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The astounding athletic power of quadcopters | Raffaello D’Andrea

by Jose
Translation: Norbert Langkau Editing: Daniel Hoffmann When is a machine athletic? We'll get the concept of machine athletics and the research needed with the help of these aircraft, the quadrocopters or “quads” for short, demonstrate. Quads have been around for a long time. You are so popular today because they are mechanically simple. By controlling the four propellers these machines can roll, tip, yaw and accelerate in all common directions. Also on board are a battery, a computer, various sensors and radios. Quads are extremely manoeuvrable, but this maneuverability comes at a price. They are inherently unstable, and need a […]

Robots that fly … and cooperate | Vijay Kumar

Translator: Liridon Shala Reviewer: Spartak Ferrollari Good day. I'm here today to talk around the flying and autonomous beach balls. No, agile air robots like this. I want to tell you something about the challenges in building these and some amazing opportunities for the application of this technology. So these robots are related to remotely commanded aircraft However, the tools you see here are great. They weigh several tons, are not by all means agile. They are not even autonomous. In fact, most of these cars operated by flight crews which may involve many pilots sensor operators and mission coordinators. […]

Can a DRONE Pilot Fly a FULL SIZE Helicopter?

Hey everybody, Josh nearing co-founder and chief pilot of Kitty Hawk that IO here at Falcon field in Arizona with Ron buyer helicopter, instructor extraordinaire, who is probably unadvisedly going to. Let me fly the Sicari svh 4. It is a helicopter training platform. I don’t know if you can see it behind us here, but it is actually on a platform. You can’t actually take it off, but that probably won’t help me that much so right. Let me ask you a question yeah. How do you think I’m gonna do here? You’Ve taught hundreds of people how to […]

Drone Pilot Jobs 2020 – Ready for your first Autonomous Drone Project?

Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this blog I’m going to explore the potential drone pilot jobs in 2020 and beyond. Are you a recently qualified drone pilot eager to start your career? Do you have ambitions to become qualified but at the same time, you’re concerned about the job prospects? Do you think increasing legislation and control of drone flying is going to spoil the fun and perhaps even hinder your chances of developing a career watch? This blog to the end as it will give you some idea of current job prospects and career development opportunities […]