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How to Fly a Quadcopter/Drone (Basic Tutorial)

Okay, here’s, a small tutorial about flying the quadcopter, a basic level tutorial, for example, this one is the transmitter. It looks like this: the transmitter of the quadcopter it’s moving all around the right. Stick is moving all around also okay, and this is the quadcopter itself. It’s a syma x5c. These are the propellers. It has four propellers so that’s, why it’s a quad, copter quad, means four okay and let’s start with some basic things. So here on the transmitter on this one, we have the left stick which is moving all around. We have the right […]

I got hired by GMA as a drone pilot for a new tv show!?! (Mavic Mini)

Uh all right. Let’S go good morning, guys, i’m on the way to batangas. Right now i have a shoot for gma. One of my good friends who is a director for gma called me asking. If i could do some drone shots for a new show on gma, so let’s go , all right guys. Finally, in batangas and we’re at the location and it’s time for me to fly the drone uh say good, say good morning to my subscribers hi good morning: , oh so we’re almost there we’re almost there getting there getting closer to the Location well, […]