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Drone Pilot Certificate Test SUCKS

this is a toy and this is not  a toy I don't know what to say I'm making this video today about Canada's drone  operating certifications I think this drone   operating certification program is kind of sh***y  and I'm making this video so that either you can   put some knowledge in me and I get some sense,  and I change my mind, or you can leave a comment   below about how right I am. From 2019 transport  canada came up with this rule where if you own   a drone that weights between 250 gram until 25  kilogram you have to […]

Taking my DRONE TEST & Becoming a DRONE PILOT!

Good morning, queendom, I’m gonna keep this as quick as possible. Who’S actually gonna run in and take an exam. I hope, though, and it basically will allow me to legally fly a drone for commercial purposes. It’S actually technically a pilot’s license. A pilot’s license. Just crazy, it’s actually a pilot’s license. My whole Fayette, like my whole, family, all pilots, my dad’s, a pilot uncle’s. A pilot Air has actually been met in the airline because they both work there but mom had her private pilot’s license shouldn’t work as a commercial pilot. My grandpa was a pilot […]


what's going on so basically I am on my way to Ipswich I'm staying with a mate his name's Peter you've probably seen him in a load of my videos I'm going to be spending about two or three days in Ipswich I've taken the whole week off work I made sure I had buffing boots so I could just spend this time boom I need to do so when I left University and I finished that dissertation I handed it in 8,000 words God knows how many hours of sweat research yeah I've done my dissertation on the GoPro […]

Dave Av – From Accountant to Drone Pilot – Podcast #5

Lads lassies welcome back to the YouTube, I hope you’re all staying well, I hope you’re safe and I hope some of you are able to get our way for them because I’ve seen in America, it’s still you still able to wait for it. If you have a house on the lake nonetheless, this is another podcast or video. It’S with Dave AV, if you don’t know who he is, you’ve, definitely seen some clips from them before he’s literally the best drone pilot in wakeboarding and arguably in probably some of action sports as a whole. But anyway, […]