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New Changes in the Part 107 Testing – Remote Pilot 101

by Jose
hey remote pilot 101 at Jason here bringing you a another unmanned aircraft systems update lists and if you haven't passed your part 107 test or have a recurrent test coming up remote pilot 101 is where you need to be no one has helped more remote pilots become certificated overcurrent then remote pilot 101 so today I'd like to give you an update this is the latest from the FAA on how the tests are to be administered as well as a few kind of written changes to the FAA that I really believe you should know about first […]

1 MB drone mapping: A method for disaster zones

My name is Greg crutsinger and I was the volunteer data analyst for the public safety drone teams recently on the Carr fire I also helped on the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa last October as part of this digital first responder effort we used 360 drone panoramics as a rapid tool to visualize fire damage for the city of Redding and for surrounding Shasta County now the teams did an amazing job during this situation in the first 48 hours we went from an initial drone flight in the air to maps going public to the residence of the […]

FLIR Thermal Imaging Drone Captures Structure Fire Okay, so I’m walking around inside the structure. It’s kind of weird, as I’m, looking around to think that in a few hours, none of this is even going to exist anymore, Roswell, flight test crew. Here today, with our good friends from Tualatin Valley, Fire and Rescue, they’re gonna do a burn to learn that house back there. You’re either gonna burn that thing to the ground awesome. Our goal was to provide an aerial perspective on the exercise using a multi rotor drone equipped with a FLIR thermal-imaging camera for the firefighters. The day began with a […]

Top 6 Drone Business Ideas for 2020 | Mr MPW

by Jose Everyone it’s, Matt Williams from mr. mpw calm and welcome to today’s. Drone expert secrets, video in today’s. Video now that the dust hopefully has finally settled – or at least we kind of know where the wood is from the trees. With regards to the drone registration scheme, let’s, move on and work out how we can build successful businesses within the drone industry. So today we’re gonna look at the six best ways you can get a drone and set up a drone business. Everyone welcome to the channel if you’re new here, welcome. We’re here to […]

Getting Your PfCO As a Drone Pilot – Training Course Review

by Jose I went through search online, found, copters and decided. That was the course for me. My friend Lizzie’s completed the course and she’s recommended a threeway, [ Music ], yes, ma vie protein ideal. I have three at the moment, but I might be looking to extend the flee or change some out of the better equipment it’s been really good, very informative. Very to the point, and certainly I’ve, come away with a lot of useful information and websites. I can use to assist me with my commercial-type planning and operations it’s really interested in is real good. […]

Getting Your PfCO As a Drone Pilot – Training Course Review

by Jose Hi I’m Dao hagh refer based in northern ireland, now terms of getting a PF seal. One of the reasons for it was just a quite high cost of investment in terms of getting the getting on a course. The CAA costs the insurance. But what copped res is allowed me to do is really manage my budget over a monthly basis. What did I like about cop trousers course? It was really professional. It was really geared to everybody in the room, so there was a uniformed pace that everybody could follow. Now I loved everything about the […]

Drone Pilot Canada New Features in v1.3

Hi, I’m dawn from dawn drones on we’ve added a number of features to the drone pilot Canada app since it was released a month ago, and this video will explain how to take advantage of those features for those of you who are new to drone pilot Canada. It’S a terrific mobile phone, app available for both Apple and Android platforms. That makes it very easy to meet all of the procedural requirements of the 2019 Canadian ARP as regulations without lugging around binders of checklists procedures and certificates. It also features a map showing you, the locations of […]

Drone Courses To Turn You Into An Expert Drone Pilot • DARTdrones Flight School

Are you interested in becoming a professional drone operator? Dart drones offers expert training courses both online and in-person in over 30 cities. The phantom and inspire flight training course is an eight-hour in-person course, where you receive hands-on flight time with one of our expert flight instructors to learn how to use your equipment safely legally and confidently for drone pilots hoping to use their drone to make money. The FAA requires that you pass an exam called the airman knowledge test. This two-hour exam is quite complex and requires vigorous study, you’ll, be tested on reading, aeronautical charts, […]

Indian Academy of Drones – Drone Pilot Training Institute in India

by Jose Welcome to Indians, best unmanned aerial systems, training, capsule, Indian Academy of drones. Drones were once considered a hobby possession but has now transformed into a must-have gadget known for its versatility and worthiness capability. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the drone market has reached its saturation point with all the different shapes and sizes they are available in from many drones to micro, drones, droney Tucker’s. The leader in drone dreaming consultation and expert support for new drone pilots. We believe that drones are going to change the world and we are using this amazing technology […]


Everyone, its Matt Williams, mr. mpw, and welcome to this drone expert secrets. Video in this video we’re going to be taking a look at the CAA. Rejection fees for drone manual applications and drone permission applications which are due to come into a force on the 16th of September 2019. Everyone welcome to today’s video. If you are new to the channel, welcome, don’t forget to press the subscribe button press the Bell button next to subscribe button. It’S really important that you stay up to date and get notified whenever we drop new content and new content is […]