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Everyone is just happy to be welcomed to the video. So today we are gonna be looking at a question which is come in. We’ve seen this question quite a lot now, so I think it’s quite important to cover it about the a to CFC versus the G VC, which one should you do so let’s dive on in and Take a look: this video is proudly sponsored by hub comm, connecting you to the heart of the drone industry.

Everyone welcome to today’s video, so I hope you’re all doing well, keeping safe and look after it. Looking after yourselves and these crazy times that were in, if you’re watching the video live, sorry that we’ve, been kind of a little bit behind really on getting the content out to you.

We are gonna try and turn that around we’re gonna start to try and get daily content out, whether it’s, drone related or aviation related. We’re gonna start, trying to bring that to you as of today, so that’s.

My commitment to you now that everything from our side kind of professionally, in terms of the businesses and personally in terms of family and things that are all starting to calm down a little bit now we’re all used to the routine.

So question that’s, come in and I’ll read the email at I’m at. I was wondering if you could give me some guidance in my choice of courses. I’m interested in taking my a to CFC all the DVC, but I’m unsure, which would be best for me.

I currently have a DJI phantom 3 standard. I’m interested in taking landscape pictures videos, along with roofing inspections and aerial building photos, but in the future, with a lot of practice. Moving into wedding photography, no self dyslexia and worried about the exam on both and don’t want to fail either course, some gardens into, which course you think would be best of my current setup and address will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and very much. Thank you for your question and I think like say there’s. A couple of these that have come in that I’m going to cover over the next few videos, because we’re, getting very similar questions from a lot of people.

Now I’m, going to kind of start at the end of work away for words. The dyslexia issue is one that we do see a surprising amount of time. You know it comes up very regular. I’d, say at least one person a couple of people per course that we put through and bear in mind.

We put at least one normally two courses a week on suffers from dyslexia, and all that say is that it isn’t anything to worry about. If you let us know beforehand, let the team know at hub comm that you suffer from dyslexia.

We can put things in place if required, to help you get through or not to help you get through, but to assist you in passing the course. Now again. If I’m honest only once in the five years that we’ve been going and more than two thousand people that we’ve trained.

Now. Only once has the dyslexia ever caused an issue during the examination itself, and when that was the case, we put measures in place. You know spoke to the CIA, about it, put measures in place that helped that person to get through, because, ultimately, you’re trying to do things right.

You’re, trying to be safe. You’re, trying to do the right things and I very much believe – and the team very much believed in helping those of you to achieve a safe and efficient outcome rather than penalizing you because you suffer from dyslexia, so don’t Worry about that, just let us know and we can put things in place and and we have those measures available to us.

But all you know if like say it, hasn’t been an issue for thousands of other people. So don ‘ T worry about that too much, but we’ll help out as best we can right. So then, I guess it comes down to a to CFC versus GVC.

Now both of these qualifications are, I think, gonna be very interesting over the next 18 months. In particular, you know that is, if we kind of get unlocked in the next couple of weeks. If you’re watching this live, and we’re able to go back to some semblance of normality, whatever that normal looks like I’m sure will be slightly different to what we’re used to on A daily basis for a while, but I’m, no kind of epidemiologist or virologist, so I don’t know just me kind of taking an educated guess.

That being said, there are two things to then look at. I guess the GDC is very much akin to what the PFC, Oh initially was that permission for commercial operation course. The training is very similar.

The level of understanding we’ll get from that is very similar, and indeed the permissions that you’ll gain from the GBC are very similar. It is slightly more involved in the a to CFC, mainly because it requires theory examination.

Your operations manual and your practical examination, whereas with the A to C of C, you only need to do the theory examination. So we do the theory, learning of the theory exam and then yourself declare the rest.

That being said, there is an operations manual requirements. If you’re doing an A to C of C as part of a company or a number of operators working together, you have to standardize the way that you work.

That being said again, it’s, not an owner as part of the GBC. Anyway, we give a lot of learning away to you when you join the GBC, which will show you what you need to practice and how to ultimately pass the flight assessment, and we also get the operations manual completed on your behalf as part of the service as Well, so, provided that you’re doing what 99.

9 % of people are doing and that we’ve seen come through over the years, you’ll, be absolutely fine, and that works quite nicely. So yeah the GBC really sets you up for doing things I think professionally as a drone operator.

So if you did want to in this case, move into wedding photography, if you did in this case, want to move into roofing inspections and aerial building photos, then I would say, having that GVC kind of feather in your cap, it’s, probably gon Na put you in a much stronger position than just the A to C of C, the A to C of C.

We have always seen it very much, as you know: hobbyist operators, hobbyists drone kind of recreational drone users wanting to advance their understanding, advance their abilities and also then, given them that cross over into well.

I do have a certificate. I do have essentially a permission from the CIA that allows me to get a bit closer than I would do if I was just operating the open category. So if I want to do the odd wedding photo, if I want to go and do the odd you know piece of photography or stock video, then I can – and I can get a lot closer than I could do.

Otherwise, if I was just operating in the a3 subcategory of the open category, so that’s, the difference between the two. To be honest, you know a to C of C with ourselves at the moment. At the time of shooting the video is 250 pounds, you know 249 pounds, the GBC is 500 pounds much more involved in the GBC side of things, and I think sets you up better for being able to do other things.

That being said, I think there’s, also kind of a big market for the A to C of C stuff for people who have GBC and we’re. Seeing this a lot, a lot of people to booking the GBC and doing their a to CFC as well, because when c two drones come along, if you’ve got your a to CFC, you’ll, be able to get a lot Closer to uninvolved people, you know five meters don’t within five meters of uninvolved people with your C to drone and a low speed mode 30 meters in the standard mode.

That’s, actually quite good in terms of permissions. That being said, the C two drones will be small. They won’t have great sensors in so that’s. When you’re really going to have to you, know, look at the GV c and doing the additional bolt on switch.

The GBC allows so yeah. I think personally and bear in mind as well. I suppose that the a to CFC was meant to go live on the first july 2020. The CEA have pushed that back because of the coronavirus kind of pandemic.

That’s going on at the moment. So we don’t actually know when those a to CFC certificates that people have been awarded and have received will be valid again or will be valid from. Should I say you know the day that goes live.

Anyone who’s done their a to CFC with us will be able to operate, but it could be three months. It could be five months. Six months I genuinely don’t know, and I think it would be wrong of us to ask the CAA that question I haven’t asked the CA that question.

We’re, very pragmatic, as most people will know when it comes to that kind of thing in general, but I think at the moment no one knows the answers. So we’re gonna have to wait it out, whereas with the GBC you could do your TVC training.

You could then apply to the CIA to get your permission for commercial operation in the first instance, and then, when you renew any year’s time, it’d, be getting your operational authorization with the GBC permissions on so yeah.

For me, at the moment the go-to would be the GBC and that’s, not just from a kind of point of view of selling you a 500 pound course versus a two and forty nine pound. Of course, I just think it’s more useful and it’s more professional, given that you want to go and do brief inspections and things like that, moving woods and then maybe look at doing the a to see if she has A bolt on, and if you give the team a shout, I’m sure they can work out a deal as well, where, if you book the two at the same time, you’ll, get the A to C of C at a Heavily discounted rate, which is what we don’t floss of other people, so yeah.

Hopefully that answers your question. If you have any questions, please send them in to is that’s? What we’re gonna start doing? I was taking the questions that you are sending direct in to us. So drop us an email, Matt ma TT with two T’s out mister and PW calm.

I’ll, be answering at least one a day and putting that video online for you. Yeah drop thoughts, comments, questions down below, follow us on all the social Ziff. You haven’t done so already, and there’s.

A lot going on on there all the time I’m streaming, live on Twitch a lot of nights. Twitch TV forward, slash mr. ma, STR mpw. We’re, a fly around the flight, simulator and and chats people who come in on the chat and it’s, a really cool little forum and we got discord server and things like that set up as well.

So if you going on discord, so it’s for mr. M PWM or mpw people to captures on our discord server as well, but yeah great stuff. Let’s! All keep this conversation going. Let’s start! You know! Let’s. Keep together as a community, keep working to keep everybody safe and everyone around us safe and not do anything silly, but yeah.

Let us know give a video like if you did give it a double thumbs down. If you didn’t subscribe, if you haven’t – and I will see you in the next one up – I’m. Matt Williams fly safe and blue skies. You

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