Taking my DRONE TEST & Becoming a DRONE PILOT!

Good morning, , I’m gonna keep this as quick as possible. Who’S actually gonna run in and take an exam. I hope, though, and it basically will allow me to legally fly a for commercial purposes. It’S actually technically a pilot’s license. A pilot’s license.

Just crazy, it’s actually a pilot’s license. My whole Fayette, like my whole, family, all , my dad’s, a pilot uncle’s. A pilot Air has actually been met in the airline because they both work there but mom had her private pilot’s license shouldn’t work as a commercial pilot. My grandpa was a pilot until he retired he still, I would fly since. Basically, since people have been able to be , my family have been or I got to go in it.

Like two minutes. Okay, you ever meet my family. It’S just pilot all the time I’m just so excited because I draw and license is still pilot’s license. I got to go in and take this thing wish me luck. You guys I’ll talk to you when I get out and once you know if I pass I’ll be so more.

If I didn’t pass a few guys that I’m done, I have two hours to take it we’ll see how long it takes I’ll. Let you know how it goes yeah. I did. Oh, my goodness. Oh I didn’t you guys.

I passed. I got a 90 % and finally part of the whole family for real. I feel like I joined the club I feel like. I did something that I back. My mind always kind of like did want to do so.

I’M so glad I did it, and now it kind of makes me want to get my private pilot’s license, we’ll see. If that happen, [ Music ] go out. There create your fairytale, whatever whatever that might be. Yours might be totally different from mine. Yours might not have a single mermaid unicorn princess in it, but maybe yours those , maybe here’s his planes, it’s all about going out there and doing it and, let’s let us all about anyway.

I got to go home I’ll, see you later and buh-bye, maybe to help me celebrate passing my you’ll subscribe, forget the thumbs up subscribe and even better than giving it a thumbs up. Thanks for joining me on this I’ll see you in the next video. This definitely took a turn. Hi I’ve never put anything out there on my youtube channel, like this

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