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How to become a licensed drone pilot in Australia part 2 – Drone Practice Training

by Jose This is the one with the rectangle with pirouette yeah, so you’re, basically moving at 360 upwards yeah yo. What’s up everyone? It’s Dennis here. It is currently just before 5:00 a.m. the morning. Why am i wake this early because I am heading to practice on the advanced drone maneuvers that I need to do in order to pass the assessment. Luckily, the flight instructors given me the opportunity to catch up with him so that if I have any questions around some of the advanced maneuvers, he can help me out. Definitely, I really need to practice […]

How to become a license drone pilot in Australia part 3 – Drone Pilot Practice Test

So you need to be able to figure it out if the orientation is this way, how you’re gon na fly it in an 8 or figure-of-eight similar exercises, just different orientation makes it challenges. That’S why you practice that ones all right. So tomorrow is my practical assessment for my drone certification or the repl course. I’Ve managed to pass all my online modules. Thank goodness, I don’t even worry about studying them. I managed to power it through over the last couple of weeks and tomorrow is the yeah. It’S pretty much the you know the final step […]