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Drone Store E-Commerce Template from Wix – Web Design – Tutorial

hello everybody welcome to the show welcome to Tuesday trainings we're gonna be looking over a Wix template today this one is called the drone store ecommerce template even if you don't sell drones if you want to sell anything I think it'll be worth your time to take a look at this brand new template from so stay tuned. I look forward to this time we have together all right once again we are here at the webmaster Academy I'm Michael Wood the Wix Certified Trainer for today and if you haven't met me before, I am the […]

Full Time Drone Pilot – How Long? Tips & Tricks #2

by Jose What’s up YouTube Brian here with drones, unlimited. So, as I promised from the last video, I was going to answer comments. So if you leave a comment, I’m gonna get on here answer it. I only got one comment that’s like a legit question, so it’s, cool with me, so swamp Walker asked me how long after your first drone did it take for you to take on the next steps. I’m, assuming what he means is after my first drone. When did how long did it take for me to be a full-time drone pilot? You know […]

It’s a Weird Time to be a Drone Pilot

by Jose All right, it is currently 5 30. In the morning i’m late. I slept through my alarm my alarm. Didn’t, go off actually, but we’re heading to colorado, have a big car commercial. So we’re going to take you guys along. I’m trent palmer flight drones for a living and bush planes for fun follow along as i journey off the beaten path of aviation, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], all right guys. So we are on our first job since covet hit it’s been months, and we’re up […]

Webinar: Become a Commercial Drone Pilot

by Jose
Hi guys and welcome to you become a commercial drone pilot with me. George man, it’d be brilliant. If you could just let me know that everyone can hear me and I’m not just talking to myself. I just let me know in the chat or in the question, question section: that’ll be brilliant and we can go from there I’ll give it a couple more minutes just to just let everybody join and notice. People are still still entering that great, so yeah. If you could, just let us know in the chat, that’d be fantastic and then we […]