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RC Airplane Battle | Dude Perfect

(Subtitles are described by *I am HeRe* at the bottom) (Sorry for any errors in the subtitles) -Perfect. We did it perfectly. Welcome to our seaplane battle. it has started The rules of this battle are simple, we will have three different rounds of three planes and end with a two-person finale. Good luck pilots. Welcome to the first of three competitions called fly or die You have to fly around while avoiding the cobwebs of death, the balloon minefields have to exaggerate the sound Of course, the flame fans first let two people collapse, and you will be eliminated. […]

Volantex Ranger BIG Airplane Drone Flight Test Review

  good morning quadcopter 101 here and I got a neat review for you today this big huge airplane you see here is the Valen Tex Ranger now the Valon Texas Ranger as you can see here is a remote-controlled pusher glider very large and includes a brushless motor this version is the ready-to-fly version it comes with this transmitter here it is intended primarily for extra believe it or not fpv flag a long-range fpv flying you pop up in the top here you can put your fpv gear inside here it even has a little port here if […]

FLIR Thermal Imaging Drone Captures Structure Fire

https://youtu.be/SmvOPgSsLhw Okay, so I’m walking around inside the structure. It’s kind of weird, as I’m, looking around to think that in a few hours, none of this is even going to exist anymore, Roswell, flight test crew. Here today, with our good friends from Tualatin Valley, Fire and Rescue, they’re gonna do a burn to learn that house back there. You’re either gonna burn that thing to the ground awesome. Our goal was to provide an aerial perspective on the exercise using a multi rotor drone equipped with a FLIR thermal-imaging camera for the firefighters. The day began with a […]