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How to Register Your Drone 2021 (FAA Registration Tutorial)

Hey! It's KRUSER where I show you how to make professional drone videos and today I'm showing you how to register your drone as a hobbyist or as a part 107 pilot with the FAA. Check it out! Wonderful! I'll just get right into it. I'm gonna be covering a ton of stuff today. One of the first things is if you should register your drone? Because not everyone should actually need to register your drone. So I'll cover that. And then I'll cover what the drone test is that's gonna be required of hobbyist pilots in 2019 and what […]

Airborne-Unmanned 12.02.20: Drone Certs, Drone Pilot Busted, Flirtey-Vault

by Jose
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  Coming up on today’s episode of airborne unmanned, the faa moving forward to enable safe integration of drones, also busted drone pilots suspected of hitting lapd chopper, is arrested and flirty partners with volt health to conduct 19 test kit. Drone delivery. Welcome to the era news network’s airborne unmanned program, a weekly news program covering all things unmanned, in partnership with auvsi, the association for unmanned vehicles, systems international hi. I’M your host kimberly k. We have a packed episode today.   So, let’s start with faa is moving forward to enable safe integration of drones. The faa […]

DJI Drone Pilot Tracker App!

Welcome to the new look studio, stroke bedroom. Now I need you to pay attention and take actions. This is quite serious DJ. I have shown off a new app, the drone to phone broadcast remote ID a publicly available app, which will allow phone users to ID and track the flight path of a nearby drone. The concerning part about this is that it will allow the phone user to see the location of the drone pilot, but many people aren’t used to drones so when they see when they ask what is that? What’S it doing, why is […]