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Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, welcome back to the channel in today’s drone business secrets, video we’re going to take a quick look at some changes to the CIA’s requirements when you are applying for your permission for commercial operation, everyone welcome back to the channel if you’re New here welcome, it’s great to see you please, if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to the channel press the bell button next to subscribe button so that you stay up to date with all the new information that we’ve got coming out, we’re just Trying to keep you guys up to date and abreast of all the latest regulations and changes and all that sort of stuff. If you do like the video, please smash that, like button in fact smash that, like button now go boom smash. If you don’t like it, press the thumbs down button twice so now you really really don’t like it. So today, it’s just a very short one.

Really the have for a very long time, in fact, since they very first started, doing the permission for aerial work, which is now the permission for commercial operation made us have three things. The same we’ve always had to have our permission for commercial operation or the permission for aerial work, as it was in the traded name of the company that had to match the name on the operations manual that then also had to match the name on our . Those were three main things at the CIA check that we checked is an NQ e when someone made an application to make sure that everything lined up and it all went through properly. We’Ve just had notification that the have now removed the requirement for checking . So there has been an update to the CIA’s application portal, the renewal portal, which is all done online now, if you hope, if you’re not aware of that process.

Yet there is a video I’ll pop the link down in the description below that walks. You through that that will need updating now because, as I say, they have now as of today as of the day of creating this video removed, the requirement for from the application, a renewal form now that isn’t to say that you don’t need anymore. You absolutely do the requirements for that meet the ec 785 2004 requirements remain unchanged. The only difference now is that the aren’t going to check that, so it is incumbent on you, as an su a operator, it’s incumbent on you as a remote pilot to ensure that you have appropriate insurance in place whenever you operate even more important, as opposed To be a of the requirements and make sure that you have that in place, because the aren’t going to check it now, they’ve decided and their legal team have decided and agreed that it isn’t in their scope. It’S not within their mandate to make sure that we have insurance that comes from the devolved regulations from the EU that say for a commercial air operation.

We have to have third party insurance in place as a minimum, so expect that that change will be disseminated down there through our everybody. The systems have already changed, so you’ll no longer be asked to upload your insurance certificates. You’Ll no longer necessarily have to put the insurance information in your operations manual, although we would advise and employ you to do that, mainly a bit like, I guess, carrying our insurance certificates around in your car with you, so that you’ve always got your insurance details to Hand if heaven forbid you have an accident or an incident, so very little remains so should I say very little has changed. I guess pretty much. Everything remains the same, but just be aware that no longer will the CIA asked you for your insurance documents at your application or your renewal phase as part of the portal process.

Now, when you go for an application, they’ll they’ll ask you to fill everything in they’ll. Ask you for your operations manual and your ank, you East, if Achatz, if you’re going for a renewal, they will ask you to fill the application form in. They will ask you for your operations manual, the current version they’ll ask you for your flight logs, and that is it. They will no longer ask you for your insurance. So it’s up to you as the user as the remote pilot and/or the Sui operator to make sure all of that is done properly and it is up to date.

But please you still need to make sure that your insurance, the name on your insurance, matches your ops manual and that matches the name of your company. Otherwise you may find that you are not insured. If heaven forbid, you have an accident or incident. I hope that’s been helpful again if you did like the video. Please press that, like button, if you didn’t like it press the dislike button, twice make sure you subscribe to challenged.

You haven’t done so already, there’s loads, more content, coming like this all the time to help you if you’ve got any questions or comments, drop them in the comments box below, we do read them all, and that is where most of the new content comes from, because We’Re here to help you as we move forwards, I’ve been Matt Williams, fly safe and blue skies.

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