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How To Get Drone Pilot License In India | How To Become Registered Drone Pilot

<b>if you're one of those selected few</b> <b>who's childhood dream was to become a Drone Pilot!</b> <b>than you should not miss this video</b> <b>now the first quesiton will come into your mind that..</b> <b>…do we really need a license to fly our own drone now? </b> <b>and the answer is yes</b> <b>Subtitle</b> <b>and very soon it's going to be implemented strictly</b> <b>Right now the drone rules in india are going through</b> <b>transition phase.. They're constently updating</b> <b>and people are not sure about them including the authority</b> <b>it's like a beta testing for drone rules in india</b>…

Drone Pilot Jobs

by Jose
https://youtu.be/H0S2ZBmrt9Q Hey my name is Steve and I am a drone owner. I own the DJI, Mavic mini drone and I’ve owned several drones, but I was doing some research for drone pilot jobs and I found this pretty cool websites called drone base dot-com and it offers drone services for all industries. So basically, what this site is is, if you have the need for a drone anywhere in the world, to do whatever take photos, videos or maybe thermal imaging, or something like that. This website has a a bunch of pilots that they have hired all over […]

What Are Drones Used For? 31 Uses For Flying Drones and UAV.

https://youtu.be/bGdNzt3ddDs Hello, my name is Ben Lavrov and I used to learn the drone aerial photography business in this video. I’m, going to give my answer to the question. What are drones used for and list thirty-one uses for flying drones and UAV drones or UAV unmanned aerial vehicles are being employed in ever-increasing areas of life. Apart from the fact that they are small light and maneuverable drones have many other uses. If the task is dulled. Dirty or dangerous, it makes far more sense to send in the drone. It seems. Barely a week goes by without new […]

A day in the life of a DRONE PILOT [4K]

by Jose
https://youtu.be/NA99lesKK6k [, Music, ] hi everyone, my name, is Chara. Welcome to my youtube channel. I am a freelance professional drone pilot in San Diego and it’s about 528 a.m. in San Diego right now. Over the weekend, I have a project to fly. The drone and make a video for an industrial company – and today is Thursday, so we’re gonna go with Francesca and check out the area before the actual flight and the project itself. We’re gonna go. Do a little discovery fly the drone around the Coronado Bridge, because that’s, where we’re gonna be shooting and […]

Full Time Drone Pilot – How Long? Tips & Tricks #2

by Jose
https://youtu.be/GRCBOkFKXUM What’s up YouTube Brian here with drones, unlimited. So, as I promised from the last video, I was going to answer comments. So if you leave a comment, I’m gonna get on here answer it. I only got one comment that’s like a legit question, so it’s, cool with me, so swamp Walker asked me how long after your first drone did it take for you to take on the next steps. I’m, assuming what he means is after my first drone. When did how long did it take for me to be a full-time drone pilot? You know […]

New York City’s Top First-Person Drone Pilot | BK Stories

by Jose
https://youtu.be/TWsCLUhktws So we’re, not defacing. Anything we’re, not damaging anything. We’re just flying around it and that’s. It just getting a different perspective of it. There’s, so many architectural icons that i would love to see and bring everyone to see it from a different perspective. It’s, such a shame that people could only really experience it from one perspective and that’s from down below and the only way to capture it is with this [ Music ]. You know some people have already formed their own opinions on people that fly drones and most people are consumed with the […]

Difference between a Drone OWNER, a Drone PILOT, and a Drone PROFESSIONAL.

by Jose
https://youtu.be/oJP_fT38f2s Hey guys, it’s towanda here your african drone professional and i’m here with a quick video just to explain a little bit more about something i shared on one of my platforms recently about the difference between a drone owner a Drone pilot and a drone professional so here’s. Some quick definitions, a drone owner is someone who’s purchased a drone. Now you can buy any type of drone, whether it’s, a small drone, a professional grade drone or an industrial grade drone. Okay, so from small to launch you buying, a drone makes you a drone owner now […]

I got hired by GMA as a drone pilot for a new tv show!?! (Mavic Mini)

Uh all right. Let’S go good morning, guys, i’m on the way to batangas. Right now i have a shoot for gma. One of my good friends who is a director for gma called me asking. If i could do some drone shots for a new show on gma, so let’s go , all right guys. Finally, in batangas and we’re at the location and it’s time for me to fly the drone uh say good, say good morning to my subscribers hi good morning: , oh so we’re almost there we’re almost there getting there getting closer to the Location well, […]

Become a Commercial Drone Pilot With the Professional Operator Package

by Jose
https://youtu.be/h2KbjIorCnY   The dart drones professional drone pilot certification package is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to be a professional drone pilot and commercialize their drone flying gained access to our full day in person. Phantom and inspire course which gives you outdoor time with our expert flight instructor to learn how to operate the DJI phantom and inspire series to its fullest potential, learn everything from basic controls to more advanced features such as Follow Me waypoints and point of interest. You also gain access to our full day – part 107 test prep course in person. […]

10 Tips On How To Become A Better Drone Pilot In 5 Minutes

https://youtu.be/c1X63H_uy5c In today’s, video I’ll, be showing you my ten tips on how to become better drone pilots. So stay tuned, hey! What’s up everyone? It’s, tennis here back with another video for those of you who are new here. My channel is all about drone product reviews and shoot all videos. So if that’s, something that you’re interested in, do subscribe to my channel and turn on that notification button so that you don’t miss out on any of my new videos every week. Now that’s out of the way let’s get started. All these tips are quite Universal […]