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1 MB drone mapping: A method for disaster zones

My name is Greg crutsinger and I was the volunteer data analyst for the public safety drone teams recently on the Carr fire I also helped on the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa last October as part of this digital first responder effort we used 360 drone panoramics as a rapid tool to visualize fire damage for the city of Redding and for surrounding Shasta County now the teams did an amazing job during this situation in the first 48 hours we went from an initial drone flight in the air to maps going public to the residence of the […]

REMOTE ID: What every drone pilot needs to know

Hey you’re watching gm6 drone mapping uh today we’re going to talk about some of the uh, some of the new laws that are going to be coming out that the faa has been working on and uh, i’m going to be talking with vic moss, who has a Photography company and is in uh is involved in this process. I believe since the beginning, and then we’re also going to talk with scott stoffman, who is a licensed attorney but is not practicing and he’s involved in the uas industry. He does a lot of consulting. So i wanted […]