Taking the First Steps to Becoming a Professional Drone Pilot

by Jose

All right, what’s, going on how’s, everybody doing so? Let’s, see it’s been crazy. It’s been a crazy few weeks. Had the big show last week at a vsi in Chicago went really well, and it seems like my content is getting out there, which is awesome.

It seems like people are finding some value in it, which is really great, and I’ve been wanting to make this video for forever and I’m literally in the middle of builds. But I keep getting this question all the time, so I really want to put this out there.

This is just my opinion on the Matt my opinion at the moment on this subject matter, and hopefully this may help you out. So it’s. Very simple: how do I get started in the business that’s? It? I get this question literally all the time at least a few times a week now and DMS or emails or whatever it may be comments.

So I’m. Just gonna throw this out there. This is just my opinion. Maybe this will provide some value to you. Maybe this will help you out and it’s. Funny most of the people who ask this question, you would think, are probably younger, maybe teenagers or something, but it’s.

Actually, the opposite. I’m. Getting this question a lot from guys, maybe in their 50s, and they’re, getting ready to retire and they kind of want a side gig or something like that. I did a video like this a little while ago about how to make money.

You know with your with like your artsy hobby, but this one’s like really focused and like how do I get started in the drug business and I’ve, really narrowed it down to some really simple things that you have to Do it’s? I don’t think it should be that hard.

I might be wrong. So, first and foremost, I’d. Also like to say, is this: first and foremost, this could be second most that in 10 20 19. I’m, seeing a huge explosive amount of growth right now in the drone industry.

This opportunity was not here a few years ago. There really wasn’t, so if you wanted to get in the drone industry years ago, it was much harder to get in then, as it is now like. Just simply there’s more jobs.

Now there’s way more jobs available. Even in the high-end cinema market, for example, they’re. Seeing a lot of the high-end guys are seeing the jobs get lost to guys who are just buying, inspires and fire two’s and going out and charging half the day rate and they’re still getting the shots, because the Is coming down, the price is coming down.

It’s, really getting better more bigger companies with these bigger budgets are now used to using drones. It’s, part of the workflow, and they’re, not as scared to use it as they were years ago same with.

You could look at like infrastructure inspections or surveying or whatever it might be. These big companies, like these gas and oil companies, are interested in using drones now for monitoring, because they know that they can use these drones safely and it ‘

S got a proven track record last one I’ll, throw out there. For example, is like lidar scanning, for example, where a crew going out with tripods and standing on the side of the road doing some scanning some surveying with survey grade accuracy.

It used to take them five times longer than it takes now to use a drone. So, for all these reasons, drones are exploding in terms of the numbers out there. There. I think there’s, so much promise now that if you want to be a drone operator, then there’s, really good ways for you to get in the industry.

I myself was a like on the service and for man, like probably seven to ten years, mainly with Jordy Kline in X, cam aerials, and we were just one shoots all the time filming with drugs. I find myself that I prefer kind of the building and the putting packages together for the custom side so like when people are drone service providers and they want to go out and do the drone service work.

I enjoy providing equipment to them more so that’s. Where I found myself, you know that’s kind of my niche and that’s. What I really like doing now, so that’s. What I’m doing so, having said all this, with my you know, years of experience as a drone service provider here’s, my recommendations, for, if you want to be a drug service provider, how do you get involved? How do you get started so, like I said it’s, a few things number one go buy a drone and go get incredibly good at flying.

It like I can’t stress that enough. That is 90 % of the right there. If you want to be a professional drone, pilot or professional drone operator, you need to become the best pilot that there is right like no one wants to hire a bad pilot so, first and foremost go by go, buy a DJI spark.

It uses the same infrastructure as most of the bigger drones out there that you can get even if it’s, another flight controller, it’s. Gon na teach you a lot of the basics. It’s. Gon na teach you how gps mode works, it’s, gonna teach you how return-to-home works and taking photos and taking videos.

A spark is like a few hundred bucks used on eBay and you can literally get in for a few hundred dollars and just get started with the in just get started with the system. Just learn how drones are working so that’s.

My biggest thing, so you could do that and you don’t need any certifications. You don’t need anything just go fly at you know an on crowded area fly somewhere where you’re gonna be fly safely and just get really good at flying.

First and foremost. Second, if you’re in the u.s., go, get your FAA part 107 certification. Basically, if you have this certification, you can then fly for a you can fly in exchange for compensation, monetary or otherwise.

So there’s, a ton of videos on there. I want YouTube and such about how to go ahead and get your 107 and study guides and practice tests and tons of content out there. So if you want to be a professional drone service provider, you need the license to do so.

So those are first two steps. Then, where do you go? How do you get jobs and I think that’s? The hard part I myself have signed up for some of these drone service providers, where you sign up with them, and then they give you jobs and even meet.

With my experience, I got 0 jobs. Maybe I went to the wrong ones. Maybe I just for whatever reason I just weren’t getting the jobs from these third-party companies. That say they match the end-user to me.

You know like out, like a freelance drone pilot. So how do you get started? How do you get the jobs here’s? My best recommendation use all the tools of social media the same way in which you are listening to this content.

Right now to search for professional drone service providers asked to tag along for free. That’s, really about the best advice. I can give you so, for example, let’s, say let’s say you live in Houston, Texas, right and you just bought your spark.

And now you want to figure out how you go: get some jobs: okay! Well, you could go to Twitter, search and hashtag, look search, a hashtag, hashtag drone and then search nearby search in your area, and you might find a movie filming company who uses drones to film commercials or you might find at Britain’s.

Inspection company who’s, inspecting bridges in downtown Houston, hit them up, email them and just say: hey. Can I tag along for free? I’m interested in learning. I’d love to work with you. I’ll charge batteries for free.

I’ll, do whatever you want and just get your foot in the door just get just hit the ground running and just figure out what they’re doing. Maybe eventually you could go work for them or you learn enough and go start your own thing.

So I I can’t stress that enough, because you’re new, you’re, not gonna be able to provide as much value you’re, not gonna be able to charge your hundreds or thousands Of dollars a day for like a day rate, so you know, use YouTube search like I’m in Baltimore, so I look up baltimore drum and find local baltimore drone operators and meet up with them.

Just ask if you can tag along on a shoot ask if you can come help them on prep days. Anything like that. If you’re feeling like an engineering type person, maybe you can help them with their equipment.

If you’re, if you happen to be a really good pilot, maybe you can become their standby pilot so that’s, it that’s, really my recommendations and once you get your foot in the door once you once You start going, you’re gonna figure out what you like and what you don’t like and then based on that you can kind of tailor it one way or the other.

So I’ve been given. This advice out recently through emails and such and haven’t heard all that much back, though this is a long process. It’s, not gonna happen overnight, but this is just my biggest recommendation.

So get insanely good at flying, become, like literally the best pilot. You can just have it in the car all the time and fly at least three flights a day that’s. The only way you’re gonna get better. It really is so fly as much as you can get legal, so make sure you have your certification and then just go, find somebody who’s.

Doing it now find a service provider and figure out how you can add value to them, and I think, if you can do all those three things, then you should be able to find at least a little bit of sign in comer find a way that you Can incorporate drones, as you know, like a part-time hustle or who knows it could turn into your full-time job.

So once again, I think the market is huge. It’s just beginning it’s literally just beginning, and these companies can’t get enough. Drone pilots, whether it’s, insurance companies or professional movie, filmers or whatever it is package deliveries there’s, so much going on in the drone market.

So if you want to get started with drones, I highly recommend you follow these steps and then, if this works for you, let me know hit me up, leave a comment or something or if you disagree, if you have any other piece of advice, and I would Love to hear so I hope this helps you guys out and best of luck with it talk to

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