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Everyone it’s, Matt Williams, and welcome to today’s. business secrets video in today’s, video. We think we may have worked out. Why so many businesses are struggling and not growing as quickly as they could? Everyone, its Matt Williams for mr.

npw, calm, welcome to today’s. Video don’t forget if you’re new here, please press that subscribe button press the Bell button next to subscribe, bye, constant update with everything we’ve got coming all the time to help you learn, build and grow, Which really is the focus of what we are doing on the channel here now? That leads me on to a really interesting point.

We’ve, been going now for a few months on the channel. Things are going really well, the kind of views are growing exponentially. The subscriber counts going up quite quickly, which is all well and good for us, but there’s.

A few really important lessons and key takeaways from that and more interestingly, I think, is the fact that we are now getting to see because we’re, bringing out certain pieces of content for kind of quite important reasons we’ve got The business secrets we’ve got the expert seekers we ‘

Ve got the drone marks in secret series, and we start to see some very interesting trends from our analytics now and one of those things is people seem to be really interested in the rules and regulations that’s.

Great people seem to be really interested in the news, also great, but what we have noticed is that, as soon as we bring a drone secrets, video that gets, they get a kind of a tiny fraction of the views that our business secrets and our experts Secret series gets now that could be because of the targeting and the keywords that we use in, but to be honest, we use the same techniques we using the same tools we using the same kind of processes to kind of do the keyword, research and get them Out there, so actually that shouldn’t be a problem, what we all we can put it down to – and this is one of the reasons we were mixing these pieces of content up or we can put it down to – is that people potentially don’t understand how important it is not just to be able to fly a drone not just to be able to edit your footage, not just to be able to understand the rules and regulations.

But if you want to grow and build a business. A proper business that you can survive on that you can grow that you can potentially look to sell in the future. You have to understand the processes that we go through and actually what it seems to becoming more and more clear is that people either don’t care about that or they don’t think that it’s important now.

I have to admit we in a similar position, eight seven or eight years ago, when we first started out in our journey. I didn’t understand how important it is to market yourself how important it is to sell your products, how important it is to have that process where you kind of get people in at the front end.

You take them through a process of nurturing and turning them into a customer, and then you deliver an incredible product. We focused on delivering an incredible product and the product for us were kind of high-end drones.

It was heavy lift aircraft under special permissions, delivering datasets that people couldn’t get any other way, and that worked okay for us, because if I’m brutally honest at the time, our was our .

Our was our capability. Our were the clients that we got in and that we represented and that we did incredible work for, but there are so many people now generating so much noise every single day within the drone space that actually now, I think, being a drone operator and being A very good drone operator and having some great equipment, isn’t necessarily enough.

You don’t, get to stand out above the noise that everyone else is generating you don’t you don’t, get noticed. You’re, not going to be able to get noticed. It’s a bit like the YouTube thing. You know if we’d, have set this up eight years ago, when we first started when there were very few other people on YouTube compared to those that there are now, I dare say we would have hundreds of thousands.

Maybe tens of thousands of followers, because our niche is so narrow, but it would be a very deep and narrow niche rather than a very wide and shallow on, and you need to take this on board and like saying it’s.

It’s becoming kind of evermore apparent that this is the thing that people aren’t realizing. They’re, not embracing, learn from the five years of time and money and effort and energy that we have wasted and jump on that marketing bandwagon now jump on that sales.

Bandwagon by all means, please make sure that you’re going out and you’re. Staying up-to-date with the rules and regulations. You’re going out and you’re practicing and getting better. You’re learning and understanding composition.

You’re understanding. What nd filters can do that’s? Why we’re, bringing this content to you and if you, you know, don’t understand those things. Go and look through the channel go and look at the those bits and pieces that were, but please take the time you know, particularly if the weather’s bad over the winter, spend half an hour, spend an hour download the podcast.

The links the podcasts are down below listen to kind of the training that we’ve got on the marketing side of things. Keep your eyes open, look at what other companies are doing, because marketing really – and like I say I didn’t appreciate this until very recently.

Really marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It’s where people get to hear about the solution that you provide it’s where people get to know like and trust you it’s where people get to go actually yeah.

I could use a drone for that Who am I going to use? I’m gonna use that person cuz, I’ve, seen them on links. I’m gonna use that person, because I’ve. Seen them on Instagram, I’m gonna use that person, because I’m engaged with them on Twitter.

You know, go and use these platforms, get yourself out there and go and do it today. You know we did a video. A few days ago about planting a tree which seemed really really random, but I’m a firm believer in this.

You know if you want to be successful, you have to put the effort in and that isn’t just the effort in getting good at finding your drone. It’s, not just throwing money at Google adverts. It’s about the marketing nowadays, not the advertising spend and the only way to get better at that.

That really is to go and do it and the best way is to learn from other people go and learn from other people who do marketing. Go and watch our marketing secrets. Video go watch our 7 steps to a successful drone business.

You know we, then it’s quite interesting. Actually, thinking about it now, just as I’m rolling with this, what is interesting is that we ‘ Ve got a sales and marketing product which was really well received amongst the people who are doing great in the drone industry.

But after that, once that kind of elements of the community who understand how important that is were already involved with the program, actually there’s been very little interest in it, since also you know, like I say, we put out the marketing videos and Very few people watch those.

We have a seminar which talks about the steps you need to go through in 3 hours. We walk you through the 7 steps that you need to market yourself and create a successful drone business and, yes, lots of people come on those.

You know you can go and grab tickets there’s, a few actually left for, although later on this week, if you watching the video live on the day that it drops there’s, a few tickets left, but it’S interesting because people don’t seem to grasp yet they don’t, see you so understood.

This fundamental concept of marketing advertising generates leads those leads. You need a sales process to then convert those leads into customers and those customers. You then need to delight with the good product, and you do need a good product, that’s.

Why? You need to make sure you practice? Why need to understand your craft, but actually that comes at the end of a very long line of business processes and that, I think, is probably why a lot of people aren’t making it to the end here and yeah.

I’m, doing the hand thing: okay, a lot of people, aren’t making it to this point here, or they’re, not surviving along there, because they’re, not fueling their fire. They’re, not constantly adding oxygen and fuel to the fire at this end that keeps the machine moving through to them, making money so a bit of a rant.

It’s been a while, since I’ve done that, but you really need to be doubling down your marketing efforts. I would say nowadays: advertising spend. Is a waste of money, spend your time, energy effort on marketing, learn more by going and watching those videos on the channel.

If there’s, anything more, you would like to know if that content, doesn’t work for you. If you’d like to know someone else, then let me know, but the best thing you can do in the marketing side of things is look what other people are doing.

Look what the big brands are doing, that’s? What we’ve done, we’ve adopted what they’re doing. We’ve tailored it to our industry, and it works really really well thoughts. Comments: questions as always down below don’t forget to go to mister and PW comments the newsletter to get the inside scoop on all of these things as they come.

I’ve been Matt. Williams fly safe and blue skies.

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