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Autel EVO II DUAL vs DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL – Thermal Comparison!

Hi, this is max with maverick drone systems, I’m a part 107 pilot, as well as an l1 thermography. We’Re gon na do a short comparison: video on the OTT le veau to duel and the matter to enterprise duel. We’Re going to focus primarily on thermal today and our subject of interest. Is the savage water tower I’m gon na try to tell the water level in it we’re gon na start with the DJI Mavic to enterprise duel? This drone has two cameras on the front, one being the visual camera that were used to, and also a […]

Drone Training for Police at Starved Rock State Park

by Jose
A drone search-and-rescue demo at Starved Rock State Park with the Elgin Police Department. That’S coming up next, everybody David plumber, here from aerial influence. Thank you so much for checking out the channel. If you are passionate about drones and the ways they’re changing the world, you have come to the right place. Let’S get into today’s topic, we had the amazing opportunity this week to go to the IPL EA Conference at Starved Rock State Park in Oglesby Illinois. Now the IPL EA stands for the Illinois Park law enforcement Association. These are the police that are actually […]