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My first job as a professional drone pilot

by Jose So just thought i’d, bring you guys with me today, because today, my first paying job as a joke piling so come on all right. So i’m here now and uh still waiting on the guy to get here for the shoot. I’m supposed to do some car following chasing stuff for uh music video. So we’ll, see. Hopefully i don’t mess up, but you know me: okay, so uh, right now i’m, just kind of setting up for the shot and what they want is uh like an underpassing tracking. So i’m. Just kind of sort of getting […]

GoPro Hero 9 review – FPV Drone pilot perspective, hypersmooth – 5k action camera

John here guys and today we’re talking about the gopro hero 9.. This is the hottest action camera on the market. It has a new hyper, smooth 3.0 um image. Stabilization built in this essentially becomes your action. Camera, your vlogging camera and your walk around camera, replacing all of those other tools um. I personally sold my osmo action little handheld gimbal because i was gon na get this because it’s something i can use for that and as a drone pilot i can also fly this. This can also be a vlogging camera in the field. If i […]