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Bridge Inspections by drone with Hoverscape Professional Drone Services

by Jose
Complete regular bridge inspections quickly and easily using our industrial drones Fitted with an upward facing camera, we can capture imagery of hard to access areas. High resolution detailed imagery, can assist you to identify defects and arrange scheduled maintenance efficiently. Traditional inspection methods that are risky and complex, such as abseilers, EWP,’s or arranging barge access, can be reduced or avoided completely By minimizing the time engineers or inspectors. Spend working at Heights will significantly improve the workplace safety and reduce inspection times and costs. Our inspection drones are sophisticated machines that feature multiple backup systems to provide enhance […]

1 MB drone mapping: A method for disaster zones

My name is Greg crutsinger and I was the volunteer data analyst for the public safety drone teams recently on the Carr fire I also helped on the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa last October as part of this digital first responder effort we used 360 drone panoramics as a rapid tool to visualize fire damage for the city of Redding and for surrounding Shasta County now the teams did an amazing job during this situation in the first 48 hours we went from an initial drone flight in the air to maps going public to the residence of the […]

How to Fix Flicker and Video Noise in Drone Videos

  Hey guys welcome to Neat Video tutorials Here at Neat Video, its our mission to help you avoid digital noise and improve video quality. This tutorial is an addition to our blog post on the topic of how to improve the quality of your aerial videos. If you havent make sure you check it out for a ton of information that will put you on course to creating killer drone shots In this video were talking about a few of the most frequent issues our customers run into when working with drones. Ready Lets take it away and get […]

Living in Guam – I’m a Rookie Drone Pilot

by Jose
https://youtu.be/suF7rxkl-qw Well, if there was one very important lesson I learned today in drone photography after flying for about 20 minutes. I realized I forgot to turn the camera [ Music ], something I’ve, been meaning to do for a long time, and I finally got around to doing it. I’ve talked about it and talked about it and it’s done today. I received my package from China in that package. My drone it shipped a little over a week ago that had made its rounds and the in FedEx guy that showed up today was dressed in battle gear, […]

How a hobbyist drone pilot can fly legally in controlled airspace.

by Jose
https://youtu.be/yCliJnoiDSo   Hello, everybody thanks for coming by today, we are going to talk about how you, as a hobbyist drone pilot, can get FAA authorization to fly in controlled airspace. We got that coming right up. My name is Tim and we do a wide variety of videos from unboxings to reviews to some drone footage to just a whole variety of stuff. Right now so go ahead and hit that subscribe button, and if this video helps you’d be sure to give us the thumbs up back in May of this year, the FAA said that they no […]