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Become A Drone Pilot | Ace Aviation Testimonials | Directed By DansTube.TV Why did I decide to study at Ace? Well, I thought the whole thing looked very solid. I think improving my skillset by learning how to fly a drone professionally. I think, would greatly add value to myself and my company aces the best value yeah. A Swiss cheaper than all the others, primarily because it was the cheapest price. I want excellent how to fly drones responsibly, how to be aware of all the safety factors I’ve learned a lot of Technology about batteries about some flight pubs, airports. Just the whole industry and has an informed, responsible […]

Korean army introduces training program aimed at expanding military drones

A couple of years ago, the South Korean military set up a unit to train with drones… researching a wide variety of uses for the machines, going beyond surveillance. The drone unit recently held a demonstration. Our Kim Ji-yeon was there and filed this report. If an enemy approaches… troops can dispatch drones like this to identify targets and even drops bombs to disable them. Until now, drones in the military were limited to surveillance and reconnaissance operations,… but now the hope is to use them in a greater variety of ways.. . through the drone training program at South […]