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Drone Simulation: using simulation in drone training

  Today lets talk about UAV flight simulators. Flight simulators are an important part of any unmanned vehicle training program. The flight simulator package allows you to make mistakes. While you are learning It prevents you from destroying a very expensive vehicle. If anything goes wrong. You’Ve wrecked a virtual aircraft and you haven’t destroyed an airplane that cost somewhere between $ 800- $ 10,000 dollars. There are several radio control and UAV simulators on the market. Most of them are pretty good. This one we are showing is called real flight Using a simulator allows you to simulate flying […]

Commercial Drone Pilot Training in India UK USA Part 107 PfCO UAOP

by Jose Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I’m, going to introduce you to the a bj drone Academy and why you should consider this company for part 107 license preparation in the US. A PFC old license, preparation in the UK and professional drone pilot training in India. Are you a hobby or amateur drone pilot wondering if you could train to a professional standard? Do you want to start a business or a career in this exciting and fast developing industry? Are you wondering where to find online courses and simulator training as well as […]