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FLIR Thermal Imaging Drone Captures Structure Fire Okay, so I’m walking around inside the structure. It’s kind of weird, as I’m, looking around to think that in a few hours, none of this is even going to exist anymore, Roswell, flight test crew. Here today, with our good friends from Tualatin Valley, Fire and Rescue, they’re gonna do a burn to learn that house back there. You’re either gonna burn that thing to the ground awesome. Our goal was to provide an aerial perspective on the exercise using a multi rotor drone equipped with a FLIR thermal-imaging camera for the firefighters. The day began with a […]

Humans of UAE: The Drone Pilot

My name is jeanna. Paulo has to be of Palmas, I’m born and raised in Philippines. I’M a drone pilot, so I studied in Manila with a degree of multimedia arts and sciences. I dream to have my own business. When I graduated. I considered it as mistake because I do it as early as when I graduated no seemed like businesses are very hard for me. The reason why I decided to go here in UAE. It’S it’s a land of opportunity. I absolutely didn’t choose this profession, because I always have this in my mind that there’s an […]