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How to Renew Your Part 107 Drone Pilot License

https://youtu.be/RP-uz93TBmU It’S now been a few years since the FAA has started to require people to have commercial drone licenses, if they’re, using their drones commercially in any way and commercial, as you probably know, doesn’t just mean that you’re hired by like a giant company and you’re making tons Of money, it basically means if you’re getting something in exchange for using your drone, that’s commercial use. So if you’re putting a drone clip into a YouTube video – and you have ads turn on for that – video – that’s commercial drone use. If your friend is a […]

I passed my Part 107 – Drone Pilot Ground School

https://youtu.be/YlOTAXIx7zM What’s up guys? I want to do a really quick video, because my part 107, the license came in today, um. It took two weeks to study one hour to do the test and only eight weeks for this to come in the mail. I do video production for a living, so finally getting the license once the law came out. It feels really good but, like I said it takes, it took eight weeks for this card to come in the mail, but fortunately they give you a printed off proof that you’ve passed the test, so you […]

Drone Pilot Ground School Giveaway # 2 – Casepro battery sleeve – dji phantom 4 discount

Everyone delinquents here short video today time for a giveaway, let’s hop right into it. Music, I sort of day I’m doing my second drone pilot ground school, calm giveaway. So if you subscribe to drone pilot ground school comm through bill Nichols TV, thank you so much help support channel just a little bit just his background. I subscribed to and went through the drum pod ground school comm curriculum that’s. My 107 on the first try. I know a lot of people have without going through an online course, but for me at that style of learning helped […]

How to Get Your FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot Certification

https://youtu.be/fzAl1YtT4Jk Hey guys Brad Scott here from Brad Scott vigils, calm and today I have a really interesting topic to talk about, and that is passing your part 107 test with the FAA. So you can do commercial drone work. Now I’ve. Had my part, 107 certification for a few months now and I’ve – been able to do some awesome commercial jobs. With my drone, I’ve used both the inspire 1 Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro to get some amazing footage for different companies that I work with in different locations all over the US, and then I’ve, […]