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Drone Wind Turbine & Blade Inspection with Thermal Imaging – ABJ WindVue

Wind energy is growing at an exponential rate, and innovative inspection methods are needed now more than ever, enter a bj wind view. A proprietary inspection technology that uses thermal and optical imaging to see up to 15 centimetres inside a wind turbine blade by using a proprietary drone and payload. We can easily detect internal structural damage such as delamination, bad bonding and many other defects. Before abj wind view, turbine blade, inspections were performed by rope, access and platform technicians. Often using visual techniques and the tapping method to check for defects process is time-consuming and can take […]


what's going on so basically I am on my way to Ipswich I'm staying with a mate his name's Peter you've probably seen him in a load of my videos I'm going to be spending about two or three days in Ipswich I've taken the whole week off work I made sure I had buffing boots so I could just spend this time boom I need to do so when I left University and I finished that dissertation I handed it in 8,000 words God knows how many hours of sweat research yeah I've done my dissertation on the GoPro […]

UK CAA Drone Registration LAUNCH DAY 2019!!! (Epic Fail?!) | Mr MPW

by Jose
Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and the day, is finally here it’s the first of October 2019 and it is drone registration, debt right, okay, so, as I’m sure you were all aware today, the first of October 2019 was meant to be the day that the drone Registration and education scheme, the dres scheme came online for the UK and it was the day where we were meant to be able to access the CIA’s portal to be able to do the training and the registration of the sua operator and all of the remote pilots And it […]