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Part 107 Training | Online Drone Training | Online Drone Training Courses

by Jose
Hi art here off to the media group: do you fly one of these? Do you want your FAA, remote pilot certificate, stay tuned, I’ll, show you how to get it in one week or less hi. Welcome back thanks for watching. We really appreciate it. I hope this video helps you out. It’S made uh. It’S made a huge difference in my life and things that are going on with me and without any further delay. Let’S get right into it. What this video was about is exactly, as the title states, part 107. In training, it’s how you […]

Part 107 Training | Class G Airspace | Part 107 Airspace | Class G Airspace For Drones

by Jose
Are here after the media group we’re ending this airspace series with Class G or Gulf airspace? You know I’ve often thought of becoming a golf club stay tuned. What’S going on guys, we finally made it to class G or golf airspace. I knew you could do now. Class C airspace is not controlled airspace and does not require prior approval or authorization. The cool part of our Class C airspace is that a large percentage of airspace 400 feet and below is in fact less the air straight and less designated another type of airspace. What a picture! […]