Taking the FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot Exam in 2020

by Jose

Welcome back everybody, you see more Mack, and today I became a FAA licensed pilot that’s. Right. Tell your story, I’m listening, they give you a link yeah, they can recovery. Usb can’t. You just do that for free, though well nope, we’re.

Going to take the pilot exam got my little notebook right. I got pop pop good luck. Thank you boy. Thank you. Okay, bye this. When I get out of there, I’ll. Let you know how awesomely I’ve passed or failed positive thoughts.

Here we go. I don’t even think I took my keys. Oh yeah, Stuart Stu, Stuart yeah. He doesn’t care alright, so we’re off to take our FAA part 107 pilot’s exam. So now we fly to drone commercially. All right! Listen! You already noticed because you ‘

Ve watched a thousand of these fo one fo, one part 107, drone pilot. You already know you need to have a pilot license a legit pilot license, so we are going, but first we need to buckle up. We’re, not even filming that idiot.

So how far we go, we got 44 minutes it’s, 9:20! Stop for some Duncan, which is probably a really bad idea. Actually, considering a habit, I haven’t got poop yet today, so once you’re in the testing center.

Taking the test that’s, it there’s, no stopping for a doobie. So this is probably a bad idea. Maybe I’ll have enough time to bless their bathroom with my grace, but we got 44 minutes. The test is at 10:30.

It says I’m gonna arrive at about 1003, which is perfect. Give me a little bit of time to settle in maybe drop a deuce and definitely just look over my notes. Okay, so all right how you doing, I know I’m, so basic.

Can I get a straw from you all right? Thank you. So much have a good one. I’ll, see you tomorrow. All right you can tell like. I’m here way too much. We’re off to or the wilkes-barre airport to take our , and I’m gonna concentrate on driving.

So that way, this doesn’t become. I crash my truck figure out which building I got to go into and just as I suspected Dunkin Donuts was a bad idea, so hopefully I have enough time to drop a Dookie.

We’ll, see I’ll, see you when I’m done with the test. I just passed my violent exam over here at Valley Aviation in wilkes-barre, very nice. Everybody in there was super nice. The bathroom could use a little work, though I called it man.

This Dunkin run right before this without duping before I left the house bad idea, but I was able to get here with enough time to do at the test facility. So many apologies for that. Sorry about that, but you take one you leave one.

You know what I’m saying, so we past feel good. We’re about to head back home and I ‘ Ll see you in the studio that’s right today, I became an FAA licensed pilot that is true for unmanned aircraft.

Whenever I tell anybody now that I’m, an FAA licensed pilot, they look at me with excitement and Wonder, and how could I be so successful and usually you’re, a pilot. I I love flying in planes, then I let them know it’s for unmanned aircraft and they’re.

Still very intrigued. You’re, like unmanned aircraft, that’s, just amazing, and then in a minute when they realize it just means drones. I get scoffed at and laughed at, but this is not going to be a study .

This is strictly going to be what to expect in 2020 what my experience was like at the specific test center that I went to in Northeast PA and also some tips on what to study some of the things that I found out that I should have paid A little bit more attention to and I just didn’t.

I will link to some of the videos that I used to study in the description below so please check those out all right. So what can you expect when taking the test in 2020? Here’s, my experience here’s. What I dealt with, and hopefully it’ll.

Give you a little bit of comfort in knowing that it’s, really not that difficult. So passing the test and taking the test a lot easier than registering for the test, at least in my experience. So first things: first, you’re, going to want to go to psi online.

com, and this is where you’re, going to pay and register for your test. You’re, also going to be able to look for your test location nearest to you. You’re gonna see the list that they have times and dates available under some locations and not under others.

The ones that show an extra fee which the test is ultimately gonna, cost you one hundred and sixty dollars. Those are the only test center that are gonna be available to you. So just pick whatever is convenient, for you make sure that you arrive early, bring your study notes with you have whatever YouTube videos.

You are watching available to you. So that way you can run through some of the information right before you go into the test. Center kind of cram it back into your head, I did show up early, but I had to drop a deuce, so I actually didn’t have time to cram right before the test.

I did take care of business and I passed the test, so it all worked out for me, but I would definitely suggest arriving early just to cram a little bit make sure you don’t, do what I did. Don’t run out of the house in the morning: go grab a Dunkin, Donuts, iced, coffee, butter, pecan latte, and then you know show up at the test center ready to drop deuces.

You may or may not be able to do that, depending on how much time you have something that I do want to talk about is if you are in Northeast PA and you plan on taking this test at the wilkes-barre Airport at Valley Aviation, I’m just gonna go over my personal experience with the Proctor there.

The people there in general. How do I find a place? Okay, Yatta Yatta Yatta I went to Valley Aviation is where that test Center is located at. When I arrived at my location, okay, don’t fall for the same trick.

I fell for you’re gonna pull into the parking lot. You’re gonna you’re gonna park, your car, okay, you’re gonna look around on a couple buildings. You’re gonna see like this over rundown building in front of you looks like you.

Definitely don’t belong there. You’re gonna see this other little building. It kind of looks like it could be a test facility over to the left, but when you read the sign, you’re gonna realize that’s, not it and then what you’re gonna do.

Is you’re gonna turn around and you’re gonna go. Ask the lady who works at the flower tent in that parking lot where to take the exam she’s gonna basically tell you to turn back around and in that building, where it looks like you, don’t belong.

Actually, you got to walk around to the other side of that building, that’s, exactly where it is so that’s Valley Aviation. I spent about five minutes trying to figure out if I was in the right place.

So, thank you to that. Lady, very appreciated that you helped me out and point me in the right direction and then wishing me luck. She wished me luck and that may have been the final blessing in my case in 2020, Jun had to wear the face.

Mask you’re watching this video. You might be going to the same test facility or another one you. Hopefully, you will not have to wear a face mask by the time you were watching this video, but that’s, neither here nor there new normals and such I met the Proctor bill.

I’m, not gonna go into his last name. You can look him up. Sweetheart of a man, a sweetheart of a man, a little old man. I don’t know if he’s, actually a pilot himself. I’m sure he was. He works at a freaking Airport, so yeah, probably anyway, bill superstar.

What a sweetheart man he was really really nice, although he did mislead me a little bit. First things first, I said: can I use the bathroom? He said sure no problem go ahead. It’s right over there. I looked in the bathroom and I thought to myself.

This is gonna be a situation. It’s, not a big bathroom, not a window, no good ventilation. Everybody’s kind of just hanging out right outside that bathroom door. I just drank a nice latte and I got a drop deuce.

Listen. You got to do what you got to do. I need to pass this exam because I can ‘ T spend another 100 60 bucks trying to worry about this plus I have gigs lined up man. I need this pilot exam right here’s.

Some of the things that bill told me bill what a sweetheart. He told me that this was a brand-new test and he scared the out of me. He said this is a brand-new test. We just got this. I’ve, never seen it like what, but it kind of scared me, because all of the material that I studied, I mean we’re talking about two years old three years old.

Some of this stuff was like three or four years old, so kind of got a little bit worried for a second there. He told me that I could take a break. Although everything I read online told me that I could not take a break.

I don’t know I didn’t, take a break. I basically finished it in about an hour and a half. I think so. He told me also that there were gonna be four to five answers per question. Now everything that you’re gonna read online is three multiple-choice answers per question.

When he said four to five, I knew my odds just lowered. A whole lot turns out three answers per question. Just like you’ve been studying online. He clearly has never seen this test that he didn ‘

T lie to me about that, or else he would have known that it was only three questions. He kind of sat me down got me set up at my station offered me some headphones, like some earmuffs, no issues there.

I was the only one in the test center, so didn’t have to worry about kind of speaking some questions out loud and working some things out. He basically got me set up. He did acknowledge that the computer systems are pretty much crap and they need to be updated, and I do confirm that is true.

They do run you through, like a little pretest right now. The pretest is gonna make you feel a little stupid. You don’t have to take the pretest. It’s like three to five questions or something like that, and it basically just allows you to practice how to answer a question.

One of the questions was how many states are there in the United States, don’t get tripped up on there’s 50 states don’t, get tripped up on that all right because it hit me – and I was Under a lot of pressure – and he was still sitting there and he was just like making sure – I knew how to use the system and the question came up and I’m, like huh.

That’s, a silly silly question and if one of the answers would have said 51, I would have got it wrong, just being 100 % with you. I probably would have got it wrong because I was nervous – and I know that there’s 50 states, but I would have just answered it incorrectly anyway.

Skip ahead, skip ahead and start taking the actual test right. You’re gonna get two hours to take the test. There’s. Gon na be a webcam on there. They’re gonna be watching you. I did stretch at one point.

You thought I was like done or needed a question, but I was literally just doing this because one of the questions I was on was boggling my mind so that’s kind of my experience with the test center. Everybody there was fabulous.

I did pass the test so that probably made things a little bit easier on me and them because if you fail, then it’s like a weird it’s, a weird thing right: we’re to like a better Look next time, man 160 bucks.

How long did I study for the test? What did I study and was it enough, so I registered for the exam on June 20th at 5:46 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. I took the test on June 26th at 10:30 a.m. we’re, looking at five days, 16 hours and 44 minutes that’s.

The extent of my study period, a lot of that I was sleeping or working. So really we’re, looking at maybe maybe 10 hours of study time. Maybe I don’t know a lot of it was kind of passive studying, but I do not recommend passive studying, really really study.

So you’re gonna want to watch as men YouTube videos as you can. There are obviously some go twos Tony Northrup, Tony a Chelsea Northrup’s. Video is an excellent video. There’s, another one that I watched.

It was like an old guy. It was basically Tony’s, video, but just more boring. So maybe I’ll, find that guy’s thing and I’ll link to it and also the free FAA part. 107 drone test study got answers and explanations buy better b-roll.

That was an excellent one. I studied. I watched that probably two times I watched Tony Northrop’s, video probably two times, and then I looked through the FAA , which you can find on their , do not make this passive studying.

There are some things on here. You’re, not gonna be able to just wing. I thought I was good. I watched the Tony Noah Northrup’s, video, whatever freak your name is. I watched the video one time and I was like gonna smoke.

This test easy peasy, lemon squeezy and honestly, I’m happy. I did some follow-up studying because I would not have passed. This is a legit pilot, exam, okay, it might be for drones, but as Tony and other people say, they really want you to appreciate the complexity, the difficulty and the safety that surrounds being an actual pilot like flying a plane or even flying an airliner where you’re responsible for hundred people.

You know not. Now you’re responsible for like 20 people, but still you know trying times new normal and such if you plan on taking the test very very soon, and you don’t plan on giving yourself a lot of time to study here.

Are my tips on what to look out for on the exam that I tripped up on a little bit, although I was still able to pass, gave me a little bit of trouble. You’re gonna want to study very heavily on sectional charts and airspace, specifically vertical limitations on the different types of airspace.

I got a lot of questions about what is the vertical limit for Class C airspace above so-and-so Airport. If the airspace has an upper and a lower limit, you’re gonna be able to answer that question pretty easily, but a lot of those sectional charts and a lot of the areas that they’re asking these questions about.

They do not clearly state an upper and a lower limit. It might just be an upper limit that’s, all so the vertical limitations. You need to understand the terminology that they’re gonna use when they say the vertical limitations.

Do they mean the upper limit or the lower vertical limit they don’t really specify that so that’s, something that kind of caught me off guard you’re. Also gonna want to spend a lot of time. Studying MOA a military operation areas and restricted areas, not the specific areas themselves, but they’re gonna ask you undoubtedly a question about a restricted area and the answers are gonna look like they could all be right, spend some time on the Moa in the restricted area section that they give you it’s more about the terminology.

In some cases there is more than one right answer, but there is a answer that is more right than the other ones, which is kind of stupid. They shouldn’t do that, but they do it so study the terminology that they’re using make sure you cram for this.

I only had five days and 16 hours and 44 minutes and I was able to pass so what did I pass the exam with? So let me fold this back, so I don’t, give you all of my personal information, so I was able to pass my exam with an 83 now when you get your report, there’s.

Gon na, be this section down here. It’s, just gonna be a bunch of codes. You’re gonna be able to go to the that’s listed on this report. These won’t. Give you the exact questions that you got wrong, but it ‘

Ll. Give you the category for the type of question that you got wrong and it looks like I got one, two, three, four: five, six, seven eight questions incorrect and I passed with an 83. I gave myself five days 16 hours in 44 minutes to study for this exam a lot of that time.

I was either at work or sleeping. We’re doing something else, but I was able to pass so you can expect to pass this also, if you just have a little bit of common sense, do a little bit of active study and cram some of that information in and then also Do some alternative sources? Don’t just go to the two videos or three videos.

I’m gonna post here, just look up general airspace videos on YouTube or cloud types: oh, that’s; another one! You’re gonna want to study cloud types. You want to study cloud types, definitely study your sectional charts, vertical limitations and restricted areas, specifically the terminology that they’re.

Using for these go to the , read the study guide. Oh okay, and also, I think, that’s. It I don’t. Remember what else there were some other questions. Oh and um your weather reports right your TAF reports and your meats are reports just study those go over those once or twice, and you’re gonna be able to figure those out pretty easily.

The one thing I did forget when I showed up, though, with those weather reports was, do they drop one zero or two zeros when they’re talking about altitude, for whatever reason I had such a brain fart and I don’t – Know I didn’t see it so that was my experience in June 2020, going from my passing the exam.

I mean it. Wasn’t that difficult. You could definitely do it. Listen. If I could do it, you could do it alright. So I wish you luck and again, if you’re looking to make money with your drone, this is just something you’re gonna have to do.

Thank you tune in next time. I’ll, see you at the next video. Oh, I almost forgot big, shout outs to whoever guessed what my son’s. Drawing was um in the last video in the epic sports ball. Video big shout out to my sister, Rebecca she guessed pineapple under the sea.

I believe my brother, Jerry also guessed that, and there was somebody else I believe April – also guessed correctly so big shout-out to you guys and I’ll, see you in the next video

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