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How to Fly a Quadcopter/Drone (Basic Tutorial)

Okay, here’s, a small tutorial about flying the quadcopter, a basic level tutorial, for example, this one is the transmitter. It looks like this: the transmitter of the quadcopter it’s moving all around the right. Stick is moving all around also okay, and this is the quadcopter itself. It’s a syma x5c. These are the propellers. It has four propellers so that’s, why it’s a quad, copter quad, means four okay and let’s start with some basic things. So here on the transmitter on this one, we have the left stick which is moving all around. We have the right […]

DJI FPV | Unboxing and Activation

Welcome to the DJI FPV Tutorial – Unboxing and Activation. Open the DJI FPV Combo and take out the products and accessories. Download the DJI Fly app by using the QR code on the Scan the DJI Fly download page on the DJI official website. You can also download DJI Fly from the app store on your mobile device. Before using the battery for the first time, connect it to the charger for at least a minute to complete activation. Connect the goggles to the battery of the goggles. Remove the gimbal cover and the protective film on the gimbal […]

Drone Store E-Commerce Template from Wix – Web Design – Tutorial

hello everybody welcome to the show welcome to Tuesday trainings we're gonna be looking over a Wix template today this one is called the drone store ecommerce template even if you don't sell drones if you want to sell anything I think it'll be worth your time to take a look at this brand new template from Wix.com so stay tuned. I look forward to this time we have together all right once again we are here at the webmaster Academy I'm Michael Wood the Wix Certified Trainer for today and if you haven't met me before, I am the […]

DJI FPV | First Flight and Beginner’s Guide – Start Flying a DJI FPV!

Open the microSD card cover and insert a microSD card Remove the gimbal cover Make sure the propellers are properly installed Align the propeller on the engine Then, push down and twist to secure it Insert the battery into the battery compartment Make sure it's tight The front of the DJI FPV Goggles V2 has four interchangeable antennas, to ensure optimal signal reception and communication Make sure the antennas are properly tightened before you take off On the upper right side of the goggles you'll find the Shutter / Record button, the Back button, and the 5D button Toggle the […]

Long Range FPV Racing Drone – Part 1 Build

by Jose
Hi everyone, my name is Mirko, and today we are going to see how to build a long range drone. I thought of this build that tried to cut costs without sacrificing reliability. in the description you will find all the links and their ratings. For a long range build, the ideal frames are those with the battery on top. In this way we have enough space to conveniently install all components. The diagonal must be at least 250 mm so that 6 "propellers can be mounted. I chose this realacc X6R because it offers good design solutions at low […]

How to Fix Flicker and Video Noise in Drone Videos

  Hey guys welcome to Neat Video tutorials Here at Neat Video, its our mission to help you avoid digital noise and improve video quality. This tutorial is an addition to our blog post on the topic of how to improve the quality of your aerial videos. If you havent make sure you check it out for a ton of information that will put you on course to creating killer drone shots In this video were talking about a few of the most frequent issues our customers run into when working with drones. Ready Lets take it away and get […]

Here’s What a TINY Drone with a 4k Camera Can Do

  Today, we’re here in Venice Beach, checking out a really cool little device and an evil villain yeah. You do look like an evil villain, it looked like you would go and destroy sod. Oh no, sir! I was so scared. I thought I was gon na hitting you in the face: that’s crazy, finding railings and every like like nothing, you don’t even think about you, just kind of go and do it that’s. This is crazy every few seconds he flies this close to something that was nuts. You guys to see that he’s just doing that, […]

Drone Simulation: using simulation in drone training

  Today lets talk about UAV flight simulators. Flight simulators are an important part of any unmanned vehicle training program. The flight simulator package allows you to make mistakes. While you are learning It prevents you from destroying a very expensive vehicle. If anything goes wrong. You’Ve wrecked a virtual aircraft and you haven’t destroyed an airplane that cost somewhere between $ 800- $ 10,000 dollars. There are several radio control and UAV simulators on the market. Most of them are pretty good. This one we are showing is called real flight Using a simulator allows you to simulate flying […]

Difference between a Drone OWNER, a Drone PILOT, and a Drone PROFESSIONAL.

by Jose
https://youtu.be/oJP_fT38f2s Hey guys, it’s towanda here your african drone professional and i’m here with a quick video just to explain a little bit more about something i shared on one of my platforms recently about the difference between a drone owner a Drone pilot and a drone professional so here’s. Some quick definitions, a drone owner is someone who’s purchased a drone. Now you can buy any type of drone, whether it’s, a small drone, a professional grade drone or an industrial grade drone. Okay, so from small to launch you buying, a drone makes you a drone owner now […]

Putting Our RED Cinema Camera on a 100mph FPV Racing Drone

sam what do you think about flying fpv drones it's the hardest thing i've ever had to do when i first started flying this fpv drone this is what i looked like this is tough i look stupid and sam you've been practicing right yeah yes you want to show us your skills okay all right sam let's see what you got [Laughter] there you go sweet there you go hey there you go hey you're way up there oh my god you're gonna lose it you're gonna lose it oh my god did i do good it's harder than […]