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Hey everyone welcome to another edition of deaf director I just want to take some time today to tell you about something I'm really excited about I just passed finally my FAA part 107 commercial drone operators flight exam which means that now I'm legally allowed to fly commercial drone operations here in the United States now this is one of those things that I think as an independent filmmaker just the reality of the world is to work as a filmmaker in today's world you have to have some knowledge and some practical experience with a drone because it's […]

Commercial Drone Pilot Training in India UK USA Part 107 PfCO UAOP

by Jose Hello, my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I’m, going to introduce you to the a bj drone Academy and why you should consider this company for part 107 license preparation in the US. A PFC old license, preparation in the UK and professional drone pilot training in India. Are you a hobby or amateur drone pilot wondering if you could train to a professional standard? Do you want to start a business or a career in this exciting and fast developing industry? Are you wondering where to find online courses and simulator training as well as […]

How to PASS the drone pilot test and spend NOTHING (I got 95%!)- FAA Part 107 sUAS certification-

So you’ve decided you’re going to take the part 107 test and you don’t want to spend a ton of money. Then you are definitely in the right place later in this video. I will definitely talk about the five big tips that i used to pass. My exam and i got a 95, which means i got three questions wrong and that’s it um look in the description and there will be time codes in there and you can go ahead and skip ahead to the part where i talk about tips for studying. For the exam, as well […]

How to Renew Your Part 107 Drone Pilot License It’S now been a few years since the FAA has started to require people to have commercial drone licenses, if they’re, using their drones commercially in any way and commercial, as you probably know, doesn’t just mean that you’re hired by like a giant company and you’re making tons Of money, it basically means if you’re getting something in exchange for using your drone, that’s commercial use. So if you’re putting a drone clip into a YouTube video – and you have ads turn on for that – video – that’s commercial drone use. If your friend is a […]

Taking the FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot Exam in 2020

by Jose Welcome back everybody, you see more Mack, and today I became a FAA licensed pilot that’s. Right. Tell your story, I’m listening, they give you a link yeah, they can recovery. Usb can’t. You just do that for free, though well nope, we’re. Going to take the pilot exam got my little notebook right. I got pop pop good luck. Thank you boy. Thank you. Okay, bye this. When I get out of there, I’ll. Let you know how awesomely I’ve passed or failed positive thoughts. Here we go. I don’t even think I took my keys. Oh yeah, […]

I passed my Part 107 – Drone Pilot Ground School What’s up guys? I want to do a really quick video, because my part 107, the license came in today, um. It took two weeks to study one hour to do the test and only eight weeks for this to come in the mail. I do video production for a living, so finally getting the license once the law came out. It feels really good but, like I said it takes, it took eight weeks for this card to come in the mail, but fortunately they give you a printed off proof that you’ve passed the test, so you […]

Part 107 Training | Class G Airspace | Part 107 Airspace | Class G Airspace For Drones

by Jose
Are here after the media group we’re ending this airspace series with Class G or Gulf airspace? You know I’ve often thought of becoming a golf club stay tuned. What’S going on guys, we finally made it to class G or golf airspace. I knew you could do now. Class C airspace is not controlled airspace and does not require prior approval or authorization. The cool part of our Class C airspace is that a large percentage of airspace 400 feet and below is in fact less the air straight and less designated another type of airspace. What a picture! […]