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Top 5 Drone Pilot Canada FAQs Hi I’m dawn from dawn drones. On today, I’m going to talk about the top 5 questions. I hear about the drone pilot Canada app drone pilot Canada is Canada’s only mobile phone app that directly addresses the requirements of the 2019 Canadian are pass. Regulations fly safe Maps, flight logs checklists and procedures and much much more. Let’s, get into the questions here’s, the first one hi Don I’ve just installed the app and the circles. Aren’t showing up what’s. The deal with that. Well, the circles are talking about: are these ones? They’re, the circles around airports […]

Idiot drone pilot in NEW YORK making drone pilots look bad! What’s up everyone Mike but accelerate heights? So no big secret here, no intro! This is all about that stupid flight that everybody’s talking about some buzz on there. So in case you haven’t been watching their channels. I’m gonna put it on my channel just so you kind of get in gist of what’s going on now. There was a pilot out there in New York City. I’m sure. We all know who he is sorry guys and I’m. Not sorry to you, you know what I’m. Talking about you’re, a dumb ass dude, what he did if […]