in any scenario..

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