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by Jose

Homeboy no worries, friends, if you want to fly on a rainy day, DJ eyes got a great simulator. You also have to remember to change your shirt from blue to green. First step is to download the program from DJI comm once that’s installed.

Just grab your controller, it doesn’t matter which one you can use and inspire the Mavic or the Phantom and then get the USB cord that came with your drone. It’s got this on one end and this on the other.

It’s, important to use the one that came with your drone, because a lot of these are wired differently for just charging. But this one is specifically made for your controller and if you’ve ever wondered what this port is for.

It’s for the simulator plug this end in here. Take the other end of the USB part and then stick it into your computer power. On your controller, if you’re using a Windows machine there’s, one more thing that you’re, going to need to do to get your computer to recognize the controller.

So right, click on your DJI, simulator, icon and then open file, location ‘ That’ll. Bring you right up to the executable for the program itself, and the file right below is something that you ‘

Ll need to run in order for your Windows computer, to recognize your controller. Once you’ve done that you’re good to go just restart the simulator and you’re ready to fly with no consequences. Ah, you know just to make it a little bit more realistic.

I’m gonna put on my lanyard. Oh, that is so cool all right, so you can use your controller to navigate through these menus. I’m gonna start with skills. Training use your c2 button to select or go back through the menus, see to confirm Mavic.

I’m gonna choose a different one: ah, the old standby, my good old friend phantom 4 and let’s. Let’s. Go the Big Daddy here, select all right. Now there are some modes that can only be unlocked after you purchase the simulator, which I will do, but for right now let’s, go and through and see what we got.

These are very useful for real world flight situations. For instance, this the power greens inspection book safety tests, let’s, do some free flying with mr. inspire or the inspire one free flight, hanger free flight city, island, mountain forest.

Oh apparently, you can build your own scenario, that’s; cool yeah! Let’s head to the farm that we’re gonna fly the inspire one that’s, just an advertisement for the medic to . So it shows you exactly how to take off.

If you’re, first-time flyer, then this will be very very handy to have. Oh man, let’s head over to the power lines. You can change your views by pushing the pause button and in this one it ‘ Ll show you the sticks.

It’ll mimic exactly what I’m doing with the sticks, which is very cool, and then here’s. The normal view that you’re, probably used to all right what other view we got. Okay, the impossible view: this is one that you’ll, never ever be able to get in real life unless you have a buddy who’s following you and another drone, and is really good at not hitting you.

But this will show you what the drone is actually doing when you’re, giving it input. This is really really accurate. You’re, going to need kind of a beefy computer to be able to run this here. Are the system requirements? So if you meet these, then you can use this simulator all right.

I’m gonna switch it back to wow that’s really realistic, because it always seems like you’re closer to stuff than you really are. I’m gonna go to this one, and I’m gonna. Do an orbit around this tower to show you you can watch on the controllers exactly what I’m doing in a manual orbit, which is something everybody should learn.

So let’s. Go this way and what you do is both sticks out away from each other, and you’ll go around this way back together and if you want to go, the other way put the sticks towards each other. And if you want to go closer to your subject, the right stick up a little bit.

If you want to do like a corkscrew down just like this, which is a very difficult thing going down going down going down going down all right now, I know what everybody’s, saying crash. It crash it and I’m curious myself.

What a crash would do, but first I’m gonna see. Of course you can control the camera. I’m gonna see if I can fit through this. I’m gonna put it in this mode, so I can see better let’s, see if the inspire one can fit through.

Did it? Oh, my god, I’m inside the tower. Oh, my gosh. Oh look at that. I’m, really close to the really close to disaster here, Wow, all right. Where am I oh look, you can see me in there? Oh, oh okay, just go back here all right! I’m gonna escape from the chat Wow.

Now what the heck I’ll just crash for you. Let’s, see there. You go. I’m, not that dramatic of a crash and uh yeah. The graphics are really really good. Let’s, see there’s, something you could never do in a real-world situation is well, you could, but it’d, be very dangerous to go up and then over and and then up again and then over whoa.

That was close and then down. We’ll, do a little bit of orbiting here, beautiful what a lovely little farm. This is all right now I saw some buildings over here. Let’s, go over to the buildings and I’m gonna try to land.

This is a phantom controller, so it doesn’t have the landing thing on here, but I’m gonna put it in sport mode. Let’s, see, does it so up top here you can see a D. It doesn’t, have sport mode, it’ll, do a D mode, but it won’t.

Do sport mode that’s? Fine. I really wish that I had used this a lot more. When I first got my drone because it’s really like flying a real drone, they’ve, put a lot of work into this, so what you’d normally do is a real journey.

You’d. Look down make sure that you ‘ Ve got a good spot to land and I’ll put it into this mode, so you can see it! Let’s, see if it’ll land on this roof legs down. Please thank you. Oh it’s, doing it that’s cool.

Here we go excellent. Oh man, that’s, so awesome Wow. Alright, so I’m gonna get out of this one main menu. Let’s, see what else they have Racing tunnel run bubble, race, time, trial, heck, let’s. Do a tunnel run there’s! Plenty of modes for the free version – alright, alright, of course you have to Oh, Oh, this is cool man.

I’m at full throttle baby, Oh Nate cool! I wonder what would happen if I just escaped the tunnel we went over here and I just went up and tried to escape. Ah, I’ll. Let you go here. Sometimes it’s just fun to see the architecture of the place where you are rather than playing the game for me anyway, Wow, okay, the graphics on this are pretty impressive.

Ah well, that’s. What happens if you leave the game? I guess so Wow Wow all right here’s. Something to do. I’m gonna go ahead and pause. The video right now and I’m gonna go ahead and buy the version in unlock all these modes.

So I’ll, be right. Back yeah wouldn’t that have been cool. If I could just download it right, then and get it, but unfortunately what you have to do is you have to order it and put in your name and everything and then they’ll get back to you.

So I guess it’s, only first select super lucky people, or I don’t know why you can’t download it right away, but go to the frequently asked questions and how do I purchase the version? So in the contact us form, which I did and then our sales team will be in touch, ok sales team get in touch well that’s.

It. I guess I’m gonna have to wait for a dealer to contact me before I can download and install the super fancy version, but the regular free version is something that I recommend highly to everyone, especially new drone owners.

You want to use the simulator before you take your very expensive drone out, because simulated crashes, parta is expensive, is real ones. I’ll, put a link in the description of this video to where you can directly download the simulator, and hopefully the Sun will come out.

So I can fly my actual real drone in the actual real air until next time, thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing buh and bye, so guess that’s me flying hey me see how close I can get. Oh, let’s, go into his ear.

Ah, oh, that was weird whoa, oh yeah, oh god! Oh! I did right in your face right in your face: [ Music, ]

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