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RC Airplane Battle | Dude Perfect

(Subtitles are described by *I am HeRe* at the bottom) (Sorry for any errors in the subtitles) -Perfect. We did it perfectly. Welcome to our seaplane battle. it has started The rules of this battle are simple, we will have three different rounds of three planes and end with a two-person finale. Good luck pilots. Welcome to the first of three competitions called fly or die You have to fly around while avoiding the cobwebs of death, the balloon minefields have to exaggerate the sound Of course, the flame fans first let two people collapse, and you will be eliminated. […]

Taking my DRONE TEST & Becoming a DRONE PILOT!

Good morning, queendom, I’m gonna keep this as quick as possible. Who’S actually gonna run in and take an exam. I hope, though, and it basically will allow me to legally fly a drone for commercial purposes. It’S actually technically a pilot’s license. A pilot’s license. Just crazy, it’s actually a pilot’s license. My whole Fayette, like my whole, family, all pilots, my dad’s, a pilot uncle’s. A pilot Air has actually been met in the airline because they both work there but mom had her private pilot’s license shouldn’t work as a commercial pilot. My grandpa was a pilot […]