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Drone DJI Mavic Mini Landing on Water Test FAILED!

by Jose
Assalamu 'alaikum Welcome to my channel. Today I want to test a floating kit for the DJI Mavic Mini. Since I often fly my drone in the area with many trees or over the lake or river, do I need additional equipment for my drone. I also installed the swim kit and propeller guard. So let's start. First try, I'll let it off the ground. In all honesty, I'm a little nervous because this is my first time. oh … did you see that? I didn't do that, it's just circling around, so strange. It seems unstable even though the […]

Here’s What a TINY Drone with a 4k Camera Can Do

  Today, we’re here in Venice Beach, checking out a really cool little device and an evil villain yeah. You do look like an evil villain, it looked like you would go and destroy sod. Oh no, sir! I was so scared. I thought I was gon na hitting you in the face: that’s crazy, finding railings and every like like nothing, you don’t even think about you, just kind of go and do it that’s. This is crazy every few seconds he flies this close to something that was nuts. You guys to see that he’s just doing that, […]

I got hired by GMA as a drone pilot for a new tv show!?! (Mavic Mini)

Uh all right. Let’S go good morning, guys, i’m on the way to batangas. Right now i have a shoot for gma. One of my good friends who is a director for gma called me asking. If i could do some drone shots for a new show on gma, so let’s go , all right guys. Finally, in batangas and we’re at the location and it’s time for me to fly the drone uh say good, say good morning to my subscribers hi good morning: , oh so we’re almost there we’re almost there getting there getting closer to the Location well, […]

Professional FPV Drone Pilot Reviews DJI’s New FPV Drone

Hi guys welcome to this video today we’re going to be doing a quick review of the new dgi fpv drone. Our pilot josh who’s had stick time on it. Today is going to give his quick and honest feedback about this drone, so uh yeah, the goggles, are really good, they’re really really comfortable to to have on your head and it they’re much more improved from the version one so with the latencies that there’s literally none Um, the transmission is really good. You know, even when we um further away we’re not losing any transmission or becoming […]

DJI Mini 2 review by a first time drone pilot

by Jose   When we looked inside my camera bag at the beginning of the year, i mentioned that i got this dji mini 2 as a christmas present and that it is my very first drone. So today we are going to review this as a brand new drone pilot. Welcome to grant takes pictures, i’m grant and i take pictures , so the mini 2 is dji’s introductory level drone. It came out late last year and it has a 4k camera that can also take photos. It is 249 grams, which is the limit of the weight. You […]

DJI – Introducing Mavic Mini

This is the Mavic Mini Ultralight Always there 2.7K Quad HD video For every little detail Up to 30 minutes of flight time, with just a few tips. A cinematic recording so the party never ends. Three axis gimbal For ultra-liquid, stable and striking shots. Up to 4 km range, to see more of the adventure. Your very own Mavic Mini Easily edit moments, to share this. With the new DJI Fly app. Fly while dancing Fly while camping Fly in the dark Fly while painting Fly like you live Fly how you want it Only 249 grams.