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Part 1 – How to register your drone with the FAA ? – A Step by Step guide

hey what's up it's Tristan so on this video we're gonna talk about drones so probably got one of those for yourself or someone gifted you one so what do you do now that's what we're gonna discuss today pretty much part 1 is gonna be all your register your drone and part 2 if you want to take it a step further you wanna get your own license what should you do so step one registering your drone well if your drone is more than half a pound which most of the drones out there are you already you […]

How a hobbyist drone pilot can fly legally in controlled airspace.

by Jose
https://youtu.be/yCliJnoiDSo   Hello, everybody thanks for coming by today, we are going to talk about how you, as a hobbyist drone pilot, can get FAA authorization to fly in controlled airspace. We got that coming right up. My name is Tim and we do a wide variety of videos from unboxings to reviews to some drone footage to just a whole variety of stuff. Right now so go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and if this video helps you’d be sure to give us the thumbs up back in May of this year, the FAA said that they no […]