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Professional FPV Drone Pilot Reviews the DJI FPV COMBO

by Jose
Hey how’s, it going so today we’re looking at something that’s been sitting here for the last three months and that is the dji fpv combo. For those who may not know me, i’m finky, i’m a professional fpv pilot. I fly these little toys for a living in shoots for music videos, commercials and even movies and uh. I’M gon na give you my honest opinion about the product and also we’re gon na try and figure out whether this is something for you or not. So in the box you get the drone, you get a radio and […]

12 Days in the life of a professional FPV Drone pilot

Hey how’s it going so today we are embarking on an adventure, an adventure, that’s gon na last about 12 days and that’s gon na, be I mean across four different countries for four different shoots. So yeah I mean I’m just gon na. Basically, take you around the life of a an fpv pilot. That’S doing that for a living, a professional. If you will so yeah, let’s go all right, so let me tell you a little bit about all this. The reason why I’m doing this is because I kind of want to show you the kind […]