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Drone racers are a thing and they’re amazing | Freethink

And this– Is a drone for a speed demon. My name is Paul Nurkkala and I'm a professional drone racer. Inventing a new sport like drone racing means you need to think of traditional sports challenges in an entirely new way. Like – how do you find athletes? For the drone racing league, the biggest league on the scene, They turned their vetting process into a video game. They have the simulator there because you can't just pick up and start flying a racing drone. That's because they're incredible feats of top-notch technology. So this is the the DRL Racer […]

Murfreesboro To Begin Drone Training One city in Middle Tennessee is experimenting with drones and the test flights begin this week. New at ten. Our Rebecca schleicher is live in the newsroom with why the city of Murfreesboro spent the last year getting the go-ahead for this Rebecca Rory. It took the city 11 months to get the approval from the FAA, and now Murfreesboro is one of the first cities in the state to begin training with a drone originally used in war. Drones have quickly become an American household hobby, yes, but in the park where you may notice a bird or […]

Drone pilot program brings free COVID-19 test kits directly to North Las Vegas residents

by Jose So getting a test kit is completely free, but right now the drones are only making drops in about a one mile radius. You’re gonna need to see if you qualify online, if you do just sit back, relax and wait for the drone to come to you. I just uh ordered my covid test at home online proceeding and uh walmart’s. Drone dropping them off at my house right now. There it is [ Music ], just like that. It’s here, guys wanted to get the test, but just going out and doing it without riding the bus […]

S. Korea tests drone taxi flight for first time in Seoul

this may sound like a scene from a sci-fi  flick but flying drone taxis have become   reality for the first time here in seoul  a test flight event today demonstrated the   technology that could be a common sight  should the government reach its goal of   commercializing the technology by  2025. i'm ji young who is there with propellers spinning an electric  powered pilotless drone taxi took off   into the sky of absol for the first time for  a seven-minute test flight over the han river   the ministry of land infrastructure  and transport and solar metropolitan   government jointly hosted an event […]

Humans of UAE: The Drone Pilot

My name is jeanna. Paulo has to be of Palmas, I’m born and raised in Philippines. I’M a drone pilot, so I studied in Manila with a degree of multimedia arts and sciences. I dream to have my own business. When I graduated. I considered it as mistake because I do it as early as when I graduated no seemed like businesses are very hard for me. The reason why I decided to go here in UAE. It’S it’s a land of opportunity. I absolutely didn’t choose this profession, because I always have this in my mind that there’s an […]

Canada drone pilot on mission to map hurricane-ravaged Bahamas

You’Re, looking at just some of the devastation left by Hurricane durian in the Bahamas, this Canadian drone footage of East Grand Bahama shows the scale of destruction and the years of rebuilding ahead using technology. In a situation like this is to expedite the response rate. Andrew Huang has been in the Bahamas for about a week working with a nonprofit global medic he’s map more than 2,700 acres of damaged areas in the country so far information the government will use in its rebuilding efforts. A category 5 storm made landfall in the Bahamas. On September, 1st, killing […]

Drone School: Flying An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle | NBC Nightly News

we are back now as promised with one of the hottest gifts this Christmas drones being unwrapped today all across the country so many in fact that this week the FAA launched a new drone safety campaign they're increasingly popular for personal use and a lot of companies Amazon and Daum Domino's among them are talking about someday using drones to transform how they do business the FAA still has not given the go-ahead for widespread use but already thousands of would-be pilots are lining up and some leading aviation schools are stepping up to train them here's NBC's Tom […]

Korean army introduces training program aimed at expanding military drones

A couple of years ago, the South Korean military set up a unit to train with drones… researching a wide variety of uses for the machines, going beyond surveillance. The drone unit recently held a demonstration. Our Kim Ji-yeon was there and filed this report. If an enemy approaches… troops can dispatch drones like this to identify targets and even drops bombs to disable them. Until now, drones in the military were limited to surveillance and reconnaissance operations,… but now the hope is to use them in a greater variety of ways.. . through the drone training program at South […]