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DRONE BUYING GUIDE – Which Drone Should You Buy? (Part 1)

Alright, Brett Garamella with BrettGaramella.com here. We are going to start by figuring out which drone you should buy. So what you need to do is decide what your budget is for a drone. Is it $150? Is it $800? Is it $2000? Now keep in mind that there are a few accessories that you will likely need when flying your drone, so keep that in mind for your overall budget. I will talk about the accessories you need in part 2, or the next video in this video series. Also keep in mind that prices of drones are likely […]

What is the Kp-index? Is there a risk for drone pilots flying UAV?

[Music] hello my name is Ben Lovegrove and in this video I'm gonna try to answer the question what is the KP index and I'll discuss what risks if any it might pose to operators of UAV some say that a high K P index reading is a risks to UAV flying while others say the risks are negligible and therefore it can be safely ignored so if you're a drone pilot and you would like to gain an appreciation of what this measurement means for your planned flights then this video is for you what follows is my understanding […]

Drone Major Group: Global Drone Industry Network Organisation

[Music] the world of unmanned systems is evolving rapidly all emerging new technologies bring with them a wave of information and ideas to absorb and digest they also create opportunities to be exploited by those who are primed and ready those who are prepared will catch the wave as it passes membership of online information portals and networking sites is essential for anyone with a stake in any industry and the drone industry is no exception drone major group is the world's first global commercial organization dedicated to connecting supporting and trading with all stakeholders in the global drone industry […]

Drone Flight School: Session 101

To start flying, let’s, sync up your controller to your sky. Viper drill! Put your drone on a flat surface. This is important to make sure your drone knows how to center itself. Next turn on your drone by connecting the wires or switching it on test to make sure you,’re synced up by pressing up on the left, thumbstick just enough to see your propellers spin to charge your drone disconnect the two cables on the back of your Drum next plug your charging cable into the correct connector plug your charging cable into either computer laptop or USB […]

17. Small UAS Operations

you my name is Michael Holsworth as Phillips you guys in advance for giving me the opportunity to for lack of better turns drone on about drones for about a half hour here today I'll briefly be covering the part 107 guidelines the differences between hobby flying and 107 commercial flying different policies procedures and my experience thus far in the industry at any time if you guys have any questions feel free to interrupt I don't mind and I'm going to leave some time at the end for questions and if any you guys want to come up and […]

Lian Pin Koh: A drone’s-eye view of conservation

Translation: Tonia David Proofreading: Jo Pi When it comes to Nepal, we mostly think of the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, the crystal clear water of the mountain lakes or the vast expanses of the grasslands. Many people may not be aware that in the foothills of the Himalayas, where the climate is much warmer and the landscape is much greener the animal world is very diverse: Among other things, the Indian rhinoceros lives there, the Asian elephant and the bengal tiger. Unfortunately, these animals will constantly threatened by poachers, which they hunt and kill for some parts of the […]

The Voice for Real Estate 17: Closing Changes, Drone Rule

♪ [music] ♫ real estate closings are changing. the FAA releases its proposed drone rules and 2015 looks good for commercial real estate as investors around the world flock to the United States these stories and more on The Voice for Real Estate I'm Stephen Gasque with the National Association of REALTORS® August 1st save the date because that's when sweeping changes happen to every real estate closing in America starting the first of August the HUD-1 Settlement Statement the Good Faith Estimate and the Truth in Lending Act Disclosure all come off the closing table and go into the […]

Drone Regulation: Commercial v. Recreational Use?

the FAA says that if you want to fly this device for fun keep it below 400 feet keep it with a line of sight don't fly it directly over people but they also say that the second you want to make a profit from flying this you want to derive some revenue from the operation of this device you need a pilot's license you need to know how to land a manned aircraft you need to comply with all kinds of notification requirements – air traffic control and other places and that's a distinction a commercial versus recreational distinction […]

Drone Store E-Commerce Template from Wix – Web Design – Tutorial

hello everybody welcome to the show welcome to Tuesday trainings we're gonna be looking over a Wix template today this one is called the drone store ecommerce template even if you don't sell drones if you want to sell anything I think it'll be worth your time to take a look at this brand new template from Wix.com so stay tuned. I look forward to this time we have together all right once again we are here at the webmaster Academy I'm Michael Wood the Wix Certified Trainer for today and if you haven't met me before, I am the […]

5 Super Sized Drones You Can Ride – 2016 – Piloted drone

Curious Droid presents 5 Super Sized drones you can ride in. Over the past few years some people have taken drones from small almost toy devices for carrying cameras and alike to mini aircraft that are capable of a carrying single person or more and now the supersized drones are touted and possible future for personal transportation for both civilians and military personnel. These are still very early days years of testing will lay ahead before these are allowed to fly in public areas So don't expect to see anything like this soon but here we look at five of […]